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List of State Immigration Laws Blocked in Federal Court Grows Longer

Last week, we noted that several states' tough, new immigration laws have been challenged in court. Arizona and Utah both recently had key parts of their laws blocked by federal judges.

Now, add Georgia and Indiana to the list. 

Yesterday, a federal judge in Georgia blocked the most contentious provisions of the state’s new immigration law. The judge ruled that requiring police to check the immigration status of suspects who cannot produce identification amounted to “an end-run” around federal law. Another broadly written provision making it a crime to harbor or transport an undocumented immigrant was also blocked. U.S. District Judge Tom Trash ruled that had the provision been allowed to go into effect, it would be illegal to give a ride to a friend who is undocumented: “This is a good reason to require supervision of any attempts by Georgia to enforce illegal immigration law,” he wrote.

The ruling follows another decision by another federal judge on Friday to temporarily block key parts of Indiana’s new immigration law. According to that judge, the state’s attempt to enact an immigration law without infringing on federal authority was “seriously flawed and generally unsuccessful.”  

But in both cases, the judges upheld provisions that expanded the use of E-Verify, a federal program that allows employers to check the eligibility of prospective employees. Critics have said its error rates render it ineffective. According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the program “accurately detects the status of unauthorized workers almost half of the time.”

Nonetheless, Georgia’s law makes E-Verify mandatory for all employers. That appears to have put a strain on the state’s agricultural industry, which has had to scramble for workers as undocumented workers have fled to avoid the crackdown. Indiana’s law requires state and local government contractors to use E-Verify and gives any employer using E-Verify a break from some new penalties if they’re caught employing an undocumented worker, the Indianapolis Star noted. Both those provisions are slated to go into effect on Friday.

South Carolina and Alabama will likely be next in line for court challenges. South Carolina’s governor signed a law yesterday requiring employers to use E-Verify and requiring police to check the immigration status of anyone they’ve stopped and suspect is undocumented. Alabama enacted its law earlier this month and, according to USA Today, supporters of the law are actually looking forward to a challenge

Michael Hethmon of the Immigration Reform Law Institute, which has been helping state lawmakers draft Arizona-like laws around the country, said Alabama legislators were hoping for a legal challenge when they passed their law, thinking they could get a different ruling than the one issued in Phoenix by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton, who blocked the Arizona law last year.

The Alabama legislators "looked at Judge Bolton's reasoning and said, 'We're not on the left coast here, we're in the 11th Circuit, and we think we're going to get a different interpretation by a different judge,'" Hethmon said.

So far, politics haven’t appeared to play a significant role. Judges in four separate circuit courts—both Democrat and Republican appointees—have moved to block what they’ve said are overreaching immigration laws.

Why are we allowed federal judges to control our state laws?  Our govt won’t protect us, it’s up to our state law makers.

Round the illegals up and ship them to an island in the middle of the ocean and let them rot.  They are bankrupting our country, our states, our cities and counties, our prisons are overloaded, they own every convenience store, tobacco shop, restaurant, hotel/motel, etc.  They didn’t come here with the money to open their own businesses, they committed their crimes and did it with many of them funneling their money to terrorist groups who mean us great harm.

Open your eyes america before it’s to late.

Re: H E Davis’ comment….
One must keep in mind that even Bush wanted to do something about immigration reform… BUT his Republican controlled Congress would not do anything because they are rewarded with generous campaign funding from poultry processors, industrial farms, etc etc who enjoy having the cheap labor derived from illegals.

“...they own every convenience store, tobacco shop, restaurant, hotel/motel, etc.”

How do you think they pulled that off? They WORKED HARD at it! They gambled on their own abilities. They gambled with whatever assets they had. They made sacrifices. Oh, wait. That sounds just like the American Dream!

Most of the successful immigrants are NOT illegals. Stop ranking on them. Most of them are not law-breakers, either, although I’m sure a few are, just like native-born Americans are.

