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Analysis: Alleged Assassination Plot Doesn’t Fit Past Iranian Behavior

Plot to kill Saudi ambassador with Mexican drug cartel’s help would represent a brazen, new direction for both, which have avoided direct confrontation with the U.S. The case increases concerns about growing activity by Iran and Hezbollah in Latin America.

An embassy staffer peers through a glass door at an entrance of the Saudi Arabian embassy in Washington, DC, on October 11, 2011. (Photo by JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)

The alleged Iranian plot to use Mexican cartel gunmen to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington is one of the strangest, most serious terrorism cases to surface in years, a mix of seemingly credible evidence and unlikely scenarios that departs dramatically from Iran’s past record of global terrorist activity.

On Tuesday, a grim-faced U.S. attorney general and the FBI director accused Iranian intelligence officials in an alleged $1.5 million scheme to kill Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir of Saudi Arabia in a bombing at a restaurant in the capital.

The federal indictment has escalated an already fierce conflict between the United States and Iran, alleging a brazen decision by Iranian officials to shed blood on U.S. soil and an ominous convergence of threats from separate worlds: Iran’s far-flung terror apparatus and the Zetas, a drug cartel founded by former Mexican commandos.

The evidence seems strong in some ways. Investigators tracked wire payments amounting to nearly $100,000 allegedly from the Quds Force, the foreign operations unit of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. They caught a suspected Iranian officer on tape giving orders to a Texas operative working with a supposed representative of the Zetas who, in reality, was a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration informant.

The alarming charges reinforce concerns among Western government officials and experts about signs of growing activity by Iran and its proxy, the militant group Hezbollah, in Latin America.

“Hezbollah and Iran have been masters at identifying existing organized crime groups in front line areas and exploiting them,” Michael Braun, a DEA former operations chief who led investigations of the nexus between drugs and terror, said in an interview. “Hopefully, this is going to be a turning point for many in government regarding what the DEA has been saying about Iran and Hezbollah for the past five years.”

But the account in the indictment clashes with the past behavior of the Zetas and the Quds Force. Both the cartel and the espionage unit have calibrated their murderous operations to avoid direct confrontation with the United States. Although the masterminds of the five-month-long plot seem powerful and dangerous, the plot as described by prosecutors unfolded atypically.

“If it weren’t for things like large amounts of money being deposited, and a guy floating around whom I assume they know to be a member of the Quds Force, I would say it just doesn’t feel right,” said Charles Faddis, a former CIA counterterrorism chief, “beginning with the selection of a target in downtown D.C. It’s so clearly an act of war that it’s hard to imagine why the Iranians would sign on to that. And the tradecraft seems amateurish and sloppy. It’s crazy.”

The chief suspect is Manssor Arbabsiar, 56, an Iranian-American used-car salesman. He has been in the United States since the late 1970s and has been married to two U.S. citizens, both of them Latinas, according to documents and officials. He became a U.S. citizen last year, according to officials.

Some years ago, Arbabsiar befriended a Corpus Christi, Texas, woman whose nephew he believed to be a member of the Zetas cartel, according to officials. The nephew was actually a confidential DEA informant “with direct access to key leadership elements” of the Zetas and the rival Gulf cartel, according to a U.S. law-enforcement official.

Arbabsiar told investigators that he recruited the informant in May at the direction of Arbabsiar’s cousin in Iran, a general in the Quds Force, according to the indictment. The informant advised his DEA handlers, who launched an undercover operation with the FBI. The informant met with the suspect in Mexico to develop the plot, officials say.

Arbabsiar's record includes only minor traffic violations, and he apparently was not a veteran of the drug underworld. Some U.S. officials are puzzled that Iran would deploy an apparently inexperienced operative for a sensitive, potentially disastrous mission.

“I’m getting the impression this is a one-off, opportunistic thing,” said a U.S. national security official who requested anonymity. “From what I’ve seen, this is not a highly trained guy. He had the language, the connections, the ability to travel. His personal situation put him in a position where he was useful. I didn’t get the sense he was a hardened criminal.”

The investigation identified the Iranian general and his deputy, a colonel in the Quds Force who allegedly directed and funded the conspiracy with almost $100,000 wired from a foreign bank to an account set up by the FBI in New York, making the implications grave, officials say. In addition, Treasury Department officials have implicated two top officials of the Revolutionary Guard Corps in the plot. Arbabsiar cooperated after his arrest in late September, allowing the FBI to intercept his phone conversations with the Iranian colonel, Gholam Shakuri, who has been indicted and remains a fugitive.

“The investigators feel there’s a deep connection into the Iranian security establishment,” the national security official said. “The question is: Do you have elements of that apparatus going rogue here? Can you control the Quds Force or smaller entities within it? Or is there a new attempt by the Iranians to come after us?”

Iran has targeted U.S. troops through paramilitary proxies such as Shiite militants in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan, according to counterterrorism experts. In past terrorist attacks, Iranian spies carefully chose locales where weak security forces and an infrastructure of local accomplices enabled them to conceal their tracks, according to Western intelligence officials.

Iran has been blamed for bloody car bombings in Argentina of the Israeli embassy in 1992 and a Jewish community center in 1994, but corruption, ineptitude and political manipulation prevented a complete resolution of those cases. The Quds Force allegedly worked with Hezbollah in those Argentine attacks as well as an aborted bombing in 2008 of the Israeli embassy in Azerbaijan, which neighbors Iran. Azeri police arrested alleged plotters including Iranian diplomats and a veteran Lebanese Hezbollah operative dispatched from South America for the mission, according to Western intelligence officials and the Azeri court charges.

