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‘Burn the Data’: Did a Company Try to Hide Risks of MRI Dye Omniscan?

A groundbreaking trial over GE Healthcare’s imaging dye Omniscan reveals new evidence that a rare but terrible side effect might have been downplayed. GE says the evidence is being twisted and that it acted ethically.


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March 7: This post has been updated to incorporate a response from GE.

In 1994, a scientist studying her company's new medical imaging dye reached troubling findings. Her boss, she recalls, told her to "burn the data."

That alleged request surfaced this week in a groundbreaking trial over the dye, which is injected into patients to sharpen MRI scans and has been owned since 2004 by GE Healthcare. At issue is whether GE did enough to protect patients from a rare but devastating side effect of the dye: a disease that causes large areas of the skin to become thick and hard. ProPublica investigated the dye in 2009 and 2010, revealing that GE ignored the advice of its own safety experts to "proactively" restrict its use.

GE's lawyer, John Fitzpatrick, didn't dispute the request to burn the data in his opening statement to the jury on Tuesday. But after this story was published, the company told ProPublica that the scientist's boss denies having told her to destroy data. Fitzpatrick also confirmed that an outside researcher will testify that he would not have published a study stating the dye was safe if he had been shown certain internal company research.

But Fitzpatrick insisted that GE's accusers were twisting such evidence to falsely impugn the company and wrongly suggest that it had endangered patients. He insisted GE had always acted ethically with regard to the dye, known as Omniscan.

After settling several hundred other cases out of court over the last several years, GE went to trial this week in federal court in Cleveland — the first opportunity for the drug's history to be fully aired. The plaintiff, Paul Decker, 61, contends that he contracted the skin ailment, known as nephrogenic systemic fibrosis, because of an injection of Omniscan in 2005. He was diagnosed in 2010.

His lawyer, Christopher Tisi, told jurors that Decker's skin feels like wood or granite, and that he "has a really hard time doing most anything." Tisi asked the jury to hold GE accountable for repeatedly ignoring the drug's problems by returning a verdict of more than $12 million.

Fitzpatrick maintained that GE and predecessor companies that sold Omniscan did all they could to ensure the safety of what he said was a "wonderful product" that had "saved millions of lives." GE also issued a statement to ProPublica defending its actions and emphasizing the benefits of Omniscan.

So-called contrast agents such as Omniscan help radiologists obtain sharper images from MRI scans. The agents contain a toxic metal, gadolinium, but they are bonded with a protective coating to keep the gadolinium inert. The drug is normally filtered out through the kidneys without causing any harm. The skin ailment — which can also stiffen internal organs such as the heart and lungs, causing death — has mainly been confined to patients with kidney disease, which Decker suffered from.

GE Healthcare acquired Omniscan in 2004 when it purchased a U.K. company. The first association between Omniscan and the skin disease was disclosed in 2006.

In 2010, the FDA banned the use of Omniscan and two other contrast agents in patients with severe kidney disease. There have been no new cases of the skin disease in recent years.

The heart of the dispute is whether GE hid Omniscan's problems.

Tisi argued that internal studies decades ago showed problems, putting up a "big yellow light." But the company that then owned the dye, he said, went "forward fast" to put it on the market. The drug was approved for sale in the U.S. in 1993. Fitzpatrick said the company's research submitted to the FDA was the "gold standard."

Later, Tisi went on, one company researcher, Karen Saebo, was told to "burn the data" because the results were not favorable and would need to be submitted to the FDA.

Fitzpatrick countered that Saebo never destroyed her data and, in fact, turned in her report. In earlier testimony, which was shown by video to the jury on Wednesday, Saebo said that the alleged request by her boss left her "terrified" that she would be fired. Still, she did not follow the directive and retained the data.

After this story was published, a GE spokesperson sent an email to ProPublica stating that "the manager clearly denies that Dr. Saebo was ever told to burn data” and that it was the manager "who properly saved and produced this information."

Fitzpatrick acknowledged that another research report done for the company had not been disclosed, but he argued that it had no clinical significance. "The evidence will be that we didn't hide a thing," except for not submitting two rat studies, he said. GE, Fitzpatrick argued, had always been "ethical and responsible" in warning about the dye's problems.

