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Anna Donlan is an interactive story designer with ProPublica.

The Year After a Denied Abortion

Tennessee law prohibits women from having abortions in nearly all circumstances. But once the babies are here, the state provides little help. We followed one family as they struggled to make it.

Three Days of Tragedy: How a VA Clinic’s Inability to Help Veterans in Crisis Destroyed Two Families

Two veterans sought psychiatric care at a VA clinic in Chico, California. They were bounced between virtual providers and struggled to get support in the threadbare system. A staffer worried, “We are going to kill someone.” Then tragedy struck.

Falling Apart

Students and Educators in Idaho Show Us What It’s Like When a State Fails to Fund School Repairs

How Columbia Ignored Women, Undermined Prosecutors and Protected a Predator For More Than 20 Years

For decades, patients warned Columbia about the behavior of obstetrician Robert Hadden. One even called 911 and had him arrested. Columbia let him keep working.

The Scientist and the Bats

Funders thought watching bats wasn’t important. Then she helped solve the mystery of a deadly virus.

Seeding Hope

They set out to save rainforests — and stumbled upon a way to help prevent the world’s next deadly pandemic.

On the Edge

The next deadly pandemic is just a forest clearing away. But we’re not even trying to prevent it.

America’s Biggest Museums Fail to Return Native American Human Remains

The remains of more than 100,000 Native Americans are held by prestigious U.S. institutions, despite a 1990 law meant to return them to tribal nations. Here’s how the ancestors were stolen — and how tribes are working to get them back.

The Night Raids

CIA-backed operations killed countless Afghan civilians, and the U.S. hasn't been held accountable. A reporter returns to investigate her past and unravel the legacy of the secretive Zero Units.

The Landlord & the Tenant

A young mother rents a house near Milwaukee. The previous tenant tells her, “Baby, they shouldn’t have let you move in.”

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