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Atlantic County Court Tosses Landlord’s Latest Effort to Force Tenants to Move

After The Press of Atlantic City and ProPublica visited the property, their landlord tried to evict them. But his son says it was a “miscommunication.”

This New Jersey Agency Prioritizes Tourism Over Housing, Pushing Vulnerable Residents Out of Their Homes

The state’s Casino Reinvestment Development Authority is supposed to put casino taxes back into the community. Some of its deals have made housing options worse, not better, for Atlantic City’s vulnerable residents.

Court Strikes Down State Law That Gave Millions in Tax Breaks to Casinos

A Superior Court judge in New Jersey has thrown out a state law granting Atlantic City’s casinos tens of millions of dollars in tax breaks, saying that the measure was passed on dubious grounds and violated the state Constitution.

Casinos Pled Poverty to Get a Huge Tax Break. Atlantic City Is Paying the Price.

Despite growing profits, casino operators used predictions of “grave danger” to convince the state to slash their tax burden, denying millions to the city, its school district and the county.

New Jersey Officials Refused to Provide the Numbers Behind New Casino Tax Breaks. So We Did the Math.

Lawmakers claimed, without providing evidence, that casinos would close without a tax cut. A ProPublica, Press of Atlantic City analysis found otherwise.

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