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Gulf Spill Paymaster Acknowledges Transparency Problems and Outlines Fixes

Kenneth Feinberg said he recognized shortcomings in communicating with claimants and promised to give them more information going forward. 


Kenneth Feinberg (Kimihiro Hoshino/AFP/Getty Images)

As the damage claims process for the Gulf oil spill moves into its second phase--from issuing emergency payments to considering final claims--administrator Kenneth Feinberg yesterday unveiled a variety of improvements that he says will increase transparency and offer more options to claimants.

Feinberg said there had been "constructive criticism" about opaque decision-making and poor communications during the emergency payments process and promised to make several changes. (We reported on the lack of transparency several times, for example on claimants' struggles to get basic information about the status of their claims.)

Feinberg said that he would post a description of his methodology for evaluating claims online and in every claims office in the Gulf, and said he would release the methodology within the next 10 days. "We will have full transparency," he said.

In addition, Feinberg said he would make good on a previous pledge--which he made to ProPublica two months ago--to place staffers on the ground to answer claimants' questions and assist them with their applications. He said these staffers would be local residents and would be stationed by early next week in all claims offices with a substantial volume of incoming claims.

However, Feinberg did not offer to allow claimants to speak with the accountants and adjusters who are evaluating their claims. As we reported in October, Feinberg's system placed final decisions in the hands of about 25 reviewers in Washington, D.C., who could not be contacted directly either by claimants or by front-line staffers who interact with claimants.

Of the other changes, the most significant is a new "quick-pay" option that will be available to claimants who were approved for emergency payments. These applicants can opt for a one-time payment of $5,000 for individuals and $25,000 for businesses, which they can receive without providing any additional documentation, if they agree to forgo the right to sue for damages. Feinberg pledged that quick-pay checks will be sent out within 14 days after receiving a valid request.

The quick-pay option has earned criticism from some politicians and claimants as an attempt to buy off people in need. "It could be construed as a pittance for folks who out of desperation have to get some cash now," Tony Kennon, the mayor of the hard-hit coastal city of Orange Beach, Ala., told the AP.

Feinberg stressed that the quick-pay option was strictly voluntary and said that it could be a good fit for claimants whose losses were relatively small or who would be unable to document further damages. "It's designed to get readily quick cash to any claimant who feels I'm ready to accept $5,000 or $25,000 to be done with this," he told reporters on a conference call on Monday.

The other two options available to claimants are final claims, which cover all future damages and require signing away the right to sue, and quarterly interim payments, which cover losses over a three-month period and do not require waiving any legal rights.

Finally, Feinberg promised that his operation would provide a free lawyer to any claimant who requested one. The free legal services, however, would be limited to helping applicants negotiate the claims process, and claimants who chose to file lawsuits would have to find a new lawyer to represent them.

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Oh, we have a lot to say!!

First of all, we sent in our claim in early October with 2 years of tax returns, 2010 profit/loss statement, hardship letters from contractors/pastor/and ourselves, and proof of all our delinquent bills…. we still have not received payment and our status has not changed online.  My husbands brother who works with him, makes the same amount of money and has loss the same amount of profits, sent in a spreadsheet of his 2010 profit/loss and two hardship letters…. within three weeks he received $30,000.  We are losing our home, our vehicle, our utilities and phones cutoff, and no way to pay for prescriptions for our minor child….and yet we have not received anything.  Where is the unbiased claimants bill of rights there?

Secondly, the website nor the toll free number offers any help to the claimants.  You get the same info you see on the screen.

Third, just because you are under compensation review, it does not mean you cannot be denied at that point.  Friends were denied but their status of compensation review never changed on the website.  They got a letter in the mail for the denial.
Status has not changed since.

Fourth, it would be nice to know how many review stages you have to go through.  The person I talked to told us our claim was put in an escalated status due to our extreme circumstances (funny, 60 days later we still have nothing) and that our claim is in the “final, final stage.”  What the hell does that mean?

Fifth, the December 15th DEADLINE…. from what I was told by a GCCF rep, is NOT a deadline to payout or deny all claims…. it is just a GOAL they set for themselves to TRY to have the claims paid or denied.

Sixth, it seems here lately the closer the 15th approaches, the more people are denied, even those with very legitimate claims and proof of their claims.