How about if we deport ALL the lawbreakers? No discrimination there. That would thin out the herd all right! Write your Congressman right now. Tell him about this idea. Take credit for it, even, I don’t mind. We could start a new movement for the purification of America. We could call it the “Deport Anyone We Don’t Like Act”. What do you say? Sound good?

H. E. Davis expresses the hatred and misunderstanding that many in the U.S. harbor. I feel very sorry for him/her.

He/she are missing the real strength of the U.S. A rich heritage contributed to by many cultures, languages, and common values.

BTW do you know how many immigrant Americans died in the twin towers on 9/11? Check it out. Most of those people who came early to work are the restaurant workers, maintenance staff - God bless them. Equal suffering is not a goal. The common good IS.

To Kay:  When you own a legitimate business like I do, and an illegal alien comes without the proper licenses, bonds, and insurance: NOT TO MENTION HE OR SHE IS HERE ILLEGALY and undercut your price so low that you could only compete by braking the law your opinion would be different.

I decide not to brake the law so the Illegal alien is able to take the job from my company. AS WELL AS TAKING FOOD OFF OF OUR FAMILY TABLE.

How can we Americans survive when we have to face an unfair competition from illegals? The law doesn’t apply to them and those who hire them many times regret it.

As an immigrant who came here legally and worked hard to start my business, I feel the system is cheating me by allowing these illegals to stay here.

They should be deported and stand in line to become an American just like those of us who have respect for the US laws.

Many of these illegals are taking food away from american families because 20 -30 of them living in an apartment and working for very low wages. They carry disiesas TB and other illness that can cause harm to people including our children here in America.

Our government should protect those who are here legally but because of propaganda like yours makes them turn the othe way.

When I immigrated to the US I had to have a health check among background check and willing to become an American Citizen.
Also I was made to sign a paper, not to ever request any kind of Government assistance.

The Illegals today in 2011 receive welfare, work under the table, many of them own businesses, without licenses, insurance, and not paying taxes.

These illegals have no intention of assymilating to our country. Many of them are not even willing to speak English.

So I also say Deport them. And I say this without any haitred. I am saying this because I just want to have a fair competition in my business so I can acheve the American Dream.

Any other country in the world. If you are illegal you are deported.

Maybe this is why The United States is in so much financial trouble because we allow all these 30+ million illegals to milk our system.

Look at England, Germany, the Netherland, Switzerland, Italy, Austria,
The living standard is becoming more and more better then in the United States for the working class.  All these countries have ZERO tolarence for illegals.

Even Mexico where we receive most of our illegal population have zero tolarence for illegals. Maybe it is time the politicians polling their head out of their @$$ and start to do what is best for our country and the citizens of the United States and start to enforce our immigration laws and start to deport illegals.

Hey Gabor, c’mon, what’s your real name? I bet it’s more like Bubba Jackson or such. I thought I smelled a troll right from the start of your stereotypical right-wing rant. By the last paragraph of your last entry, I was sure of it. Your entry was virtually indistinguishable from the right-wing crap that I sometimes get from co-workers. You know what I mean- the ones that say “email this to 50 people or you’re not a patriot”?

“Also I was made to sign a paper, not to ever request any kind of Government assistance. ” Really? What form # was that? Look it up. If you signed it, you must have your own copy, right?

“...because we allow all these 30+ million illegals to milk our system.”  Thirty million illegals? That would be roughly 10% of our entire population. Where did that figure come from? The only place I heard it quoted was from right-wing TV. I have never heard a true source for that figure.

“...because 20 -30 of them living in an apartment…”
“They carry disiesas TB and other illness…”  Yeah, they’re ALL like that, aren’t they?

Sorry, I’m not buyin’ any of this.

To Gabor (in fantasy land):  The largest human migration in history is happening now, and those fleeing to N. America are not doing it because N. America is a great place (anymore).  It’s because we’ve disrupted the social, political, and economic sustainability of any country that was stupid enough to embrace our privatization and efficiency-for-the-sake-of-more-corporate-profit agendas (whether through force or coercion). 

The West is still somewhat socially stable, but only because our stolen wealth allows the anti-social structures of society to be obscured.  As long as domestic and foreign policies continue to confuse wealth creation with social functionality, even our superficial social cohesion will fail.