The Iranian plot in Washington allegedly involved discussion of attacks on the Israeli and Saudi embassies in addition to the assassination of the ambassador.

In contrast to operations in nations such as Argentina or Iraq, spectacular attacks on heavily-guarded diplomatic targets in Washington would risk rapid discovery by U.S. authorities and demand major retaliation. Moreover, an alliance between Iranian Islamic extremists and the ruthless capitalists of Mexican cartels for an act of terrorism would be unprecedented — “a monumental leap of faith,” as former DEA official Braun put it.

Western counterterrorism officials say Iranian intelligence has established a growing presence in Latin America, which has large Arab immigrant communities. Iranian and Hezbollah operatives have expanded their roles in crime, fundraising and recruitment in longtime outposts such as Venezuela and the area where the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet. A DEA investigation in 2009 identified a Hezbollah operative in Mexico who had drug connections and access to a stockpile of military arms allegedly stolen from Iraq, according to court documents.

“I believe the Hezbollah-Iranian presence in Latin America constitutes a clear threat to the security of the U.S. homeland,” Roger Noriega, a former top State Department official on Latin American affairs, testified in July at a hearing of the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence.

But U.S. diplomats downplay the warnings about Iranian and Hezbollah activity in the hemisphere, saying it consists mostly of fundraising. Even officials who take the Iranian threat seriously say they have not seen previous indications of a close partnership between Iranian spies and Mexican drug mafias.

“The main question is: Is there any conceivable way that Mexican DTOs [drug-trafficking organizations] would cooperate with the Quds Force?” a U.S. intelligence official said. “”It doesn’t make good business sense.”

The Zetas of Mexico have massive firepower and formidable systems of communications and intelligence gathering. Mexican cartels have built trafficking networks from Atlanta to Los Angeles; they have been accused of killing U.S. Border Patrol agents, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent based in Mexico and people connected to the U.S. consulate in Ciudad Juarez.

In contrast to the bloody turf wars in Mexico, however, Mexican gangsters have largely avoided shootouts and major killings north of the border. They and their corrupt allies in Mexican law enforcement have a keen understanding of a U.S. mentality in which such violence, not to mention links to Islamic terrorism, would trigger a backlash.

The use of Mexican gunmen would certainly make it harder to trace the plot back to Iran. But experts and officials said they doubt that Mexican traffickers would become embroiled with Iran in a kamikaze-like attack that could incite the wrath of the U.S. government. In the wiretapped conversations, the informant posing as a Zetas hit man told Arbabsiar that the planned bombing in Washington might kill many bystanders, including U.S. senators dining at the restaurant frequented by Ambassador Al-Jubeir.

According to the Department of Justice, the Iranian-American allegedly responded: “They want that guy [the ambassador] done [killed]; if the hundred go with him, f**k 'em.”

Arbabsiar apparently did not realize that his interlocutor’s willingness to engage in the slaughter was suspicious. It is harder to believe, however, that chiefs of the crack Quds Force would have been so unsophisticated – or relied on Arbabsiar to hire Mexican triggermen with whom they had not worked in the past, some officials said.

“Assuming they wanted to run an op and have the Mexican cartels take point, they have Hezbollah guys all over South America they have been working through a long time,” said Faddis, the former CIA official. “They have a million other hard-wired ways to get in contact with the cartels.”

A potential explanation: The Iranian-American suspect may have been trying sell the Quds Force on a plan beyond his capacity to execute.

“He may have been trying to bilk them,” Faddis said. “Maybe they got involved to the point of trying to figure out what he can deliver, and it turns out U.S. law enforcement is all over him.”

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps has become a veritable state within a state, Western intelligence officials say. The elite force’s dominance of Iran’s politics and economy has been accompanied by factional infighting, mafia-like moneymaking and sloppy tradecraft. Two IRGC officials were implicated in arms trafficking last year in Nigeria, and one was arrested. The year before, Italian police arrested two alleged Iranian operatives who were wiretapped discussing arms deals and espionage against opposition figures with bosses at the Iranian embassy in Rome and in Tehran.

“When you are dealing with the Iranians, there is often no such thing as the Iranian government but multiple power centers,” Faddis said. “Sometimes they do things that don’t make sense or are contradictory.”

Michael M. Pixley

Oct. 12, 2011, 5:25 p.m.

While I appreciate the points made in this article regarding the seemingly odd manner in which this operation was conceived, I do see some points of logic in the apparent plans of the IRGC to conduct this attack.  First, any attack on a Saudi ambassador would automatically be blamed first on al-Qaida and/or Iran:  both have been involved in such attacks in the past.  If a Mexican cartel were employed as the cutout, on the other hand, an initial investigation of the attack would lead investigators away from Iran.  Even if investigators suspected that the cartel had served as a hired gun for Iran, proving it would be extremely difficult (with the culprits sitting happily in Mexico).  While I also agree that the cartels have generally avoided direct attacks against the US (for fear of retribution), they might well reason that they would be the last to come under suspicion for such an assassination.  Add to that $1.5 million as a prize….well, it might even be worth the risk.  I can hear the American/Iranian arguing that ‘they will never suspect you.’  And he would be right.

Partly, I agree with Michael, however, that last statement scares the Hell out of me.  “Sometimes they do things that don’t make sense or are contradictory.”