Tisi had another example for the jury: a study done for the company that owned the dye in the 1990s.

For that study, researchers collected all the gadolinium excreted through the kidneys. But after three weeks they were still missing about 25 percent of the gadolinium that had been injected into the body. The company reassured the researchers that there was nothing to worry about, Tisi said, and that the missing gadolinium had been sweated out.

The researchers went ahead and published their study, which concluded that Omniscan was safe and effective. But, the lawyer for Decker said, the authors later withdrew their paper after learning that they had not been shown "secret studies" revealing some of Omniscan's problems, such as an animal study showing skin changes.

Fitzpatrick, in response, acknowledged that one of the authors will tell the court he would not have published the study had he seen an animal study. But the GE lawyer also said that the missing gadolinium was "no secret" and that the scientist did not disavow his fundamental finding that the drug was safe for the patient.

Another point of contention is whether Omniscan's owners acted properly when serious problems in patients first began to emerge in the early 2000s.

Tisi acknowledged that those cases were not known at the time to be the debilitating skin disease, nephrogenic systemic fibrosis, or NSF, that his client suffers from. But he maintained that those early cases were severe enough to have prompted significant action, such as changing the label or reformulating the drug to make it safer.

A label warning about the disease was not added until 2007, after the FDA pressed all makers of gadolinium-based imaging dyes to highlight the risk to patients with kidney disease.

Fitzpatrick said that at the time of Decker's MRI scan in 2005, months before the link between contrast agents and the disease was first disclosed in 2006, the company was already warning doctors of possible side effects. The package insert noted that "caution should be exercised in patients with renal impairment." Tisi said that was not enough.

In pretrial motions, presiding judge Dan Aaron Polster has barred or limited some of GE's scientific testimony concerning the causes of NSF, which the company maintains has not been conclusively shown to be caused by Omniscan. The manual used by radiologists says that exposure to gadolinium contrast agents is a necessary factor in the development of the disease.

Judge Polster also denied Decker's attempt to recover punitive damages.

Gasp!  GE covering for dangerous design to turn a quick buck?  Unheard of!

Oh, no, wait.  That happens all the time, and in cases that are a slightly bigger deal than MRI dyes:

I try not to think about what their refrigerators did to my food, growing up.  Probably injected them with lead paint, based on their track record.

abinico warez

March 7, 2013, 4:55 p.m.

Yet another good reason to dump or dramatically change the protections inherent to a corporation. Need to make investors at least partially liable - that way they will do a lot more investigating before getting involved.

Fitzgerald/Fitzpatrick mixup in the 3rd paragraph

not just GE, but Bayer, Bracco, Mallingckrodt, Covidien. I have Gadolinim in my blood and skin detected by Mayo medical labs Jan 2012, last MRI with Contrast was Dec 2010 and Sept 2010 skin sores began in July 2011. this is a painful condition and skin burning and sores, R arm contracture, kidney dysfunction stage 3, the VA knew the kidney function was 45 and sCr was 1.3 but never discussed this with me, the university knew kidney function was declining from above 60 and tried to avert this diagnosis. it affects lungs and heart, diaphragm, breathing, feel intense heat, vision changes, glares/pain,  extreme fatigue, muscle pains, bone pain, ribs/hips, and have ana antibodies,  connective tissue disorders, increased dermal mucin. the ssa gov has a diagnostic code, compassionate allowance information
DI 23022.835 Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis, which says you do not need kidney dysfunction for this to occur. 
It can mimic numerous other diseases, such as Cystic Fibrosis.
my opinion,  but, it can occur in kidney dysfunction stages 3, 4 and 5!
burning , itching skin,, red dark areas on the sin skin thinckening, edema, loss of flexibility and severe limitations in movement at the joints of the ankles, knees, feet, arms, wrists,  and hands, and raised yellow spots on eyes,, Fibrosis, (thickening) involving internal organs, including the lungs, with reduced diffusing carbon monoxide)  , diaphragm with respiratory failure, myocardium, pericardium and pleura has been reported. affects males and females in approx equal numbers. may occur in children and middle aged adults.

