See our interactive chart on school construction fundsOne of the more poignant moments from President Barack Obama’s news conference Monday night was when he talked about a South Carolina school that shakes every time a train runs by.

The president was clearly frustrated over the $16 billion in school construction money that was stripped from the economic stimulus package as part of a compromise with Republicans.The cut leaves a vast gap between the House and Senate bills, and is emerging as a major point of contention as congressional leaders work in conference on a final version of the bill.

The bill approved by the House calls for $14 billion in construction and renovations for K-12 public schools. The Senate bill had $16 billion.

But the compromise wiped out those funds, affecting school districts from New York City to Mirage Flats in Nebraska.  The Los Angeles Unified School District would lose $436 million, Chicago would lose $316 million and Philadelphia would lose $212 million.

Take a look at this interactive chart to see how much your school district stands to lose.

The chart and other stories are part of ShovelWatch , our ongoing project tracking the stimulus package with WNYC Radio of New York and the national radio show, "The Takeaway."

See the interactive chart