Are we being told that common sense or logic need not apply to this case?  That sounds safe.

It’s worth pointing out that the ATF recently let loose a ton of guns in Mexico with the intent of running a sting, and those guns are now in the hands of exactly these sorts of Mexican drug cartels (though I don’t recall the Zetas being mentioned).  And the FBI has a long history of “encouraging” Muslims to become increasingly radical and then busting them for accepting bomb-making materials.  And that doesn’t even get into our long association with some of these same groups, like the Contras, way back when.

I’m not suggesting anything about this case, because all the details I know are in this article.  But at this point, it seems just as believable that our guys “masterminded” this idiocy as the Iranians.  There’s too many links in the chain of explanation, ending with Faddis telling us not to worry about it making sense.

What stuck out to me the most, though, was the mention of Arbabsiar as a used-car salesman.  If you needed a scapegoat, what day job has a higher factor of instant mistrust with the American public?  I’m surprised they don’t have a picture of him in a leisure suit and gold chain.

Barry Schmittou

Oct. 13, 2011, 11:50 a.m.

Leaders of the U.S. Government are as evil as the Iranian leaders :

Wachovia laundered $378 billion for Mexican drug cartels responsible for 35,000 murders !

Obama prosecuted no one !

Wachovia was fined 110 million which is one third of one percent of the money they laundered !

Wachovia gave Obama and other candidates $1.3 million in contributions in 2008.

Here’s a short version of mass murder evidence and numerous corporations who committed multiple crimes!

(The full version can be seen by pasting and

On 9/15/11 CNN wrote :

“Two mangled bodies hanging like cuts of meat from a pedestrian bridge. A woman was hogtied and disemboweled, her intestines protruding from three deep cuts on her abdomen. Attackers left her topless, dangling by her feet and hands from a bridge. Mexico’s notoriously ruthless drug gangs regularly hang victims from bridges and highway overpasses.”

Huffington Post wrote :

MEXICO CITY — Suspected drug traffickers dumped 35 bodies at rush hour beneath a busy overpass in the heart of a major Gulf coast city as gunmen pointed weapons at frightened drivers.

Bloomberg wrote :

“It’s the banks laundering money for the cartels that finances the tragedy,” says Martin Woods, director of Wachovia’s anti-money-laundering unit in London from 2006 to 2009. Woods says he quit the bank in disgust after executives ignored his documentation that drug dealers were funneling money through Wachovia.

“If you don’t see the correlation between the money laundering by banks and the 22,000 people killed in Mexico, you’re missing the point,” Woods says.

“I am sure Wachovia knew what was going on,” says Jose Marmolejo, who oversaw the criminal investigation into Wachovia’s customers in Mexico. “It went on too long and they made too much money not to have known.”

(In the Obama ATF Gun Walking scandal CBS wrote there are now 35,000 murders associated with the drug cartels that benefited from Wachovia’s laundering)

Bullet points of Non Prosecution agreements :

(1) Wachovia’s $378 Billion laundered for mass murderers

(2) Bank of America, American Express Bank and Western Union also laundered drug money, no one was prosecuted.

(3) AIG received a Non Prosecution agreement for rigging huge bids to increase sales of Workers Comp;

In 2006 the SEC wrote :

“AIG will pay in excess of $1.6 billion to resolve claims related to improper accounting, bid rigging and practices involving workers’ compensation funds.”

No one was charged with a crime for this huge bid rigging !! Two years later AIG received $182 Billion of taxpayer money to bail them out !!

While huge bids are rigged injured workers lives are being destroyed.

WFAA-TV wrote “a remarkable number of Texans committed suicide because they could no longer endure the pain caused by their injuries and they had been repeatedly turned down for worker’s comp care.”

(4) AIG received a Second Non Prosecution agreement for Aiding & Abetting Securities Fraud

(5) AIG and Prudential received a Non Prosecution agreement for accounting frauds

(6) Prudential was also fined $600 Million in Securities Fraud Fines
*Later you’ll see how Prudential rigged bids to increase sales of health policies

(7) JP Morgan received a non prosecution agreement for bid rigging in 32 States

(8) JP Morgan received another Non Prosecution agreement from the SEC as seen on the website linked above

(10) Prudential, Unum and MetLife also committed bid rigging of health care plans and have received multiple Non Prosecution agreements

(11) Quotes from Numerous Federal Court Judges seen at prove doctors’ paid by MetLife are still ignoring life threatening medical conditions when patients file claims on the policies that MetLife committed frauds to sell.

Ignored conditions include Brain lesions and Multiple Sclerosis, cardiac conditions of many patients, and a foot that a new mother broke in 5 places ! Obama’s DOL and DOJ Directors will not stop MetLife !

In 2008 Obama took $30,000 from MetLife VP James Lipscomb, and $2,600 from attorney Bruce Yannett. 

Lipscomb and Yannett signed the agreement where multiple frauds were admitted. No one was prosecuted. Obama also took hundreds of thousands of dollars from MetLife and the law firm that employs Mr. Yannett !!

Multiple Professor’s quotes prove many insurers are destroying the lives of very sick patients !!

Joseph Belth, Professor Emeritus at Indiana University wrote :

“They’ve turned Erisa on its head,”  “It was supposed to protect employees, and it’s being used to protect insurers.”

That’s a small portion of the evidence I’ve posted at and filed in federal Court as seen at

I believe Obama and Bush’s leaders are as evil as the leaders of the Iranian government !!

william deane

Oct. 13, 2011, 3:34 p.m.