It occurs in nearly anyone who’s had contrasted MRI injections and the MRA imaging used 3x the mri dose, there is a current clinical trial sponsered by Bayer, NCT 01544166 ongoing, this is for newborns to age 2, it is not approved for under age 2 by the FDA.

‘The FDA recognizes this devasting condition, it is not allergy to new soaps, clothes, foods, drugs, it’s not an allergy,  skin sores , muscle pains, bone pain, are not normal with hx of gadolinium use even once, don’t be fooled. this is a cruel, progressive disease and you know how you feel.  get skin biopsy done , serial biopsies, FDA BLACKBOX warning, all raddocs know about this, the techs do, except some nurses for some reason, guess they will report sx if they get this devastating disease. it’s painful. how do I know?  Magnevist, Multihance maybe? VA’s use magnevist on me.

see mayomedical laboratories com search G for Gadolinum, there is NO cure. This is wrong,immoral and cruel .

GE is a non profit arm of nbc and owns propublica last I knew. GE also has a company with Microsoft, Caradigm.  see nanoparticles and fda nanoparticles and Biodistribution of gadolinium based contrast agents-including gadolinium deposition ,

http://www.ncbi/  7 pages,  see dermatopathologists.

, there are more than the 350+cases at yale, the mfgrs have 1000’s of cases and they used people. Gadolinium is used in CDs, computers and powere plants, it can increase metabolism, has no biological function in the human body. It dechelates /separates from the chelate. zinc , copper and calcium causes retention of it and it stays in the body, dialysis will not remove it, not even 3 treatments of it, it s still used on end stage renal patients,    no reason for this. NONE.

Janet Adelfio

March 7, 2013, 9:15 p.m.

GE knew it was unsafe. Sold it to the fda and hospitals with known safety data issue and body retention.  So, GE retains the money and the patients retain the Gadolinium? Is this how it works? Gadolinium metal is the basic toxin and deadly to humans and animals.
Keep it in your power plants. Leave people alone. You’re going to lose on this GE, Covidian, Mallingckrodt, Bayer. YOU leave those kids and babies alone, you cannot harden the human body for war. You cannot “build a better soldier”. It’s been tried with Retin A, to harden skin for wartime,  well, Retin A causes mucin in the skin. This continual denial and threats to damage US citizens and with the Gadovist attempting to be sold in Europe because they are an easy research group in desperate need of medical care, might submit to the MRI and deadly injections. Pu injections/tracking wasn’t enough in pre WWII?  Just couldn’t quit. You use the same tracking methods then as you do now. Only more evil.  SoB’s. Lot involved in my case. hitting my car at walgreens while printing pics of NYAS Fourth Annual NSF conference 13 Sept 2010 e briefing. 

wow, what are you scared of?  going broke? You deserve too, every last penny.

I’d like to do your next MRI/MRA contrast injections and wait and laugh at you, too. see about Univ of NC Duke , president, this happened to her, too.

Janet, you are raving like a lunatic.  You act like everyone who is injected with omniscan gets NSF.  I have seen thousands of injections without a single case.  That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist, just that it is exceedingly rare.  There is virtually nothing that you can put in your body that doesn’t have some risk.

