Want to Work With ProPublica? Here’s How.

ProPublica is a nonprofit investigative newsroom that relies on partnerships with local and national newsrooms to tell important stories and to reach audiences around the country and the world. There are a lot of ways you can work with us. Here’s how:

  • Apply to be part of our Local Reporting Network. Our network pays the salary and benefits of reporters across the country to work on a yearlong investigative project. We help edit the projects and co-publish the work. We have staff to help with certain data, research, engagement, design, and audience development needs. Applications open multiple times per year.

  • Report local stories that build on our national investigations. We provide data, reporting recipes and other resources to help newsrooms localize our reporting on a wide array of issues, from health care and schools to public housing and environmental issues. Check out our data store and news applications for ideas.

  • Pitch us a freelance story. Pitches are evaluated on a case-by-case basis; you can submit pitches here.

  • Pitch us a visual story. We review photo pitches on a rolling basis. You can submit your pitches here.

  • Republish our stories. Many of our stories are published under Creative Commons, meaning you can republish them on your site for free. Here are the guidelines.

  • Stay up to date on our reporting. Sign up for our daily email updates.

  • Use our collaborative reporting tool. Our Collaborate tool allows you to work with other journalists using a shared set of data. You can also read our guidebook to collaborative data reporting and help contribute to it.

  • Join one of our collaborative data projects. If you work in a local newsroom, you can join one of our collaborative projects to get access to tips and resources on specific topics. Currently, we have no active collaborative projects. Documenting Hate, which ran through the end of 2019, tracked hate crimes and bias incidents. In 2016, 2018, and 2020, we ran Electionland, a project to monitor voting problems and disinformation.

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