You seem to assume our government is telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Are you sure?  It was just this kind of stuff that lead us into Iraq, a war that a growing majority today find unnecessary.  Remember, we had to stop Niger yellow cake from going to Iraq, before we would be bombed here in the US.

Maybe this isn’t just about Iran.  At some point, the US government will need a premise to conduct military operations inside Mexico.

it seems to me that the feds are making themselfs look good no matter what the whole story is. ex   Hemant Lakhani, Mohamed Mohamud, David Guy McKay and Bradley Neil Crowder, and Bruce Ivins

Walter D. Shutter, Jr.

Oct. 13, 2011, 4:55 p.m.

I’m with John on this one.  It makes no sense any way you look at it.  Not even Tom Clancey would touch this for a story plot.  Forget the crazy Iranians.  Why would the Zetas even touch this for the niggardly
payoff of 1.5 million dollars when the penalty for “success” and subsequent discovery of their role in the matter would at least be Hellfire missle strikes South of the Rio Grand? The Zetas are in business to make money and you can’t make much money dodging Predator drones 24/7. 

I would look more closely at the used car salesman, M. Arbabsiar, and his Zeta “contact”. I think Arababsiar was running a game on the Iranians for some front money.  His Zeta contact, the DEA informant, was probably running a game on his DEA handlers, also for money. 

As for the Justice Deptartment, they probably were looking for rehabilitation after “Fast and Furious.” Arbabsiar would have copped to whatever he thought they wanted to hear.

I will say it now, Fast and furious, Cartels, Iran, Van JOnes, NCP, NBPP,Democrat party, DHS DOJ,  Foreign leaders of all these protests.  IT is all tied together, (perhaps these are Bob Kingsa nd Trumkas , French Union thugs?) ANd the foreign leaders are now calling for violence, the same as Van JOnes has, And Shabizz. has.  Pelosi,  called the demonstrators,  “Spontaneous” She is a liar. Van JOnes new radical org , tax payer funded, Dream CRap. ORG , David PLough, Soros, are all giving these protesters a paychecks,and I have spotted hundreds of union members, and illegals, and brotherhood,  They have their faces covered.

“Western counterterrorism officials say Iranian intelligence has established a growing presence in Latin America, which has large Arab immigrant communities”—- Isn’t this statement is a contradiction since Arabs and Iranian’s don’t exactly play nice together, hence the whole assassination plot to kill an Arab?

No, it is not worth a measly $1.5 million for the Zetas to attract the attention terrorism brings. I think Axel brings up a valid point earlier that this may be about militarizing Mexico more.

The tougher sanction Obama is rolling out with this plot that is tied only to the IRG, which DOES have a history of acting on its own. (though this plot sets of so many BS detectors). If the IRG is going for this ‘one-off’ hit, it is to provoke such starch sanction and keep the status quo in Iran. This comes just after Ahmadinejad made overtures of talks with the US. That alone was huge, and our kneejerk sanctions, evidently tougher than the existing ones, are a questionable foreign relations tactic.

Walter D. Shutter, Jr.

Oct. 14, 2011, 6:16 a.m.

“The more things change, the more they remain the same.”

Can you say “CURVEBALL”?

Too funny. The Obama admin cried wolf too many times.

Shobhan Saxena

Oct. 14, 2011, 7:47 a.m.

It’s Wag the Dog all over again. Every American president has gone out looking for a war, found one and bombed some third world country. Now, Obama is looking for a war he can call his own. That’s why all these allegations of an Iranian plot.

Roger Trozelle

Oct. 14, 2011, 9 a.m.

What doesn’t match?  You say its crazy,  people in power in iran are all crazy…... it matches…

This whole incident seemed fishy right out of the gate.  I had a PolSci prof who told me to always focus on who has the most to gain in these kinds of events, whether they are carried out or not.  The American public already hates Iran and Mexican drug cartels.  What would they have to gain?

Barry Schmittou

Oct. 14, 2011, 11:14 a.m.

Drug money has tremendous control in the world !!

Here’s a quote from England’s Guardian Observer News:

“At the height of the 2008 banking crisis, Antonio Maria Costa, then head of the United Nations office on drugs and crime, said he had evidence to suggest the proceeds from drugs and crime were “the only liquid investment capital” available to banks on the brink of collapse. “Inter-bank loans were funded by money that originated from the drugs trade,” he said. “There were signs that some banks were rescued that way.”

We can be sure the U.S. government is involved including Wachovia laundering $378 Billion for murderous Mexican cartels and Obama prosecuted no one, and as seen in my first comment and by pasting and

Malcolm McLean

Oct. 14, 2011, 12:08 p.m.

Thank you ProPublica - I thought I was the only person that questioned Eric Holders story.

The MSM mindlessly repeated the news fed to them by Eric Holder - and not one bothered to question the story.

I have been posting comments to this story on NPR’s site - but believe it or not - the story vanished from the top news reads of NPR!

So much for government sponsored news!

It seems perfect timing to divert the attention of the media from Holders lies about knowing the ATF’s gun walking scheme - to this.

Barry’s post is excellent - albeit very depressing.

I would not put anything past Holder and Obama to manufacture a situation, use American media as an all too willing accomplice, and try to spin this.

Thanks again PP for being a singular voice of reason out there!

Barry Schmittou

Oct. 14, 2011, 12:17 p.m.

