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FBI and New York City Regulators Search Offices of Private Trash Hauler

It’s unclear what the authorities were seeking at the offices of Five Star Carting, but the investment firm that owns the hauler said it has been cooperating for months with a joint federal and city inquiry.

New York City Council Passes Legislation to Help Workers in Private Trash Industry

One bill authorizes an oversight agency to directly police the labor unions at companies across the city. Another would require the agency to refer labor and wage violation cases to law enforcement. The mayor is expected to sign them.

Ex-Sanitation Salvage Workers Protest: “All We Want Is for Them to Pay Us What They Owe Us”

The former workers at the private trash hauler, which surrendered its license in November, said they and others were owed money from both their last weeks on the job in 2018 and for working off the books for years at a rate of $80 per night.

Proposal Seeks to Give New York’s Private Trash Industry Watchdog Sharper Teeth

The legislation would allow the agency to bar union officials from representing workers in the industry if they are found to be lacking “good character, honesty and integrity.”

How the Trash Industry Worked Overtime Trying to Thwart New York City’s Reform Plans

A push against a zoning proposal involved a trade group helmed by a man convicted in a bid-rigging scheme; $500,000 to a lobbying firm that drafted legislation; and a lawmaker who was recently in business with one of the major haulers.

Private Construction-Waste Truck Hits Man Outside de Blasio Event

The mayor has touted pedestrian safety as a core aim of his mayoralty, and the crash comes as his administration is pushing a major reform that it says will improve the safety records of the army of private commercial garbage trucks that crisscross the city’s streets.

Sanitation Salvage, Troubled Garbage Hauler, Surrenders Operating License

In a letter sent to New York City regulators, lawyers for the company said it would cease operations “forthwith.”

A Trash Industry Union Thrives, and Employees Say They Are Left Holding the Bag

One of the biggest unions in New York’s private garbage industry is run by a man with a long record of run-ins with the authorities, and its vice president is a convicted felon. Many workers say it’s a union in name only.

Private Trash Haulers Resist New Safety Measures

As New York City’s oversight agency moves to have companies regularly report accidents, traffic violations and license suspensions involving their drivers, the haulers push back.

At Hearing for Bronx Trash Hauler, More Questions About Safety and Oversight

Unregistered employees. Dangerously long driving schedules. Sanitation Salvage’s bid last week to have its suspension lifted produced more damning findings and fresh questions about why it took regulators so long to act.

Embattled Garbage Hauler Co-Owns Dump With Person Expelled From Trash Industry, Records Show

A ProPublica review found that the agency that oversees New York City’s commercial trash industry may have overlooked another potential impropriety involving Sanitation Salvage.

Sanitation Salvage Ordered to Halt Trash Collections

The Business Integrity Commission suspended the license of one of New York’s biggest garbage haulers after it was involved in two fatal accidents and a spate of collisions.

“Yo, Take the Rap for Me”: More Trouble for a Garbage Hauler

This time, an unlicensed employee was behind the wheel of a Sanitation Salvage truck when it smashed head-on into a sedan on a Bronx street.

A Fatal Accident Leads to Broader Questions About NYC Trash Hauler’s Operations

A ProPublica inquiry sparked by the death of a motorist in Brooklyn shows the trash company involved is headquartered on land owned by someone banned from the industry years ago.

A Truck’s Flying Wheel Kills a Motorist, and the Sanitation Industry’s Safety Record Is Again an Issue

The company whose truck was involved in the fatal accident in Brooklyn has repeatedly been cited for safety violations.

Hell on Wheels

Fatal accidents, off-the-books workers, a union once run by a mobster. The rogue world of one of New York’s major trash haulers.

Treated Like Trash

A death. A cover-up. An immigrant meets a terrible end in the Bronx.

Trashed: Inside the Deadly World of Private Garbage Collection

Waste removal is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. On the darkened streets of New York City, it’s a race for survival.

One Night on a Private Garbage Truck in New York City

New York’s residential trash is hauled away by the city, but private companies collect trash thrown away by businesses. Every night, an army of private trucks zig-zag across the city, making hundreds of stops each.

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