George Polk Award

Other Selected Articles in This Series

  • New York’s Gas Rush Poses Environmental Threat, June 22, 2008

    Published with WNYC Radio, the Albany Times Union, Scientific American (web) and others. This was the first news story to explain the rush to drill taking place in Eastern states and to introduce the potential risks from hydraulic fracturing, the process used to harvest the gas. The story addresses risks of water contamination, water disposal challenges, lack of regulatory oversight and industry secrecy.

  • Buried Secrets: Is Natural Gas endangering US Water Supplies? Nov. 13, 2008

    Published with The Denver Post, BusinessWeek, Scientific American (web) and others. This story was the first to examine nationwide water pollution from gas drilling. In it, we examined state records and uncovered at least 1000 cases of water pollution related to fracturing chemicals in seven states. We explored Richard Cheney and Halliburton’s influence on the EPA when the agency concluded fracturing was safe, and when industry argued for an exemption for fracturing from federal environmental law.