Thank you very much Malcolm !!

I pray often to overcome the depressing reality. I hope everyone will find something that works for them as things get worse. Please see to see many more quotes about the gun running, drug smuggling and money laundering connections to Obama and Holder, and Bush too.

To give credibility to the boy who cried wolf is not only stupid, but possibly criminal, because we don’t know what is behind this curtain that the government hides behind.  And let’s not talk about the hypocrisy to the nth degree of this “democracy” that took the killing of foreign leaders from a crime to an art form, or have we already, how convenient, the 200 times or so that we tried to assassinate Fidel Castro, assassinated Salvador Allende, massacred Chee Guevara, invaded countries, usualy poor and too weaktofend themselves, like Panama, Grenada,Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, deposed Iran’s duly elected for one dictator that could do best our dirty wars and at the same time taking over their natural resources.  And what about the million plus innocent civilians killed for oil and under false-what else is new-pretenses by a wild bunch of cowards that when it was their to serve and show his “patriotism” they decided to run to the ANG, deferments galore, Canada, etc.
I hate to burst the author’s bubble of hypocrisy, but where were you while all of that was happening.  Were you too busy attending a tea party academy?
I have to tell you this, but if it’s criminal, we have done it better.  Just imagine, Japnese soldiers were executed for waterboarding prisoners and now that torture has become our new way of exercing justice and that excuse about “following orders” that didn’t buy the Nazis a second more of life, now is etched in our political DNA.  Please, spare me this the “Sky is falling” tactic.  After the many times tried by the retard pervert from Texas, it should be retired because it has become staled and if ever we lose another war, our enemies will not be as forgiving as our “Christian and democratic” nation is with our war criminals.  Remember, once you open a Pandora’s box, you might not be able to close it back ever.  You have been warned.

Things were a lot simpler back before a special interest could rent members of Congress/members of any Administration/members of any Federal agency.

Nowadays the truth is padded with or obscured by dollar bills.

Why is it that every “terrorist plot” we know of has been
infiltrated buy the Federal police, and seems to have a
lot more Feds involved than “terrorists.”

As for Holder - he couldn’t make a living hustling cases in night court.
Every job he has ever had he got because of who he was and not
because of what he could do.  Hard to figure out if he is
incompetent or just following orders.  Probably both.

And the inside DEA “informant?”  He’s a dead man walking, right?  Now
that his cover has been sacrificed.

‘Humanity in the world’ is almost synonymous with ‘Un-biased Justice System for all of the International communities’.
The meanings of: ‘International communities’ comprising the collective (2 parties) awareness of the 1st party: the Global Public, should not be reflexed as the only awareness of the 2nd party: a community of heads of the international Governments (that only matters officially but nothing else) because, although up until now, the 1st party’s actual voice has remained powerless but by watching the International activities through advanced technologies unlike historical times, the 1st party has been aware of the truth and the actual facts; regardless how transparently or dishonestly its Governments operate. A peaceful solution is now available!
Finally, as I anticipated, for the impatience of negative minds, Mr. Gadhafi’s governmental power in Libya is now under attack for a quick regime change, instead of letting the power be confined in Tripoli only and get vanished slowly in a blend of diplomatic and natural or cosmic way by allowing enough time so that the bad guys of Iran and such other countries could realize how fragile their terrorizing power is! And once succeeded, which is surely possible through very honest diplomacy, many big and small bad powers would soon, in a chain reaction, start to be vanished in the similar (Exampled special diplomatic) ways without too much bloodshed, even at the beginning. I wish, I could show all the US Congressmen (mans) how easy it would be to get rid of bad guys through some very honest and peaceful ways. I was glad while watching all the right moves Mr. Obama was making and then all of a sudden some big mistakes have been done. Certainly, some wide open doors of great opportunities have closed unseen and silently. I just can’t write another 13 pages-explaining the disease and cure.
........... And e.g.: when an impatient walking-school boy is killed by a drunk driver then impatient Governments for securing safety, orders thousands of school buses, billions of dollars costing insurance coverage(s) etc. But is there any real guarantee? How many of the Canadians know that millions of houses in Canada are not covered by costly home insurance policies against earthquakes. Human can spend all the resources of this planet: the Earth to know what is going on inside the closest star: the Sun and yet unable to know how the lighting-power is being generated inside the billions of stars in the sky for millions of years. There is no point to be over exited and spend too much of resources to build a mankind-killing giant bombing machines with tremendous capacity like very common, clever and natural flying insects. Millions of dollars costing these sophisticated giant-insects can shoot fire balls to precisely reach the targets from hundreds of miles away and destroy millions of dollars costing palaces but still not capable of killing just a single targeted man. .......
March 23, 2011 {and surprising the Canadian Public, our peace loving Canada (Our unnecessarily existent: Air force) for the first time has practically begun participating in the offensive, bombing on Libya’s soil last night. Mr. Gadhafi is still alive and legendary actress: T. Elizabeth dies for natural cause. Bombing has begun also in Gaza and Jerusalem. The heinous activities of angry negative mentalities of IAHs of the East and the West are in full swing and as a result, lots of blind but innocent ones (mainly of pure Semitic origins) will perish}.   


Do all these IAHs of the East and crime denying heads of Iran and Saudi-Arabia with religious signboards hung around their faces, really trying to copy those secret things the Western IAHs or invisible actual heads did in the past nasty politics of the old World?