The Red coats are coming! The Red coats are here! Independance day is the biggest insult to the throne of Monarcy pride. British spies are everywhere. It is no coincidence the Monolith NBC syndicate throws so much coverage to Wimbleton over the 4th of July! They are still, in a tizzy at the bloody Americans Victory of Independance. The Lymie elites, still consider the US to be “its colony” and all Americans their subjects!

To Allen M Dude and john don. Maybe you should visit California and see the real world. The Immigration form you have asked you can find on the Immigration Website in Form I 864    

So unless you are both not Illegal Immigrants, please do not insult my intelligent and check your facts before attacking someone who is against illegal invasion.

The reality is that we do have about 30 million illegals here in the US.
I do not blame them. I blame our incompitent government and Ronnie Reagan who created a monster with his Amnesty in 1986.

The Republicans need illegals for cheap labor. The Democrats need them for voting. You two I don’t know. Maybe you are the one who lives in Fantasy land.

“...Immigration Website in Form I 864.”

The form # you supplied is for the SPONSOR of an immigrant, not the immigrant himself. Further, there is no place on the form for said immigrant to sign his name. The form outlines responsibility for the sponsor only. Did you read it at all?

Again, if we really have 30 million illegals in this country, where did that number come from- out of thin air, I suspect. I asked for your source and you did not provide one. Did you conduct your own census?

I don’t doubt that illegal immigration is a problem in some areas but I also believe that this problem nationally is over-stated. If you want to make a point, at least be honest and be factual.

Lastly, I did visit California once. I had a brother that lived there for a time. The state was gorgeous and I had a great time there. I guess YMMV.

To: Alan

That is my point. If you want to come to the US legally like I did you are not entitled to any kind of government help.

On the other hand if you are illegal you are entitled to everything in fact more then a US citizen. Free health care, Welfare, while the other illegal (spouse) works for cash under the table, and not paying any income tax. Driving a car without a drivers license and car Insurance. Free school, etc. just to name a few.

The number 30 mill came from calculating the border patrol numbers. An estimated 2500 people are crossing our borders a day since 1986. This is in the past 25 years has accumulated to 22,812 500. From south and north of our border. Plus you add those who stayed here after their Visa expired from the rest of the world than you can seee the 30 million. 

I don’t know when you have visited California and if it was Southern CA.
The picture is different now in 2011.

And by the way there is a way you can find out about Legal Immigration . Just call them and see what you have to go through. .

To end this argument I think no Illegal alien should be tolarated in the US , just like any other country. Don’t go far just see how the Mexican government treat its Illegal alien population.

To Gabor…. Re: your response to Alan…

Your 30 mil figure is way overblown… for one thing it does not take into account the number of illegals who have left the U.S. of their own accord or are deported…. e.g: there are statistics on the number of illegals who have left the U.S. because of the shrunken job market…

Your free health care and welfare are figments of your imagination other than a visit to a hospital emergency room which… under federal law… must provide free medical services to anyone who comes through the door… even U.S. Citizens… As far as non-payment of taxes..e.g.: being paid under the table is an illegal act perpetrated by the person paying in order to avoid paying their share of taxes… do not blame illegals for non-payment of taxes… in fact… if you check IRS data many illegals who have taxes deducted and do not file, have their withholding going into both Federal and State revenue…

There is a bigger problem which is most likely beyond your mental constipation… H1-B visas… where major corporations are “legally” bringing in technical [IT] professionals at below prevailing wages which takes well paying jobs from skilled American professionals…

BTW… and where are your.. confirm-able statistics on illegals driving motor vehicles without license or insurance…You seem to be unaware that it is not possible in most States to register a vehicle without proof of insurance and no insurance company will issue a policy to an individual who does not have a drivers license as the insurance company uses an applicants drivers license number to obtain the applicants driving record which is used by the insurer to determine the premium.