Seventh, I honestly do not believe there is a protocol the GCCF is following, because if you have talked to as many reps as I have by email, in person, and on the phone…. you will find each person gives you a different answer to the same questions.  For example, (A) how often is the claimants status updated on the GCCF website….. 1) once a week, usually on Mondays.  2) everyday, once a day. 3) consistently with every change of their claim. (B) how many stages are there….. 1) I don’t know. 2) three stages, the initial review stage, then the compensation review, then the paid.  3) there are many review stages just depends on your claim.  (C) how many hands does a claim have to go through…. 1) I don’t know.  2) depends on the claim.  3) two- one in Ohio and one in D.C.;  the list goes on.

GCCF….. can my family spend Christmas at your house?  Because we will not have a home soon much less Christmas.  Oh, by the way…. thanks for expediting our claim.  God only knows how long it would take if we did not show you proof of our extreme circumstances!!!

its terrible what you are going through.  if you dont mind me asking, what is your husbands occupation?

we do new residential home construction (mostly secondary homes for property investors) on the Gulf Coast.  Since the spill we have had numerous cancellations, not-to-mention, the usual remodel jobs we have from the locals (who mostly work in the seafood and tourist business)

Wow CH I feel you pain today! I am going through the same thing the call center rep actually had the nerve to tell me the statics on GCCF site was inacuarte and wrong that they paid way more claim then they denied! Ha she said while i was ready the screen!

Jeff the Shrimper

Dec. 14, 2010, 4:27 p.m.

As a shrimper/crabber on Dauphin Island, we are bankrupt as a result of this. I wait everyday for them to turn off the power. I know they will request my first born in order to settle with us. I have sent them everything. Thanks BP or “Bunch of Pri*cks”. See ya’ll at the soup kitchen.

Richard Reynolds

Dec. 14, 2010, 5:26 p.m.

We had our claim denied the day we filed for the final claim. It had been in the ‘under compensatory review” stage for about 60 days. Our claim was for loss of profits from Real Estate Investment which I guess will now turn into diminution of property values as a result of the spill. We have also been turned down from the Coast Guard but their process is extremely different than GCCF. It is very transparent and there are people that actually give you a straight answer although the result has been the same so far. I did find a website that offers valuation of property along the gulf coast for before and after spill results and REMOVES the Economic Downturn factor that is “impossible” to distinguish from the oil spill. Only problem is it costs 500 per property to do it. I am still on the fence on the issue not wanting to spend any money ( I have spent alot of time on the claims). But if everyone that owns property that has been affected by the market depression should file a claim for diminution of property value. It will only help with the amount of people filing. There is a louder voice in numbers. Would be glad to share the website with you….just email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), God bless…..

Hogwash…  We have heard all this before.

While working my first, almost no paying job on the beach, I watched the BP crew pick up oil on the beach. Don’t take the money, it’s not over!

Listen up people…. Feinberg is getting ready to pull another fast one.  This one he didn’t tell the public about.

I just got off the phone with my original BP rep.  We have been in phone contact for months and I’ve been able to get a little insider information from him. 

Everyone that was DENIED a EAP but they felt it didn’t warrant an emergency payment but a valid claim will also receive a letter either by mail or on the website where you were able to see your denial letter.  This letter will also offer you the 5000 or 25000 payout option only if you do it in the time period they specify.  Talk about a fast and slick move.  He is really trying to force us to sign right here at the holidays.  I for one will let my attorney keep handling my claim.  I’m not falling for this crap.

hmmm…. still no word on whether they will ever fix the errors in my claim…..Is there a system being set in place where we can effectively get the errors THEY inserted into our claims fixed???

i work in the gaming industry and as many are aware, fineberg categorically denied all casino employees from day one. hello, fineberg youve blown enough smoke and to show the world your a pathetic liar there should be an justice dept investigation into the scam youve run on the people along the gulf of mexico. the casino employees have demonstrated at the gccf offices on 3 occasions and were getting your attention fineberg. were not letting up if we have to see you in court.

This character Feinberg is not to be trusted. From the day I heard him first before a Senate committee to me it was obvious that his interest was not for the Gulf Coast claimants. This guy, Feinberg, reminds me of a preacher who preaches on Sunday but sales used cars Monday through Saturday.

Hey girl we need to unite really! Where did you hear that from? Man that would relieve a little stress for me but geeze I don’t know what else to do!