These guys must be ousted from powers peacefully and honestly given at least one chance for taking advantage of our Western generosity and adore Positive thinker and writer: Mr. Obama for his smartness, in getting control of the last few IAHs of the West without imposing cruel punishments on them too, that already has begun to positively change the world politics. (I think most of the writers have limitations in terms of becoming heartless to the humanity.)

If Obama’s leadership can create and establish a new totally impartial UN power, then, World’s resources and wealth will no longer be in the possessions of Billionaires and redistribution will be possible for maintaining minimum standard life style of each member of global public.

To earn international respect of the rapidly growing wise part of the global public, discouraging all the bad powers, including both the human groups in power of Iran and Saudi, that only to remain in power continuing brutal chopping of real human heads in the name of God’s rule (e.g. Last week in Mecca, 8 Bangladeshi petty thieves /foreign workers-earning less than USD$ 1/hr. in a oil-richest country: Saudi Arabia, who didn’t have prior criminal records) without true justice have been brutally beheaded like animals as punishment for accidental killing of one Egyptian guy-whose family demanded just a little more than US$ 1 million for blood-money from 8 poor guys-who’s trips to jobs-abroad cost them their families’ fortune!

Real wise guys should never befriend with heartless criminal minds (regardless, citizens or leaders) or greed blind (of too much luxury) corporate-type group of guys (in oil, religion, politics etc. businesses).

..... oil, religion, politics etc. businesses).

We-the Wise-West for now, must continue to forgive the crimes that have been being committed by the religious belief-blind or stupid egoistic heads of many Governments in the adjacent territories of the Middle Eastern region. None of those heads can be friend(s) with any humanitarian minded western leader unless there are personal gains or interests of filthy oil money. We-the wise ones must now identify the actual guys in control of the power of Countries and never think, in old confusing concept anymore, that a piece of land in the name only can truly represent its public wish but the private desires of very few individuals (if these guys prove themselves to be lacking humanitarian sense, one sane person can imagine what uncontrolled monkeys with sharp knives may do).

For example, we won’t kill a stupid monkey or allow one monkey to kill the other; instead, it would be wise to remove these identified ones from power in a non-violent way or cage them, if they continue to be brutal in current civilized world.


Attached below is an excerpt from a court document I prepared with my poor ability in English words, sometime ago.

It is up to you what you or One allow(s) you to believe or not, get benefited or not, by learning or refusing to learn some ‘down to earth simple facts’ of powers such as: believing, supporting, governing etc. including the complicated hidden reasons of why we need some secret but good and selfless or less-selfish powers. Selfless powers, I understand, can only be used un-biasedly and the best against human dishonesty for betterment of entire humanity on this planet: the Earth.“In order to maintain balance, in this most modern capitalist environment of all the operating governments of the world, there must exist some invisible but honest absolute powers (somewhat of a benevolent dictator type) without which a meaningful and highly beneficial blend of democracy and ‘subtle presence of strict rules of socialism’ is difficult. Every wise mind knows, currently, the US Government is most powerful. But it is imaginable how good and lovingly powerful with global popularity it would become without any trace of low class human negativity in the mind of each congressman. A strong and rich United USA and Canada (AmeriCanda?) probably would immediately appear in the horizon

appear in the horizon of the West to set another better example, on top of Germany’s, of the benefits of merging together and to be followed sooner or later by a world-wide merging of smaller countries. It needs highly intellectual understandings to realize best form of governance and it will be gradually becoming an open secret for individuals-interested in the future world’s better politics.
The ensuing Global Public will, then finally, be able to say: ‘Good Bye’ to the powers of guns-which will also be a farewell to the makers and dealers of arms and unnecessary, too expensive, and barbarian-heroic but senseless mankind killing giant machines. One can imagine a less cruel terrorist without guns. .........
Everything now is different; we have choices, whether one is aware or not. I understand that one side can enjoy only when the other side suffers. That was how the human mind has been originally programmed but still a ‘choice of free will’ or freedom of humans to make choices based on “Cosmic rule of 50%” was given. But now, we-‘the evolved most modern mankind’ have the knowledge of reprograming our minds and play a ‘win-win game’ where none will be defeated to get to the point of becoming victims of inhuman cruelties. Therefore, why should we deprive ourselves from enjoying the advanced-modified forms of feelings, derived from our reciprocal daily interactions with each other, which by adjusting our mindsets, we can have sensations of something like newest pleasurable games? By delaying ‘No harm’ early initiatives and primary stage experimentations of ‘teaching and learning’ while passing time of our lives together, we actually waste unrecoverable opportunities, still being aware of the fact that necessary changes shall take more times without enough public awareness (which have only 50% power though). There’s nothing wrong for humans in trying to boost secularly occurring changing process, even though; for now, it is not convincing enough to be a Cosmic thing.
I had too many clear and real dreams, like subconscious visions in the sleep. One is: in short, …….. the UN, NATO etc. have totally demolished five most famous religious buildings and establishments of the world and as if, inside the televisions, on the streets, everywhere the young generation of the whole world were happily celebrating the destructions of all the ‘out of date’ problematic organizations of the old style politics and now, older generation have no choice but to peacefully stay wherever they happen to be at the time of aerial bombardments and say prayers from own homes. Young generation is very happy on the West and excited because there won’t be any political, religious problems etc. anymore …. .

