Hilary Fung

Hilary Fung is a designer, developer and journalist on the news apps team. Before joining ProPublica, she managed Atlas, a data visualization platform, at Quartz. Before that, she was a visual journalist on the data desk at The Huffington Post, working on news graphics, election apps and investigative stories. Her design and graphics work has also appeared in The Washington Post and The Boston Globe.

Nobody Knows How Many Kids Die From Maltreatment and Abuse in the U.S.

Experts agree that the data we were able to obtain is a substantial undercount and child fatalities may be three times higher.

How (Not) to Cross the Street in Jacksonville

The city’s population is 29 percent black, but black pedestrians received 55 percent of the pedestrian tickets issued from 2012 to July 2017. Looking at each type of ticket issued reveals even bigger disparities.

Toxic Fires

Across the Country, Military Sites Burn Hazardous Waste Into Open Air

Preferential Rents in NYC

Newly released data shows ZIP codes where rents could suddenly jump for rent-stabilized apartments.

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