So far, nearly 200 people with oil spill damage claims have told their stories to our BP Claims Project, providing us with valuable insights and tips on how the compensation process is working.

But to fully understand the claims system, we want to get a view from the inside. We want to hear from the people who are handling the claims – the reviewers, adjusters and other claims management workers who have been employed by BP and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

If you are working (or previously worked) for BP, the GCCF, Worley, ESIS, BrownGreer, the Garden City Group or any of the other subcontractors or temp agencies that have helped with the claims process, we want to hear about your experience. We’re interested in speaking to you whatever your role in the process has been: answering telephones, reviewing claims, supervising adjusters, etc. Just fill out the short online form below and a reporter will be in touch with you.

Your information will be kept confidential, and we will not use your name unless you specifically give us your permission. If you would prefer, you can also contact reporter Sasha Chavkin at [email protected] or (917) 512-0232 and tell him about your experience.