problems etc. anymore …. .
Another was: ……..a new type of engine has been invented that can be run either by an oily mixture of water and salt-type cheap powder or vegetable oils; and everybody knows that many of the rich guys, sheikhs, kings etc. will become poor because no one is now buying crude oil anymore…. . The thought of this clean dream along with other experiences lead me to believe that the Earth under the Sun shall never run out of oil for energy and that the scientific researches on 350 kilometers above the Earth is only best for electro-communication type purposes; and global warming, Ozone-fears etc. are nothing to be worried about too much and if the world ever runs out of crude oil, fuel etc. human races will still be capable of running all the motors and biggest machines by producing energies from sources such as: sunflower, vegetables, wind-powers, solar-cells, marshes, gases, nuclear or other chemicals etc. (Presently in Bangladesh there is popular trend encouraged by an available cheap modification technology that has guaranteed that almost all the transportation vehicles are going to be run by natural gas very soon) Therefore, we can have an healthy expectation that if the IAHs of the West are selflessly willing, it is possible to drastically lower the price of oil; initially, at the cost of personal monetary losses of a few rich guys of the West and subsequently, many of the Middle East and other oil exporting countries in extensive degrees; that will cause a world-wide fall of numerous oil-power based governments without any violence. For generating a positive global awareness, Medias can play a good role, just like regular propagandas, by circulating healthy ideas based on the following one: “Who knows if the fuel crisis is artificially created; then probably, the more energy we try to burn and emit to the space above our planet the more energy ‘as a very tiny fraction of its known original single source of energy’: the Sun injects back to the Earth and much more oil comes from underneath. May be these kinds of theories of healthy optimism are going to be proven true someday or theories of mysterious free gifts (like crude oil- which is a true fact) of the Omni-powerful Creator which has created countless mysteriously-powerful things and million-trillions of forever burning stars like the Sun will remain unsolvable by limitedly knowledgeable human scientists forever”. The above ideas will create selfless but ‘win-win’ situations even in worst scenarios too; e.g.: without minerals, fossil fuel etc. but with the advanced technologies e.g.: wireless, digital solar devices, wind or solar energies etc. the human race will still be able to smile and live life happily in an excitingly advanced form of old-fashioned natural life styles.
So, why one should allow self to be stricken by own mental negativities or beliefs and unhealthily worry over uncertainty for nothing but induced mental bad images of future? Each head should be elected on the basis of better wisdom through the power of invincible ensuing global public and not selected by money greedy individuals to become IAHs.

... individuals to become IAHs.

And then, when the public of the land (or the would be the same in the ensuing global context) subsequently, discovers (or much later collectively and more strongly) through any of the strange Medias, based absolutely on human aptitude, intuition etc. that the benefits of conquered oil-fields or resources are being (or will be) controlled and distributed through the hands of a few extremely money-greedy individuals of a human families or groups; uprisings still bound to continue in different styles. For the similar reasons, HATRED between the NEW GENERATIONS of Mr. Mohammedan(s) and Mr. David(s) gets renewed instead of getting evaporated with the passing of times….......

The feelings of victory cannot be real happy with the probable presence of suicide bombers nearby, unless we-the wise West, for the purpose of setting globally popular examples, first choose the lands of larger populations with least aggressive mentalities like i.e.: Bangladesh, Indonesia etc. and train some ingenuous and indigenous individuals to be leaders of local origins chosen from the local public of the land and get them elected as government heads (and never like Mr. K. Hamid of Afghanistan or Mr. J. Aristide of Haiti etc.) in open secret manners by using the smart Medias of the West and let the whole world watch what type of developments in the third world the really good Governments are capable of making happen.
A sensational ‘flood of cordially welcoming’ with ‘wide-open-arms’ of the generosities of the West, will be generated globally. (With an honorable great purpose of generating world-wide awareness and good conscience: Cheap Cell phones, with temporarily unlimited global usage plans issued by some non-profit government organizations of the West with minimum charges for using the services accompanied by free unlimited educational shows, advertisements, entertainments etc., will be able to play a major role in the peaceful transition of the world to be an overwhelmingly better place of uncontrollable multiculturalism and happy co-existence than ever observed earlier.)
..... If similar dishonest acts of manipulations be practiced in the offices of Western governments or United Nations’ official activities then, e.g.: an apparently harmless walkout of a Arabian or Canadian or US delegation from the UN meeting can easily be viewed or interpreted by the Global Public or opponents as an ‘act of gross civil or public disobedience in the global context’ and the by-product thereof: the hatred of defeated side (opponents) will never diminish. Friendships on purpose cannot be true friendships. Without true friendship a real happy and peaceful atmosphere is impossible! None can feel happiness in an unfriendly neighborhood! Friendships between countries actually are friendships between human heads and their minds. For example: if I, suddenly declare one of my yesterday’s friends to be an enemy today because of his or her doing bad things to his or her subjects in the ways as I usually do to my subjects; then, how it is possible for all the other friends to keep their friendly faiths or trusts on me that tomorrow I won’t betray their trusts too? (That’s one of the ugliest human characters.)
I think the above ‘big problem of lacking wisdom’ is .......

