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Karim Doumar is an assistant editor at ProPublica.

ProPublica’s Top 25 Stories of 2020

Our list of the year’s most-read stories contains deeply unsettling investigations from a deeply unsettling year.

Have You Experienced Sexual Misconduct at an Illinois University or College? We Want to Hear From You.

We’d like to hear about your experience with misconduct on campus, or if you were subjected to it but did not or could not file a report. We need help understanding flaws in the systems intended to hold perpetrators accountable.

Have a Complaint About a South Carolina Judge? Help Us Investigate.

A judicial disciplinary office that’s supposed to monitor misconduct on the bench works in secret, shielding its records even from those who filed complaints. You can help bring more information to light.

Rhode Island, Have You Called 911? Do You Work in Emergency Response? Talk to Us.

We want to hear from Rhode Islanders who’ve called 911 in a medical emergency and those who work in emergency medical response to uncover challenges facing the state’s 911 system.

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