Scott Klein

Deputy Managing Editor

Photo of Scott Klein

Scott led the teams at ProPublica that work at the intersection of journalism and technology. In addition to leading editorial product development and engineering, he oversaw the interactive projects that tell journalistic stories using data, and that make complex subjects relevant to readers and their communities.

His teams have been recognized with a Peabody Award, several Online Journalism Awards for General Excellence, Malofiej International Infographics Award medals, the Data Journalism Award Jurors Choice Award, as well as Society for News Design Awards of Excellence, including one special recognition for “defining the design language of data-driven news apps.”

Scott is also co-founder of DocumentCloud, a service that helps news organizations search, manage and present their source documents. He sits on the board of the Muckrock Foundation.

Why We Published More Than 500 Videos Taken by Parler Users of the Capitol Riot

This collection of clips from the insurrection, while incomplete, offers a unique experience of the historic event through hundreds of participants' eyes.

Covering the Midterms With Electionland 2018

We’re relaunching the Electionland project, which will cover voting in the upcoming congressional elections.

New in Nonprofit Explorer: People Search

You can now search for people who work for nonprofit organizations.

Introducing Our Data Journalism Advisers

Announcing four researchers who will advise us on our data-journalism projects.

Electionland: The Inside Story

A case study about our Electionland project was published today.

Introducing Vital Signs

We’re launching a project that puts the most important information from across all of our health care projects in one easy-to-use place.

2016: The Year in Visual and Interactive Storytelling

Sometimes words aren’t enough to tell a complex story. Here are some highlights from ProPublica’s visual and interactive stories this year.

There’s No Evidence Our Election Was Rigged

We had more than 1,000 people watching the vote on Election Day. If millions of people voted illegally, we would have seen some sign of it.

Taking Cues, and Some Projects, From Sunlight Labs

We’re taking over some projects from The Sunlight Foundation. Here’s why.

Trump Warns Crowd About Voter Fraud (Again)

Monitoring the Vote With Electionland

Today we’re announcing a new project, aimed at monitoring the vote in real-time, nationwide. And you’re invited to join.

Infographics in the Time of Cholera

About Hell and High Water

Houston is unprepared for the danger it faces as a city prone to hurricanes. Today we’re launching a new multimedia project about the region’s vulnerabilities and what’s at stake.

The 2015 ProPublica Year in Visual Storytelling

2015 marked ProPublica’s most ambitious year to date in visual and interactive storytelling. Here are some highlights from the year that was.

The Stories of Everyday Lives, Hidden in Reams of Data

Data journalists use data to tell stories that help readers make better choices and live better lives.

Antebellum Data Journalism: Or, How Big Data Busted Abe Lincoln

An 1848 investigative news story that relied on heavy data analysis snared big fish, including two future presidents.

Discussion: Louisiana's Disappearing Coast

ProPublica News Applications Desk Receives Data Journalism Award

The Global Editors Network recognized ProPublica one of eight Data Journalism Awards, announced today in Barcelona.

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