I think the above ‘big problem of lacking wisdom’ is a reason of our (the Western) failure to play the deserved “globally welcoming leading roles” and also a cause of our inability to control the global unrests and now, at least, ‘We-the West’ can do better by selflessly initiating a new system of positive changing and making sure gradually to get rid of negatively motivated mentalities or dishonest ‘IMSs’ (invisible middle sources) and ‘IAHs’ (invisible actual heads) from our ‘top level government offices’, and ‘future top level foreign delegations’.
How do the IMSs work? Yes, secretively of course! That’s why except few heads or individuals none of the neighboring Canadian or American good guys had any idea about how the twin tower’s demolition works of 9/11were accomplished by silent and invisible joint efforts of several types of IMSs of unfamiliar back grounds. ....
And we can’t doubtlessly say that ‘he is lying’ because surely there are presence of al-Qaeda’s or some sort of IMSs of neighboring Taliban’s or Islamic IAHs too, which are capable of secretly creating grand chaotic things further away even in the soil of USA. As a part of the helplessly watching conscious but mute international community, ‘the actual global public’ is already aware of the open secret that regardless of the origins of IAHs-‘all of them’ often have one unique purpose, just like the mentalities of negatively too greedy or vindictive individuals with morbid morale to ‘put the blame of secretly (by hook or by crook) committed own crimes on the apparently rivaling groups instead of their own people. This is an ever-deplorable practice of the old styled governance or diplomacy-now automatically or somehow (cosmically?) has been placed under pressure to be discontinued at this time of developed easy communication and information technologies.
......... it will be good for my fellow Canadians and the North American public to learn the true facts about itself that ‘the public’ is virtually a foolish mob or sometimes totally non-existent physically but an abstract image only and when such images (for example: ‘in a form of a “one-man” of the public’ appearing live in the TV screen and emotionally declaring things e.g.: “I love my country!” instead of more clearly expressing his feelings in words such as: “I love myself living my life in this beautiful world”) apparently become existent for the personal benefits or ambitions of IAHs, the powerless actual sufferers (Local or Global Public-even when addressed by different names such as ‘International community’, ‘My Brothers’, ‘Our citizens’ etc.) are prone to be easily fooled by the IMSs or ‘a few secret organized heads’. Another finding becomes understandable at the same time that the IAHs have secret rivals too, therefore, keeping secret tracks on the competitors is a must and that is why Mr. Saddam was dancing in Iraq when the mankind killing debris of expired twin towers were falling on the innocent and unaware public of New York City. Similarly, e.g.: when clarinets get played in a party of foreign policy makers in USA over victories on Arabs, its percussions can be heard far away in Israel. Such simple funny things [e.g.: Israel was so far unseen or apparently inactive but today, Mar 17, 2011 in North American TV show: Mr. Morgan’s Twitter, the interview of .....
To me, an angry head of an army man means bombings. Education may guaranty certificate but not wisdom and finding the ‘two in one’ is rare. That’s why typically the seasonal heads (elected by majority of the blind public) may lack certifications (wisdom too) and the bureaucratic heads may lack wisdom. Regardless whether the IAHs of the East or the West; they themselves do not kill by their own hands or directly commit crimes, they get the jobs done by the fools: motivated emotionally by the beliefs (holy books) or other gains (by money etc.). I am sure that like Mr. Netanyahu, most of the current heads of the West are good guys with higher educational certifications and degrees but before acting revengefully how they can identify, recognize and then kill the actual perpetrators-which must be either the shooters or the IAHs of the Arabs. STOP! It is wise to set free one criminal instead of blind killings of shelter provider: thousands of blinds but innocents.
(On Dec 8, 2009 and on ward, I received disturbing threats directly by invisible parties; and I think such things are very mean if some get killed by the ‘never to be found or caught’-IMSs of IAHs of any secret organizations and/or Semites or anti-Semites, because both the IAHs of the East and West are dishonestly habituated to indicate simultaneously at each other as the perpetrators of the crime or injustice by creating further confusions for all and thereby ‘long-lasting-fuming’ anger against each other).

Liam L'Heureux

Oct. 16, 2011, 11:36 a.m.

So this paid government informant is not another “Whitey Bulger?”

I would read & you might see thru the knee deep crap set up by our own politicans and their lack of giving a damn about the USA just as the MSM does! 1934 congress set up the ESF & now in 2011 the Eurpeans have their own form of the ESF. All the politicans know to do is start more trouble that they then can say this a good reason to bomb the hell out of people for no reason except they get rich off of owning shares in the companies that sell the new state of the art weapons.

Michael M. Pixley

Oct. 19, 2011, 5:24 p.m.

Further to my earlier comments….I do not see this plot as particularly complicated, at least on this side of the Atlantic.  The article suggests that the Zetas would not be inclined to conduct such an operation.  That is probably true.  The point, however, is that Arbabsiar was not in contact with the Zetas:  he was speaking with a DEA informant.  Secondly, the point is made that one suspect, Arbabsiar was ‘inexperienced’ and not a ‘hardened criminal.’  Those points are also, I believe, true but they beg the question.  It was not Arbabsiar who would have carried out the attack: it would have been the Zetas (had they known about it, of course, which they did not).  All Arbabsiar had to do was hand over the money and that does not require any particular skills.  From the viewpoint of Tehran, it was a reasonably safe plan.  If it worked, score a point for Iran.  If it did not, all they have lost is US$1.5 million.
    What I find most interesting (and probably impossible to understand at the moment) are the implications for Iranian domestic politics. At the moment President Mahmud Ahmadinejad is at loggerheads with Ayatollah Khamenei.  Is it possible this scheme was, at least in part, concocted by the Qods Force in order to embarrass Ahmadinejad?  Was it, perhaps instead, designed to strike back against the Saudis due to their support for the ruler of Bahrayn (at the expense of the Shia population there)?  I simply do not know.  One thing I do suspect…this is going to be an interesting year.

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