Sally Beauvais

Engagement Reporter

Sally Beauvais is an engagement reporter for the ProPublica-Texas Tribune Investigative Initiative. She comes to the team from Marfa Public Radio, where she taught broadcasting to high school students, launched the station's first ongoing engagement reporting initiative, and introduced a quarterly town hall series in collaboration with a local newspaper. Her community-sourced reporting about the lack of healthcare resources for seniors in rural West Texas won a 2019 National Edward R. Murrow Award. Her engagement work and reporting on wildfires and immigration issues contributed to various national accolades from The Radio Television Digital News Association and the Public Media Journalists Association.

A Guide to Navigating the Texas Unemployment System During the Coronavirus Pandemic

People across the Lone Star State are struggling to navigate a maze-like system to get the benefits they are entitled to. Here are the answers to the most common questions about getting benefits from the Texas Workforce Commission.

Una clave que podría decidir la elección: si el Partido Republicano logra impedir que los votantes subsanen boletas rechazadas

Muchos estados permiten a los votantes corregir y entregar de nuevo las boletas que fueron rechazadas por razones técnicas. Se llama “subsanar” votos, y el partido Republicano está intentado impedir que se cuenten porque podrían ayudar a Biden a ganar.

Whether the GOP Can Stop Voters From Legally Fixing Rejected Mail-In Ballots Could Decide the Election

Many states allow voters to fix and resubmit ballots rejected for technical reasons. It’s called “curing” votes, and the GOP is trying to prevent them from being counted because they could help Biden win.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Is Cracking Down on Cities’ Enforcement of COVID-19 Orders, but Many Already Took a Lax Approach

Texas cities and counties have dramatically different interpretations of the state’s COVID-19 emergency orders. Complaint data from a dozen cities shows disparate approaches to enforcement, particularly among businesses, have been incredibly common.

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