Yesterday, "Brian Lehrer Live" invited Jake Bernstein and Jesse Eisinger on to talk about their "Magnetar Trade" investigation, about the hedge fund whose trades exacerbated the financial crisis. Lehrer covered a wide range of topics with the reporters -- from why Magnetar wanted risky assets in their CDOs to the similarities between deals Magnetar did with big banks and the deal Goldman Sachs did that resulted in an SEC lawsuit. (Both Goldman and Magnetar deny they did anything wrong.) The program can be seen online and on CUNY-TV (Channel 75) in New York City this Saturday at 10 a.m. and Sunday at 11 p.m.

And CBC Radio's "Dispatches with Rick Macinnes-Rae" brought Sebastian Rotella on the show to discuss his report about the Italian arms smugglers who were sending military goods to Iran. Here's the episode. (It's the second story on the site).