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VIDEO: ProPublica Finance Panel

Last week, ProPublica and NYU's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute hosted a discussion on the 2008 financial crisis and how, if at all, it impacted our panel of top Wall Street journalists – both their outlook and their work.

You can watch the full footage from the event below.

The Financial Crisis as Conversion Experience
Did Wall Street Journalists Change Their Views?

Jesse Eisinger, ProPublica
Chrystia Freeland, Reuters
James B. Stewart, New York Times
Megan McArdle, Newsweek/Daily Beast

Moderated By:
Felix Salmon, Reuters

It’s five years on and counting. Only a few more years till the statute of limitations for the crimes these people committed to run out.
We need less discussion and more action. High level prosecutions some attempt to make their victims whole.

Stephen P. Delsol

May 8, 2013, 3 p.m.