@Rachel…did your BP rep say people only denied claimants would get the letter or all claimants would get the letter?  i did receive a small 6 month payment and my old rep said GCCF was going to send a letter offering these claimants interim payment and a final payment amounts.  it’s very confusing, i have been losing, in fact have lost my job, so any information is appreciated.


Everyone that received any EAP from GCCF will automatially be able to get the quick payout as long as you sign your right away to sue.  What my rep told me that some of the denied claims will also be offered the quick pay also but they will have to sign also they won’t sue.  If you have 160,000 claims that they show they have paid and you have 400,000 more claims they denied but you offer some of those that have been denied and they take the quick pay option also then Feinberg looks great on how many people he is getting to settle.  It’s all a smoke screen.  That is one of the reasons he removed the detailed information off the website.

Another pack of lies to strengthen an indefensible position of claiming to beholding to no body not the President or BP. Then exposing his own lies while on the Morning Joe program November 29, 2010.
When asked if he was going to remain involved the entire 3 years, Mr. Feinberg said and I quote. I server at the pleasure of the President and BP.

There is nothing else that needs to be said. He admits that his ability to stay in his position at the GCCF depends on making the President and BP happy.

Sasha with such a golden opportunity and the amount of ammunition we have provided you why such a tender interview. This man is the second man made disaster to hit the Gulf Coast, the other being the BP oil Spill.

I can’t believe a single word he says. I don’t even believe that the denied claims were ever reviewed, and guess what, they won’t tell Claim holders who reviewed the claim or when.

Thanks for another update though, it adds fuel to our tar fire, who is bringing the feathers?

@ch how big of a house can 80,000 build if i contracted it mtself?

I waited 90 plus days to get denied on THANKSGIVING. I doubt that I will receive anything from his lying ass. Our stories will be all forgotten soon enough some of us business owners have been thur hell and back with this process. When I applied there was 47 denied claims now there are 80 thousand Its crap sad part is no explanation 100+ pages to prove my claim, he stalls lies, tells reporters what “they” want to hear to give him time to make up more lies. But I pray for all of us going thru the same thing and am grateful to have this site, to be able to know Im not alone. At least when I was getting screwed over by BP and Mr.Fineberg you guys where holding my hand which makes it just a little bit better.

small business owner

Dec. 15, 2010, 12:04 a.m.

Provide a lawyer, my ass…I told the guy I talked with today at GCCF that I wanted to speak to one of the lawyers that Feinburg promised and he had NO CLUE what I was talking about.  It’s the blind leading the blind and they are getting 850K a month for doing it so you can bet they will DDDRRRAAAGGG it out as long as possible

@momo…. unfortunately, in our area on the coast $80k does not go far due to building codes and insurance requirements, not to include the cost of materials.

as far as GCCF providing lawyers for claimants to talk to…. REALLY?!  Like people are going to trust lawyers that “F” hires and pays!! they will tell you what GCCF wants them to tell you, it isn’t for our benefit.  If you need an attorney, look for one with experience in maritime law and environmental law, etc. 

As far as those who were effected by this….. it has been a snowball effect for us all.  It started immediately with those in the seafood and tourist business, then those incomes effected trickled on down to the rest of us in many, many different occupations and interest.

Like construction…. in these coastal areas with plenty of investment properties for sale, those sales have close to stopped because people fear investing in property they may or may not be able to resale, or build a second home on, or sale the home.  Real estate companies (or property investors selling their own properties), grocery stores, the bars, the mom and pop stores, EVERYONE has felt the brunt of this screw up of BP’s.  When you have peoples income in these coastal areas effected…. that effect rolls down hill.  Hell, even the banks here are suffering due to homes and properties foreclosing, people unable to pay their notes.  The list goes on.  However, GCCF has a “NO” list of people and businesses they deny.  So if your business or area of interest is on that list…. you were probably denied before your claim was even reviewed.  Get an attorney.  It seems those who have hired an attorney get sent to a hire rank of review and get paid quicker.  (by the way, there is still tar balls rolling up on the beach around here…. it hasn’t gone away and will not go away for some time. So don’t settle.  God only knows how long we will be effected by this.  Before you know it hurricane season will be upon us again, and we do not know what to expect from that, what will be washed upon our shores, our beaches, and mixed with our waters/seafood again.

