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Where Things Stand: Gulf Oil Spill Claims

Worked with disabled borrowers with student debt?

Struggling to Pay Off Student Loans Because a Disability Prevents You From Working?

Gulf Spill Paymaster Acknowledges Transparency Problems and Outlines Fixes

Read Gulf Spill Paymaster's Just-Released Protocol for Final Claims

Read Justice Dept.'s Letter Criticizing Gulf Spill Czar's Final Claims Guidelines

Some Gulf Spill Claimants Waiting for Months: Feinberg Blames Tricky Policy Decisions

A New Partnership: American Public Media’s Public Insight Network

Frequently Asked Questions

ProPublica’s Guide to Mechanical Turk

Reporting Recipe: Using Amazon's Mechanical Turk for Data Projects

Example HIT Template

Gulf Spill Fund Offers Little Information to Claimants

Distributed Reporting and Social Media Spring Intern

Gulf Compensation Czar Says Claims Will No Longer Face Geographic Test

Gulf Spill Paymaster Says He Has Eliminated Claims Backlog – While Claimants Disagree

Obama Administration Criticizes Slow Payments by Gulf Spill Claims Czar

Frustrated Oil Spill Claimants Consider Alternative Compensation Fund

Gulf Compensation Chief Retreats From Promises to Speed Claims Process

Have You Worked Processing Gulf Spill Damage Claims?

New Gulf Compensation Chief Lags in Processing Claims

BP's Claims Reporting Leaves a Fuzzy Picture

Incoming Paymaster for Spill Claims Outlines Changes to BP's System, Time and Others Join Our BP Claims Project

In Shakeup, Incoming Spill Claims Czar Will Drop BP's Contractor

Newsrooms Join ProPublica in Examining BP Claims Process: More Welcome

BP Confirms That Thousands of Claims Decisions Will Be Deferred

BP Leaves Many Damage Claims Waiting in Limbo

Tell Us About Your BP Claim

ProPublica’s Unofficial Guide to BP Spill Claims

¿Usted ha registrado una demanda con BP?

Đang khiếu nại về dầu tràn với BP?

Have You Filed a Claim With BP?

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