Dan Keemahill

Data Reporter

Dan Keemahill is a data reporter for the ProPublica-Texas Tribune investigative unit. He previously reported on immigrant detention centers, elections and the COVID-19 pandemic as a data journalist at USA Today and built interactive databases for the Austin American-Statesman. He was a student fellow with the Knight Lab at Northwestern University, where he received a bachelor's degree in journalism and studied computer science.

A Texas Billionaire’s Associates Are Trying to Sink a School Tax Election via Their Dark Money Nonprofit

Tim Dunn’s public policy groups have helped ensure that tax hike language is attached to school bonds in the state. Now, that language is being used to undercut support for a bond in his hometown of Midland.

Texas Took Over Its Largest School District, but Has Let Underperforming Charter Networks Expand

The state took over Houston ISD after one of its schools continuously failed to meet academic standards. But an analysis of records shows it’s been more generous with underperforming charter schools, waiving expansion requirements at least 17 times.

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