Get an attorney who gets it.  Most attorneys will not charge you up front, nor will they charge a fee to talk to you about your claim.  Find one that knows what they are doing and get your interim claims or your final.  The quick pay is a sham to get rid of the hours an days of pay “F” is having to pay out to the evaluators.

Hey everyone, I just noticed my claim status page updated. This is after my December 03,2010 denial of a business claim.

In the table referring to the denial letter there is a new term. ” Reason to be Posted Shortly.”

That is a familiar phrase, I seem to remember a file that we all needed to verify our claim information was correct having the same or similar tag.

I can’t wait for the specific reasons to be presented. God knows they have had enough time from the denial to make up as many reason as possible.

If Mr. Feinberg wants to show the process is transparent he should hire people off these pages to act as ombudsmen for other claim holders to busy or unable to monitor the GCCF activity associated with their claim.

Oilfield Trash

Dec. 15, 2010, 9:02 a.m.

After waiting almost a month I got denied.  The site stated it was because of failure to show a loss.  I called up asking how that is and was told that was just the generic reason given.  The real reason is because I work in the oilfield. Yup, no payout if you actually work out there.  I worked on a boat for years doing ROV work.  We actually did some out on the site.  I have been doing this for a few years before the spill.  I was told I would get a letter about filling a final claim that still 3 weeks later has not shown up.  What is the use in filling anyway, since BP’s position is oilfield workers are not working at no fault of theirs, it is the government that stopped it.
The Coast Guard states right on the website that they will not pay oilfield workers.
The Oilfield Worker compensation fund is closed and was only open to people on the 33 Deepwater Rigs. 
I called all my buddies and they all got denied. 
So here I am at home.  No work about to lose my truck, couldn’t pay my rent and it is Christmas time.  No one cares.
BP runs ads non stop about making it right.  Well make it right then.  Get us back to work or payout.  I would rather be working.
We in the oilfield have been forgotten and are falling through the cracks and no one cares.

Thanks for letting me vent.


You are wrong dude, every single person approved or denied that offers comments on this subject on this site cares.

I hope something changes for the better for you any all workers being screwed over by the GCCF process.

Today, Dec. 15th, I was DENIED on my supplemental claim. I filed for a 1 month claim back in August and was APPROVED and paid at the end of September. So, in October I filed another 1 month supplemental claim. (Supposedly you could file up to 6 months). Today that supplemental claim was denied.
How can they approve the claim after already approving it?
My bet is that they want me to accept the $5,000 payoff and run. There is absolutely something bizarre going on inside the GCCF. They have ZERO consistancy.


Today, Dec. 15th, I was DENIED on my supplemental claim. I filed for a 1 month claim back in August and was APPROVED and paid at the end of September. So, in October I filed another 1 month supplemental claim. (Supposedly you could file up to 6 months). Today that supplemental claim was denied.
How can they DENY the claim after already approving it?
My bet is that they want me to accept the $5,000 payoff and run. There is absolutely something bizarre going on inside the GCCF. They have ZERO consistancy.

That so SUCKS Oilfield!!!

They category denied all Security guards as well. Including Hotel Security. I also know from reading here they denied almost all casino workers even with documented loss.SO don’t feel bad you are definitely not alone !
I am not sure what you can do, have you talked to an attorney , you cant walk 5 feet down here without tripping over one , and they all want to help you for a percentage of what you get. Maybe one of them can help you figure this out !

I can’t get todays overall claim results to show up.  It keeps telling me the file is damaged and can not be repaired. 

Why on earth would you trust an attorney that BP is paying for?  Come on..they will be there to get information from you to help them NOT PAY YOU.

hey racheal i got it to pull up its say denied as of the 14th is 290,000. i call gccf mine is still under review. i dont know whats going on. Am i the only one still waiting?

According to a friend in the DC area, the $20 Billion Fund is also the same account that pays the $850,000 monthly fee to the Washington DC law Firm, Feinberg & Rozen.

I have to admit that was a little surprising, but then again Mr. Rozen did say that the fund could be used for other things beyond paying claims.

Maybe ProPublica can confirm that information.

