Examining the handling of 140,000 claims filed for damages from the BP oil spill is a job too big for any one newsroom. That’s why we launched our BP Claims reporting project last week, and asked newsrooms around the Gulf for help.

Since we launched, almost a dozen newsrooms have joined us as partners: American Public Media's Public Insight Network, Huffington Post Green, NOLA.com, The Bradenton Herald, The Gambit Weekly, The Lens, The Miami Herald, St. Petersburg Times, Tallahassee Democrat, and Yahoo! News.

Here’s how other newsrooms can get involved, too:

The simplest way – which doesn’t require any technical know-how – is to link to the form on our site where readers share their stories. There’s a question on our form asking readers what publication referred them, which is how you’ll get credit for each source you recruit for us.

Or, we can give you code so you can collect stories on your website. Your reporters will have access to the stories and sources you collect, and we will, too. Either way, your publication will be credited as a project partner in our stories, and you'll get advance notice before we publish.

Because our stories are published with a Creative Commons license, you're free to republish them on your site or in your paper. E-mail Amanda if your newsroom is interested.