From your assorted comments and along with some others of similar limited mentality….. You should know what you are writing about before you make a fool of yourself.  Ignorance is not bliss…

Further… you wrote that you are a “legal immigrant”... therefore, if you do not like or approve of the way things are done in the U.S., you are free to return to wherever you came from…. at your own expense of course…

To: Gabor (or whatever your real name is)

“...30 mill came from calculating…  2500 people are crossing our borders a day since 1986. the past 25 years has accumulated to 22,812 500. Plus you add those who stayed… than you can seee the 30 million. 

2500 X 25 X 365=22,812500. Yeah, I get the math. Nice round numbers. Every single day. Yeah. Where are the statistics for those that returned? Where are the statistics for those deported? Wait a minute- those that over-stayed their visas- weren’t they already counted when they crossed the border? So you’re counting them at least TWICE, if not more? As if this were not BS enough, I’ll leave you with this (from PolitiFact):

“According to data provided by the Department of Homeland Security, the number of illegal immigrants “removed”  rose about 6 percent —from 369,221 to 392,862 —between the end of September 2008 (four months before Obama took office) and the end of September 2010. But a much larger percentage of those deported were convicted criminals. In 2008, 31 percent were criminals; but by 2010, the percentage jumped to 50 percent.”


“DHS statistics show that under Bush, overall deportations more than tripled between 2001 and 2008—going from 116,782 to 369,221. But in the latter part of Bush’s presidency, the biggest jump was in the deportation of illegal immigrants who were were NOT convicted criminals. During the eight years of Bush’s presidency, deportation of convicted criminals rose from 71,079 in 2001 to 114,415 in 2008. That’s a 61 percent increase over eight years.”

SO, it seems that efforts ARE being made to reduce illegal immigration. Furthermore, it seems that the Obama administration has NOT gone soft on the issue. OK, I’m done with the facts. You can continue your right-wing rant.

PD LANE you must be very intelligent buy your answer about telling me to leave the USA. Maybe if we wouldn’t have all the problems with illegals you would have a different opinion of the immigrants.

I know it is a violation of Federal Law to stay in this country without authorization. I think the law should be enforced. What is wrong with that? We are a Nation of LAW.  Aren’t we?? 

FYI in CA. there is a way the illegals go around not insuring their cars and driving without drivers license.

H1-B Visas are a problem and I agree 100% when Bill Gates and others laying off American workers and hiring people from India and other countries for less then the American person was earning.
A women from NY was hired for 60 K at a computer co. So she moved from the East Coast to the West and 2 months later she was fired and had to train her replacement from India who took over her job for 20K.

About the ER : yes you have to be treated the only different is if you are illegal, No Hospital Bill will come to you. If you are Legal you will get your hospital bill. 

As far is I see It is not me who do not like the way things are in the US.
I know it is hurting my country moraly, and financially. This is reality.

It is people like you who live in a world and have no clue what is going on out there. Until an illegal alien who is driving drunk and hurting your loved one you will not see the real world.

Can you tell me how many illegal aliens are currently here in the USA?
If it is 1 million it is way too many. IMHO.


Some more interesting statistics from “”. I’m sure they’re reputable…

“ less an authority than Arizona Senator John McCain recognized that Border Patrol apprehension figures demonstrated that ‘almost four million people crossed our borders illegally 2002’...”

“The Tucson sector Border Patrol UNION LOCAL 2544 on the number of illegal aliens in our nation…” Right, no conflict-of-interest there!

“In agreement with Senator McCain, we believe that an increase of 10,000 total additional illegal aliens added to the United States population each day.” Added to what? Just plugging that figure into the earlier fuzzy math exercise we get (drum roll, please): 91.25M illegals in the USA! Almost a third of our population?

“This reflects figures that include illegal aliens successfully entering our nation combined with those who overstay their visas.” How do we know that they didn’t just go back home?

“We are of the educated opinion that we are conservatively low in our estimation. This analysis shows that it is reasonable to state that more than 20 million illegal aliens reside in the United States and approximately 10,000 illegal aliens enter the United States every day, or, as Arizona Senator John McCain reports – almost four million per year.” The math shows AT LEAST 91.25M illegals. Now it’s down to 20M. Or maybe 30M. Some say as low as 7M.