Title Insurance Companies were also categorically denied.  I filed my claim with BP on June 28 and was told by their adjuster that he would not turn my claim in for payment because Alabama people were not being paid.  When I told him that most of my co-workers had already received payment he said he would check into it and call me back.  Needless to say I never heard back from him and he would not answer my calls.  Then Feinburg took over.  I filed the day the GCCF opened.  One of my co-workers was paid her six month emergency advance payment but the rest of us were all denied around November 1.  I have wrote to and called every government official I could think of, as well as Feinburg regarding the injustice of it all.  I have lost my only vehicle others here may lose their home and/or have to file bankruptcy.  I will not give up I will fight!  How can anyone be denied on the gulf coast as we all are affected by this disaster?  Like someone stated before….it just keeps rolling downhill.  How can one person be paid in a company and all the rest denied?  How can inmates on work release make a claim and be paid?  How can a drug addict that just got out of jail make a claim because she can’t find a job and be paid $3,000.00 in less than two weeks and yet hard working people who are trying to do what is right, making legitimate claims be denied based on their industry?  If you are going to pay real estate agents, investors and bank employees how can you deny a title insurance company employee.  We all rely on tourists to come into our area and love our beach so much that they decide to move here or buy a vacation home here.  Once they decide to purchase a residence they hire a real estate agent who orders title insurance who orders a loan package from the bank.  Then they move here they go to restaurants, buy groceries, repair/remodel their homes, go to the dentist, etc, etc etc.  Like I said….all are affected…how can anyone be denied?

Momo, you are not the only one still under review and my guess is that you will be denied so they can offer you chump change instead of what you and all of us really deserve..  Take my claim for instance: August 23rd - Filed for loss of income(1 month not 6). September 27 - Paid Claim by GCCF. October 27th - Filed Supplemental for 1 more month loss income. Deccember 15th - DENIED. What in the hell are these adjusters looking at? Perfect example of complete and total corruption inside the GCCF.

Well I checked my status this morning around 6:30 a.m CST and it showed “under review” just checked again at 11:32 a.m CST “DENIED”, Denial letter was dated 12/14/2010…...been under review since 10/26/2010

Wow tommy let me go check my status again havent checked in a hour. ill let you know.

just checked status saying the same thing being re-evaluated. so im calling now. will let you know in a few minutes.

just called and they r saying the same thing re- evaulating. Im pisses why r they playing with my life like this. either im approved or denied

How many people would have offered an unobstructed view of business and personal information if we knew on August 23, 2010 what we know now?

How many of us would have selected an attorney to represent us as opposed to allowing Mr. Feinberg, who now admits publicly to a national TV audience that he can keep his job only if he keeps the President & BP happy.

His exact words were, ” I serve at the pleasure of the President and BP, “

How can anyone within the process trust a man that has the nerve to lie about his duty to BP, and then once the cozy relationship is exposed comes clean about who he is representing in the process?

This is not something that can be said and expected to be accepted without proof.

I have an audio clip from Meet the Press, July 2010, and another from MSNBC Morning Joe 11/29/2010 that makes it clear that Mr. Feinberg.
A… Misrepresented the facts before taking control of the GCCF.
B… Continued to offer his promises of unbiased arbitration while actually representing the rights of his client BP.
C.. The words are not mine they come from Mr. Feinberg himself.

I will be sending Sasha a copy of the audio clips, maybe they can get permission to play them on the site.

Has anyone here filed for 1 month of loss and was approved… then filed another 1 month of loss and was denied? I saw many of my friends get paid for the ENTIRE 6 MONTH LOSS in one check. I file 1 month to be cautious and now I am denied after filing the second loss of income over 2 months ago.. 3 months ago if you count the month I was paid!  Anybody out there with the same problem?

Based on the claim devastation we have witnessed there is no reason to believe that anyone will receive anything close to fair treatment on the interim or final claims. The best recourse is to do what feinberg supposedly doesn’t want. Hire a good attorney and be prepared to go to litigation.  I have no doubt any offer made by the gccf will be crumbs and am mentally prepared to go to litigation. My heart goes out to those that can’t afford to wait because feinberg is a soul less person.

Please don’t shoot me for this, but I think Mr. Feinberg is listening. 

If you check the overall statistics, the denied claims have now been grouped under not eligible for emergency advance payment (denied or final only).

This leads me to believe that if you were denied an EAP then you are now able to get the final, regardless of the shape or amount that might take.

