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We are not currently accepting applications for this position.

ProPublica is expanding our Local Reporting Network, and we’re looking for a designer/developer/journalist to join ProPublica’s award-winning news applications team!

We launched the Local Reporting Network last year to support local journalism by providing financial and editorial support for newsrooms doing investigative journalism across the country. This year, we expanded the project and are supporting more newsrooms, including ones with a special emphasis on statehouse reporting. All told, we’ll be working with 13 or 14 newsrooms in 2019.

As a news apps developer, you’ll be collaborating with the local newsrooms that have been accepted into the LRN program to imagine, report out, design and develop graphics and news apps. You’ll also be teaching and coaching local newsrooms on how to find the elements that make great visual, interactive and data-driven stories, all while learning and growing yourself alongside the rest of the news apps and data team.

You’ll work closely with the local reporters and their news organizations, as well as the senior editors overseeing the project, and in every case, you’ll be involved from the very beginning of the work.

So, does this sound like the kind of work you’d be excited to do? If so, you should consider applying.

What you’ll do here:

  • Design and develop interactive graphics and news apps to hold the powerful accountable and have real impact on the public.

  • Wrangle data, including FOIAing for it, scraping it, cleaning it, analyzing it and preparing it for publication.

  • Interrogate databases to find trends, patterns and outliers.

  • Bulletproof and spot-check data work done by other journalists on the team.

  • Teach, guide and collaborate with local journalists across the country on how to best use, visualize and tell stories with local data.

  • Work with the best news nerds on the planet on some of the biggest and most innovative projects in investigative and data journalism. ⚡

We’re looking for someone with some of the following skills:

  • Experience designing and developing interactive graphics from scratch.

  • Fluency in modern and widely supported front-end programming languages, like HTML/CSS and Javascript, and the libraries that go with them, like D3.js.

  • Experience with data journalism, whether it’s scraping, cleaning or analyzing data in your favorite tool of choice, such as Python, SQL or R.

  • Journalism experience, either locally or nationally, especially involving stories that shed light on injustices or that cover marginalized communities.

  • Ability to spin many plates. You’ll be working with a number of reporters across the country on different projects, potentially dealing with several different editors. You’ll need to stay organized, focused and proactive.

  • The self-discipline to work independently, as well as an eagerness to work with teammates on collaborative projects.

  • A love for details and making things.

We know there are great candidates who won’t fit everything we’ve described above, or who have important skills we haven’t thought of. If that’s you, don’t hesitate to apply and tell us about yourself.

We are dedicated to improving our newsroom, in part by better reflecting the people we cover. We are committed to diversity and building an inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds and ages. We especially encourage members of underrepresented communities to apply, including women, people of color, LGBTQ people and people with disabilities.

To apply, fill out this form. The deadline is Sunday, Oct. 21, at 11:30 p.m. EDT.

We cannot emphasize this enough: Great projects from your portfolio are the most important part of the application.

This job will be based in ProPublica’s offices in New York City, and we have a strong preference for candidates who are willing to work in New York. This job is also funded by a two-year grant. Beyond that, it’s subject to further grant funding. It’s full-time and includes benefits. Expect some travel.

Got questions? Email [email protected].

No phone calls, please.

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