“The precise number of illegals entering the United States and the exact rate at which they cross our borders is unknown.” FINALLY, they admit it! They really have NO IDEA!

In reference to my earlier remark about those over-staying their visas being counted twice, sorry about my obvious brain fart there. Counting them would be accurate for these purposes. Except for the possibility of them returning from where they came. Then that figure should be deducted, if only we knew what it was. The fuzzy math gets fuzzier still…

To: Gabor (or whatever your real name is)

OK, illegals=bad. We all get that. Except maybe for the illegals that work and pay taxes, tax money that they’ll never get back in SS, Medicare, etc. and the government gets to keep. Maybe their visas ran out and they’re stuck here. Except for maybe their kids, brought here when they were toddlers and feel just as American as you or I (oops, you’re supposed to be an immigrant- my bad). Except for maybe the ones who chose to serve in our military, like my friend who came here as a boy and later became a citizen AFTER serving. Seeing a pattern here?

Would you support the illegals that work and pay taxes? Would you support the Dream Act for those kids that have lived here almost their entire lives but lack an American birth certificate? How about those that serve- kick them to the curb (or kerb, depending on where you’re from)? If not, why not? Why can’t we offer a path to citizenship to those that exemplify solid citizenship? What are you afraid of?

You present a complicated issue with mean-spirited remarks, faulty data, twisted logic, fuzzy math and a misapplication of many remarks to the problem at hand, and then offer a simple solution. You offer a prima facie case for deportation but there is ample evidence here that one size doesn’t fit all. Many of us don’t buy into your right-wing philosophy and I’m one of them. If something needs to be fixed then fix it but don’t replace said problem with other problems. You do no one, including yourself, any favors by acting rash and making American society worse than it was. Analyze problems rather than spouting off ideology.

Re: Gabor’s latest rant….

In my last comment I advised you that ignorance was not bliss…..
and as Mr Duba wrote… you should restrict your rantings and ravings…. composed of misguided invalid data…. to your tea party compatriots and quoting Senator McCain is as creditable as quoting S Palin on Paul Revere.or claiming that Betsy Ross designed and sewed the first U.S flag…. Speaking of Tea Parties… are you aware that the Boston Tea Party was held to evade paying customs duties on imported tea and that the chests of tea were noit thrown into Boston Harbour but into waiting lighters.  Not a single tea leaf evn got damp.

I concur with Mr Duba’s latest retort to your convoluted nonsense…

BTW…. does it really matter how many illegals are in the U.S. if the “Party-Of-No” refused to do anything about immigration law overhaul under the last Presidency and refuses to do anything under the present incumbent as it might cost their masters at the US Chamber of Commerce because it would eliminate cheap labor?

FYI… My parents, Grandparents and my wife were/are immigrants…
who… under today’s immigration laws… would be considered as illegals except that they all became citizens under the laws in effect at the various times.  For myself… I was born in the U.,S.but have spent approximately one half of my life living in 9 countries while working in 20 countries in 5 continents.. 

BTW… If you are as knowledgeable about the U.S. as you try to imply.. Since today is the 4th of July and a National Holiday… since when has the 4th of July been a National Holiday…??? As a hint…
the Declaration of Independence was not passed by the Continental Congress on July 4th, nor was it signed by the signatures on the 4th.


Can anybody clarify to me, why American taxpayers are forced by law to support people who illegally entered America from foreign countries? It is disturbing this is not charitable giving, but that this money is extorted from our taxes. This is just incurable and has a similar ring to the Obamacare care, which without consent of the majority of the general public that has been also shoved down the throats of US taxpayers.  I can truly understand that most Americans desire to aid citizens and legal residents a helping hand in periods of recession or even falling on hard times. But how can the US government make us pay for a foreigner’s education or health care? This is by far one of the most serious issues befallen America, because people who arrive here should not be encouraged to stay by the Democrats or Republicans, either with pandering to them while illegally squatting in America, crossing borders, overstaying visas or coming into the US by ship.

