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Special Investigations and Ongoing Reporting


Trump, Inc.

Exploring the Mysteries of the President’s Businesses

The TurboTax Trap

How the Tax Prep Industry Makes You Pay

Zero Tolerance

Trump’s Immigration Policy at the Border

The Navy’s Disaster in the Pacific

Death and Neglect in the 7th Fleet

Documenting Hate

Tracking Hate Crimes and Bias Incidents

Recently Updated


Rape at an American Charity in Liberia

Blood Will Tell

Investigating the Science Behind Forensic Science

Gutting the IRS

Who Wins When a Crucial Agency Is Defunded

The $3 Million Research Breakdown

The University of Illinois at Chicago’s Troubling Study

Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Crisis

Prominent Cancer Center Faces Reckoning Over Industry Ties


Inside New York’s Deadly Private Garbage Industry

A User’s Guide to Democracy

Congress Works For You. Here’s How to Be a Better Boss.

Stuck Kids

Illinois Children Languish in Psychiatric Hospitals

Health Insurance Hustle

The Confounding Way We Pay for Care

Heart Failure

The Decline of a Historic Transplant Program

Driven Into Debt

How Tickets Burden the Poor

Accused in Elkhart

Justice in an Indiana County

Louisiana’s Ethical Swamp

Lawmakers’ Conflicts of Interest

A Sick System

Repeat Attacks After Pleading Insanity

The New Power Brokers

West Virginia’s Natural Gas Industry


Nuke Lab Workers Getting Sick

HUD’s House of Cards

Public Housing Failures

Trauma After Tragedy

PTSD in First Responders

Trapped In Gangland

How the MS-13 Crackdown Shattered Immigrant Lives

No Sanctuary

The Unshackling of ICE

Police Accountability in Chicago

Monitoring the Chicago Police Department

The Taking

Federal Land Seizures and the Border Fence

The Tax Divide

Inequities and Errors Riddle Cook County’s Property Tax Assessments

Ignoring Innocence

The Wrongfully Convicted Forced Into Plea Deals

Walking While Black

Pedestrian Enforcement and Racial Profiling

Bombs in Our Backyard

Investigating One of America’s Greatest Polluters

Lost Mothers

Maternal Care and Preventable Deaths

After Hurricane Harvey

Failures in a Flood Zone

Too Broke for Bankruptcy

How Bankruptcy Fails Those Who Need It Most

Machine Bias

Investigating Algorithmic Injustice

Documenting Hate

Tracking Hate Crimes and Bias Incidents

Reliving Agent Orange

ProPublica and The Virginian-Pilot are exploring the effects of the chemical mixture Agent Orange on Vietnam veterans and their families, as well as their fight for benefits.

Wasted Medicine

Squandered Health Care Dollars


Examining Chemical Field Tests

The Prescribers

What Doctors Are Prescribing

The Rent Racket

How landlords sidestep tenant protections in New York City.

Policing Patient Privacy

Patient Privacy and Medical Care

Chasing an Edge

Investigating Drug Use in Track and Field

Out of Order

When Prosecutors Cross the Line

Level 14

A Home for Troubled Children Comes Undone

G.I. Dough

Tracking Military Waste

The Failure Track

Alternative Schools and Accountability

College Debt

How College Debt is Putting the Squeeze on Families

Nuisance Abatement

The NYPD’s Aggressive Enforcement of a Little-known Law

Temp Land

Lost Wages, High Injury Rates, Few Benefits


The Transformation of Consumer Debt

Finding Oscar

The Aftermath of a Brutal Massacre

Hell and High Water

Preparing Houston for the Next Big Storm


Gas Drilling’s Environmental Threat

Insult to Injury

America’s Vanishing Worker Protections

Red Cross

Reporting on the Red Cross

Patient Safety

Exploring Quality of Care in the U.S.

Killing the Colorado

The Water Crisis in the West

Terror in Little Saigon

Tracking Unsolved Murders


Acetaminophen and Accidental Overdoses

Examining Medicare

A Closer Look at Medicare Part B

Segregation Now

Investigating America’s racial divide in education, housing and beyond.

Firestone and the Warlord

A Global Corporation and a Brutal African Conflict

Debt Inc.

Lending and Collecting in America

Fed Tapes

The Secret Recordings of Carmen Segarra

Evaluating Charter Schools

Questions About Public Transparency and Private Profits

Failing the Fallen

Recovering Our Vets

Losing Ground

Southeast Louisiana is Disappearing, Quickly

Dispatches from Freedom Summer

Race Then and Now

Obamacare and You

The Rollout of the Affordable Care Act


Oversight and Legal Protections for Unpaid Interns

After the Flood

The Challenge of Rebuilding as the Climate Changes

Law & Disorder

After Katrina, New Orleans Police Under Scrutiny

Lost to History

When War Records Go Missing

Foreclosure Crisis

How Banks and Government Fail Homeowners


Specter of MRI Disease Haunts General Electric


Opaque redistricting groups are being quietly bankrolled by corporations, unions and others to influence redistricting. They aim to help political allies — and in the process they're hurting voters.

Disposable Army

Civilian Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan

Body Scanners

Risking Health to Secure Airports

Tainted Drywall

Foul air from Chinese-made drywall is causing a nightmare for thousands of homeowners, who have complained about severe respiratory ailments and corroded electronics. Several companies that handled the drywall knew there was a problem for two years but didn't warn consumers or regulators.

Freddie Mac

Playing the Mortgage Market

Free the Files

Help Unlock Election Spending

Brain Wars

How the Military Is Failing Its Wounded

Nuclear Safety

After Fukushima


High Costs and Hidden Perils of a Treatment Guaranteed to All

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