Sophia Kovatch

Audience Editor, SEO

Sophia Kovatch is an audience editor, SEO with ProPublica.

Is It Forensics or Is It Junk Science?

Dubious forensic techniques have spread throughout the criminal justice system for decades. Here’s what ProPublica has learned about junk forensic science techniques and how they proliferate.

What to Know About TurboTax Before You File Your Taxes This Year

Don’t get tricked into paying for tax prep if you don’t have to. Learn how the biggest tax preparation companies have suppressed free filing options for years.

How to Evaluate a Nonprofit Before You Donate

It’s important to know that your charitable donation will be well spent and support the programs you care about. Here’s how to check on a nonprofit’s finances.

5 Takeaways From Our Investigation Into RealPage’s Rent-Setting Algorithm

Software from real estate tech firm RealPage may be pushing rents higher as landlords seek greater profits.

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