It just goes to show that we cannot trust the US administration or those we place in high authority, to run this country and then gives the American people the finger? I cannot even imagine this nation’s future, where foreign nations seem to have more rights, than birthright citizens? It’s only come to light over the last years, that unknown to most Americans politicians they have used cagey practices to pass six small amnesties behind our back, bring in millions with special visas. The major amnesty was in 1986, its inception starting the chain migration from its original population spiraling to 6 million, at a final cost of 76 billion. However, that was 25 year ago and trying to estimate today’s costs, ranges from 2 trillion to 2.5 trillion dollars in legalizing at least 20 million people. ( Statistics of the Heritage foundation) Currently the New York Times and its ultra Liberal activists are trying to convince us all, that illegal immigration has slowed to a trickle? My observation of thousands of sovereignty groups see no credence this revelation, but if these reasoning was solid, what about the millions that have arrived here.  It’s completely inconceivable or rational to the prudent mind in any government bureaucracy authoring another amnesty of any kind, when this great country is 14 trillion dollars in debt, with Obama’s boys trying to lift the debt ceiling even higher.

The Liberals that have infested the Democrats have ruined America with the Tax and spend policies. But this time they are not only confronted by the House Republicans, but the emergence of the All-American Tea Party. Not at the assistance of the Liberal press, that this is just a timid group of dysfunctional people, but a very enthusiastic membership of all party affiliates that is straining to release itself from the usual, elitist GOP establishment. Thousands of cells or branches are reaching out to every moderate thinking American, to escape the Liberal extreme propaganda and even lies. This is the real people’s party, comprising of all races and religions and a rare representation of Blacks, Whites and Hispanics and other races. The general population who are joining the TEA PARTY means Liberal, Independents, Libertarians, Republicans and Democrats and other political associates, who realize finally how they have been deceived.

Leading the TEA PARTY front is Michele Bachmann (R-MN) chair of the Caucus and moderate Conservative by definition, who has taken the presidential race to the people. She makes no excuses for the financial mess the country is in, but is steadfast that unless the Liberal-Democrats start cutting the influence of giant government, we will arrive on August 2, without any guarantee of a compromise of passing the debt limit. Only majority leader Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada would look for answers, in raising taxes of any kind on taxpayers or industry. Unlike the wimps in the current Congress M. Bachmann speaks out about curtailing illegal immigration, constructing the real double fence, tracking visa over-stays and seeking out business owners who ignore the laws on the books. This lady has a strong resonating voice that draws attention to the principles of the TEA PARTY policies.

Bachmann is resolute in mandating E-Verify and Secure Communities, as these two tools alone could locate and apprehend illegal aliens in the workplace or by checking fingerprints, aides to inform ICE of violations. Through April 30, 2011, more than 77,000 illegal immigrants convicted of crimes, including more than 28,000 convicted of aggravated felony (level 1) offenses like murder, rape and the sexual abuse of children were removed from the United States after identification through Secure Communities,” ICE says on its Secure Communities website. A relative of mine who is a police officer informed me of a very new piece of technologically,  that has been assigned to Los Angeles police station called “Blue Checks”  He explains it in detail, that this new system allows officers to confront a suspect and request them to hold out their hand. The hand-held device digitally scans the digits of the suspect’s hands, and within minutes the official receives a full criminal background account on the person. Only those in the system have reason to fear if they are wanted for a crime of some classification.

This new piece of equipment is under bombardment by a whole group of left leaning activists, as seeing it as an evasion of a person’s privacy. The “Politically Correct” are already coming out of their grubby holes in the rotting woodwork, crying foul and hoping that the lawmakers rescind its use. The ACLU doesn’t like “Blue Checks “saying the device is an invasion of privacy. Imagine criminal aliens who have reentered the United States being apprehended immediately that may save thousands of American lives. Supporters say they’ll be able to find out if someone has prior arrests, in seconds, instead of hours. I see it as a brilliant compact that all should be placed with law enforcement including ICE. This small unit should have access to national Security agencies, connecting to the Social Security Administration, US Citizenship and Immigration Services and of course ICE. Every patrolman should be issued with this module as it offers instant recognition and could catch, illegal aliens using fraudulent ID.

