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Accountability for the Armed Forces

Impact of Our Reporting

Soldiers Charged With Violent Crimes Will Face More Scrutiny Before They Can Leave the Army

The change comes after reporting from ProPublica, The Texas Tribune and Military Times.

Veterans Without Assistance

Veterans Affairs Secretary Vows to Increase Staffing at Clinic Tied to Two Deadly Shootings

The Northern California clinic was the focus of a recent ProPublica investigation into inadequate mental health care. Over the course of three days, two veterans who’d been unable to get consistent treatment at the facility fatally shot their mothers.

New Pentagon Rules Keep Many Military Court Records Secret

Despite a 2016 law requiring transparency, the Defense Department is limiting public access to court records in the military justice system. A recent ProPublica lawsuit appears to have spurred the new Pentagon guidance.


84 stories published since 2010

Soldiers Charged With Violent Crimes Will Now Face More Scrutiny Before They Can Simply Leave the Army

Veterans Affairs Secretary Vows to Increase Staffing at Clinic Tied to Two Deadly Shootings

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New Pentagon Rules Keep Many Military Court Records Secret

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