Earlier this year, to help shed light on problems with the federal mortgage modification program, we launched ProPublica's Reporting Matchmaker [1], a project designed to capture the stories of struggling homeowners by matching them with reporters in their area. To date, this partnership has generated stories like that of 65-year-old Karol Enferadi and her experience with Wells Fargo, which was published on MarketWatch [2] last week.

Journalists, it is not too late to join the Reporting Matchmaker [1] network. When you do, ProPublica will connect you with homeowners in your area who want to talk with local reporters. A quick look at the Reporting Matchmaker map [1] will show you whether there is currently a match in your area.

Are you a homeowner who has applied for a loan modification? If so, tell us your story [3]. And be sure to read all of ProPublica's reporting about the loan modification program [4].