Immigration laws have been ignored for far too long, and the last I heard there were an estimated 8 million aliens in jobs that Americans should have been hired for? This is incomprehensible when 9.3 percent of own people remain out-of-work.  This is plain stealing and employees should be held to the highest penalty allowed by law. WHY COMING TO A SOVEREIGN LAND ILLEGALLY IS NOT A FELONY, MAKES NO SENSE TO THE MAJORITY OF THE AMERICAN POPULATION.  Michelle Bachmann said she will enforce the 1986 Immigration laws, with no exception and zero tolerance that breaks these laws.  It is the same with Governors and mayors who abuse city and State laws, applying a blind eye to Sanctuary Cities and States.  This illegal immigration battle has been brewing for thirty years or more, except the law abiding people have finally come out of their somnolence.

Everyday blogs, articles and commentaries are crammed full of the abusiveness of previous and current administrations, overlooking intentionally the people’s needs and who have become supplicants to majority major organization, that place pack money in favorable politicians pockets. Bloggers and conservative entities describe the overcrowded schools full with the children of illegal parents; classrooms crammed to legal capacity. In the Southwest the phenomena of closing hospitals overrun with continuous streams of foreign nationals filling the waiting room seats, for every type of medical emergency and even minor colds and ear infections. The uninsured have silently entered this nation, with the purpose of applying for welfare with the backing of taxpayers’ money. These are mostly unfunded mandates forced on States, which have finally found a voice within the Canyon State of Arizona. Others have been quick to follow, including Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Maryland, Utah already enforcing selective laws, not restricted by federal court system. E-Verify are the best tool available to prevent jobs from going to illegal aliens, no matter what the other side of the aisle says? More than 260,000 businesses are already using E-Verify at nearly one million work sites, nationwide.

Remember foreign nationals have been voting in federal and State elections; authorities are should be obligated to ID everybody who registers.

This is about illegal immigration? An immigrant is not illegal and people need to be enlightened. Highly skilled Professional workers are always welcome, not indigent ECONOMIC illegal aliens who are driving this country, into a third world condition. We cannot accommodate any longer those who come here to steal welfare and public benefits from legitimate Americans. It is estimated that illegal aliens send home by wire transfer around $40 billion dollars annually, that should be going into state treasuries.

Don’t hesitate to reach the Senate phone switchboard—202-224–3121 and House—202-225–3121, and inform them you will not be manipulated into another clandestine Amnesty, disguised as the DREAM ACT.

Re: Brittanicus tirade .... To repeat what I wrote above your tirade…
FYI… My parents, Grandparents and my wife were/are immigrants…
who… under today’s immigration laws… would be considered as illegals except that they all became citizens under the laws in effect at the various times..

With regard to the DREAM ACT… if it was not for a similar situation in the 1920’s, my father would not have been a university graduate.

Overall… I found your ranting and raving to be borderline psychotic… Thus I will not bother to discredit the fallacies in your rant other than to suggest you seek psychiatric care for your delusions.

In parting I will remind you that your Mrs Bachmann, who rants against entitlements, has had no problem accepting $150,000 per year subsidies from the government for her family farm.

And….Oh Yes… with regard to mandated health insurance, permit me to refer you to the 5th US Congress where an act was passed and signed into law by President John Adams in1798 which mandated that every seaman pay 20 cents per month for medical insurance with the premium being deducted from pay and paid into the U.S. Government Seaman’s Health Care Fund. The U.S. Public Health Service was also founded as the health care supplier to seaman.  The USPH is still an active agency of the US Government..

Along with psychiatric care I suggest that you also brush up on your knowledge of US History.

To: Brittanicus (or whatever your real name is)

“My observation of thousands of sovereignty groups…” Wow, you must have an awful lot of free time on your hands!

“The Liberals that have infested the Democrats have ruined America with the Tax and spend policies.” Actually, we were doing OK until these endless wars sapped the vitality out of our country. Well, that and the corporations taking all the jobs overseas but that’s another topic by itself.