Of course, remember only those that already received an EAP are eligible for the $5K or $25K.  So this allows some who weren’t deserving in the first place to get the rest with no questions asked. 

The problem is that waiting it out might be impossible for a lot of us who submitted adequate documentation but did not get the EAP to pay the recurring bills.

If you read the summary of options of final payment posted on the GCCF site, it explains some of this.

I hope that anyone that has “denied” posted on their claim status gets moved to the final review stage.  This “denied” status is only for the EAP.

oyster i know how u feel i am in the same boat as you. i am a painter/blaster offshore, and they denied me saying MORATORIUM. In which i did not work on deep water rigs. but there are people at my company, same position as me and they got paid. what gives?

@Rachel…Thanks for the info.  I have more documentation to prove more loss so I will wait to file for the interim or final.  I just wonder how long we will have to wait for the interim or final to be paid.  Even though I really need the 5 grand, especially at holiday time, I can’t bring myself to take it because I lost so much more.  I know so many people who are still working, have lost nothing, and got huge 6 month checks from the GCCF because of bogus letters the managers wrote for their friends, relatives and favorite employees that still work for the company.  Does anyone know if there is any way to stop this kind of favoritism?  I had to fight tooth and nail for my very small 6 month!  I also am very sorry for all the folks out there that still haven’t gotten a dime.  It’s just not fair what’s going on and the arbitrary way these payments are doled out. I was lucky I got unemployment or I would literally be on the streets and I know I’m one of the lucky ones.

I am a contractor i sent in way more documentation then anyone i know.Every person who works for me directly or subcontractor got checks from 5k to 225k.The problem is i waited to late to file. all of us at the end will be denied.I feel we will get final checks but the lack of transparency is disgusting.I am sorry for all who had legitimate claims and were denied.Keep your head up and hopefully we will get what is fair on the final.My claim status changed so many times at least 5 times in last 10 days.I was in detailed compensability on fri and it changed back to accounting review sat and i knew i would be denied.Merry Christmas God bless all of us.


your a painter\blaster at a shipyard? im a shipyard welder for one of the ECO companies and was laid off 2 weeks after the explosion. ive read articles from searching on google showing that some shipyard workers that have claimed with gccf have been approved and paid, and also from reading numerous sites, blogs, forums, etc…that shipyard workers are catergorized right up there along with the shrimpers\fishers as of in being directly-affected.

I just heard from a Home Depot employee that all of them are getting paid too! WTF! seriously….they have a bunch a morons down there….

I am telling you guys.. there is no rhyme or reason as to what the hell the GCCF is basing their decisions on. One thing is for sure.. Everyone is being denied within the last week on claims that have been filed for months. I hope we can all join together in the end and get what we deserve.

@funk…i have worked in my company’s yard before, but for 2010, i’ve mostly worked offshore….i have coworkers that are family members, and that has worked with me offshore before, that got paid. ( correction, HAD since i am no longer employed) I’ve called and called to try and argue my point that i am not a MORATORIUM rig worker, to no avail. I wrote BILLCAPO@WWLTV(dot)com and notified him of the problem rig workers are having and he forwarded my case to washington(supposedly anyways)so if you are in the same boat as me try emailing that reporter….i did ...hopefully it helps..

called today and GCCF says that on FRIDAY, they are sending me some paperwork, to either choose interim or final, but i find out later, they sending it out to everyone who made an EAP claim….

update…just got a call from GCCF regarding the whole rig worker thing.. lady just gave me some more run around, and didnt tell me anything worth while. told me to file for interim payments(hahah so that would make me 3 claims filed , 3 claims denied)l ol….so i guess i’ll try….suck pipe GCCF

I would like to know if anyone here knows why HOTEL security on an oiled beach was denied after not being able to work since June ?

I have to come clean folks, I don’t hate Mr. Feinberg.

What I can’t stand though is the arrogance and the swagger, and the media always saying poor Mr. Feinberg how are you handling the criticism? Oh it isn’t personal, people are hurting right now and I can understand it comes with the territory.

Comes with the territory? He is right we are all hurting right now, our lives and business futures are at knifes edge.

So you might forgive me Mr. Feinberg when I say I sincerely hope that the next time you visit the john, just as you get comfortable your balls explode sending you skyward you are taken out by a series of three missile strikes. The Jurassic Park lawyer scene was way to mellow.

Thank god I don’t hate the guy!

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