Special Investigations and Ongoing Reporting

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Accused in Elkhart

Justice in an Indiana County

HUD’s House of Cards

Public Housing Failures

Trauma After Tragedy

PTSD in First Responders

Stuck Kids

Illinois Children Languish in Psychiatric Hospitals

10 Years of Impact

Sparking Real-World Change

Health Insurance Hustle

The Confounding Way We Pay for Care

Heart Failure

The Decline of a Historic Transplant Program

Trapped In Gangland

How the MS-13 Crackdown Shattered Immigrant Lives

No Sanctuary

The Unshackling of ICE

When Journalism Meets Theater

ProPublica Illinois and Free Street Theater Collaborate

The Money Game

Tracking the Illinois Governor’s Race

Politic-IL Insider

Analysis of Illinois’ Political Issues and Personalities

Driven Into Debt

How Tickets Burden the Poor

Ask ProPublica Illinois

How Does Journalism Work? Ask Us Questions. We Can Explain.

Police Accountability in Chicago

Monitoring the Chicago Police Department

The Taking

Federal Land Seizures and the Border Fence

The Tax Divide

Inequities and Errors Riddle Cook County’s Property Tax Assessments

Ignoring Innocence

The Wrongfully Convicted Forced Into Plea Deals

A Closer Look

Examining the News

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