“Highly skilled Professional workers are always welcome…” What, THEY don’t take jobs away from American citizens? Tell that one to the high-tech workers who were “down-sized” only to be replaced by lower-wage H1B foreign nationals. How do you like your “free-market” now?

“Leading the TEA PARTY front is Michele Bachmann…This lady has a strong resonating voice that draws attention to the principles of the TEA PARTY policies.” Yeah, what about the endless wars? What about the financial black hole that is the defense (war) budget? Also, for her time in Congress, what are Ms. Bachman’s accomplishments? It shouldn’t take you very long to research that!

“Unlike the wimps in the current Congress M. Bachmann speaks out about curtailing illegal immigration, constructing the real double fence…” Be careful for what you wish for. The fence can block travel in BOTH directions. Think about that one for a moment.

“A relative of mine who is a police officer informed me of a very new piece of technologically,  that has been assigned to Los Angeles police station called “Blue Checks”. Lovely, we can become a modern, digital version of a “papers, please” fascist society. There was a time, not long ago, when we looked at countries in disdain who used these tactics. Now we’re going to adopt these tactics ourselves? Seriously? What happened to the argument that we had enough laws- we only had to enforce them. I thought the “Tea Party” was for small government. Apparently, “small government” is only to apply to your opposition.

“...authorities should be obligated to ID everybody who registers.” They don’t? They do in my neck of the woods. Did you even check this?

In summary, I don’t believe the “Tea Party” is necessarily an answer to the problems facing America. They love to jump on the bandwagon for the hot topics of the moment but offer no solutions to the really big problems. Apart from this, they might have more to offer if they had real conviction and were a bonifide political party. As it is, they road on the coattails of the republicans and were marginalized into becoming just more corporate shills while presenting a facade of populism. I’m not buying it. I don’t trust any party that is so willing to move this country even further along the path of fascism.

Re: Brittanicus and his Tea Party….
In addition to Mr Dube’s comments..

Just keep in mind that the Tea Party has been co-oped by the Kock brothers who finance and dictate it’s propaganda through front organizations such as The Federalsts, Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks, The NewAmerican, and… of course… Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News.

To: Brittanicus (or whatever your real name is)

““...authorities should be obligated to ID everybody who registers.”

In the interest of fair play here, I believe that Brittanicus MEANT to speak of VOTER ID, not voter registration ID. IOW, an ID check at the actual polling place during an election.

I took his/her remark as the latter when, in retrospect, I’m sure he/she meant the former. As such, my rebuttal was accurate but maybe missed the intended point. Only about 1/2 of the states currently have an actual voter ID requirement at the polling place. I don’t understand why any rational person would object to a voter ID requirement just to match a person to his/her voter registration.

Admitting that I lack any data either for- or against this requirement, I will say that I don’t believe illegal immigrants participate in voter fraud to any great degree, if at all. IOW, this requirement is a solution looking for a problem. Be that as it may, voter ID is a good idea as a preventative measure against fraud. I don’t have any problem with it as long as it is applied fairly and evenly to EVERYONE. If those with brown/black skin are to be checked, so should the whities. I wonder what the right will dream up next when voter ID doesn’t change the political landscape like they thought it would? Hmmm….

Being a Grading and Paving contractor here in Sacramento I have hired and worked beside many folks from Mexico.
Most were family men and they all worked hard. They showed up when and where they were supposed to, I have no bitch with them, they are working to improve their lives and families.
I live in N.sac and there are scores of house’s rented by them and 99% are well kept. Bear in mind I’m talking about those born outside the USA.
What we need is for those folks with the gutz to move to a better place to raise their families a LEGAL Opportunity to do so.
This is AMERICA and we can make it better for ourselves and even the world.

Can someone tell me what are the states are with this law, if the police stop up they will ask you for your status, can someone let me know… Thank you…

Jaime- so far, AZ, GA, AL. I don’t know the status of UT currently as lawsuits were filed there. There may be others- this insanity is sweeping the country.

Sorry- I apparently missed IN and SC.

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