patrick: don’t even try it. I have proof. It’s not just Omniscan buddy, it’s Magnevist, Multihance, and the FDA knows it and it’s online on their sites, the FDA BLACKBOX WARNINGS. I have it in my skin and brain and bones and my body. IT DOES NOT ELIMINATE in the time it the fkgmfgr says. THIS IS A LIE. It’s a nanoparticle and meant to stay in the body. It’s ferromagnetic. STOP denying this. THE SSA has a disease code on this MAN MADE disease. BACK OFF PATRICK>
It’s true and in this case the truth hurts those injected with this metal. This DOES NOT BELONG in the body. SEE Fourth Annual NSF Conference 13 Sept 2010 esp Jack Gaudie’s slides and the one that says “if it’s in them, we put it there”.  I have every reason to tell the truth and I will continue to tell the truth. I have gadolinium in my body. contrasted MRI was 1993 US Army, 1997 Civilian, 2004 Civilian, 2007 still looking for that one, 2008 Multihance, 2010 Sep and Dec MAGNEVIST VA. July 2011 skin sores to this day, muscle pains, deep bone pain R ribs, trouble walking, talking , “meningioma” which is really on the dura where the damn metal set up. Vision changes aka “fuchs corneal dystrophy” I don’t have that, eye hemorrhages, measured hypertension, R arm pain, contracture. balance problems with documented falls, decreased kidney function known to them at all MRI facilities, they gave it anyway and never told me, never. oh and the lung problems/diaphramatic pain, like a ROPE Around my chest for years and the KNIFE STABBING PAIN in my R side. Bone pain.
BACK off Patrick. we know they lie about the dose, type and frequency and all the deaths and attys involved with Cowper. I’ve seen a legal firm listed on his pathmax site and they are complicit with this horrific MANMADE DISEASE. YOU GOT THAT? people that deny this are the lunatics, crazies and criminals in this society.  go FIND yourself. and maybe the truth about injecting metal into people, this has not stopped since the Pu Files and tracking people , HAS IT.  you cannot harden the bones, skin for national defense, Iphones or controlling the brain.  It’s a ferromagnetic nanoparticle. BACK off Patrick , you most likely work for THEM. The dose/drug MAKES THE POISON> YOU are the poison just like your lies.

so, the MRI’s are ordered after the xrays and CT scans with contrasts destroy the DNA in our cells, 67% in 1mS and radiation , diagnostic and “therapy” causes fibrosis as does the notorious Iodine scans and all the drugs that increase the QT interval, slows the heart rate, decreased perfusion to the brain, lungs, kidneys and skin and over time, the body just can’t handle it and organ failure and death ensues. The ACHRE report and the ICRP and all “researcher docs” mad scientists have known this for years what xrays and CT do to the body.
Like I said, RADIOLOGISTs have an IMAGE problem and I wish they would disappear along with their invisible light spectrum and 120kV.
Read that as KILL VOLTS.  xrays , CT and GAMMAS are HIGH ENERGY PHOTONS AND are deadly to our DNA and our lives. Imagine that! Every person should read what xrays , CTs and the contrasts do to our bodies and what GADOLINUM Does to our bodiesa nd the babies, who will grow up with this metal embedded in their growing bones, brains, eyes, kidneys,lungs and skin and more, those 50 kids around the country in the Bayer NCT 01544166 sponsored by BAYER who knows it is not approved by the FDA for pediatrics under 2 yrs old but will be given the “standard dose” which is 1mmol/kg, same as adults get, yet with MRA is 3x that dose, if documented as such.
You’re all the same.

GE’s product is the least stable of all the gadolinium based contrasting agents and they have the most cases of all the manufacturers in the MDL 1909.  Their product is not safe and should be taken off the market.

You do not need to have kidney disease to get this disease.  The name should be changed from nephrogenic systemic fibrosis to gadolinium-induced systemic fibrosis.  Gadolinium does not belong in the human body and is toxic in its free state according to Judge Polster’s ruling.  It is assumed that gadolinium that remains in the body is in its free toxic state.  Many people are sick from their product and the other GBCAs and how GE can defend marketing this product is beyond comprehension. 

Thank you Jeff Gerth for writing this article.  Do you know how many bolus doses of Omniscan have been administered?

It is about time a case went to trial.  I hope this is just the beginning of the evidence being brought to light that has been suppressed by GE.

GE does not bring good things to life.  GE has ruined my life with their product which they knew was not fit to be injected into humans.

Hope you got the articles, you should contact me unless you are a troll. Gad is used in uterine ablation ,1996, when is when I got really sick with respiratory problems and had skin sores/rash for 6 months and “asthma”. CF is a cover story for this crime. Gad is more nephrotoxic than iodine, which is also neurotoxic and can cause brain swelling and neurological problems. FDA 17 advisory committee voted to allow this poison to be given to newborns and infants under 2. so far they have left preemies alone.  Last RESORT Plot on the American People. Such a horrific crime,  see Secret Agents: Tracking the Imaging Contrasts, article , I have the full listing. wonder why others have not posted on this terrible situation, so many affected and deceived.

Darlene Knolle

March 10, 2013, 8:24 a.m.

My husband received the dye in 2004 and died September, 2010. On the death certificate on Line One shows cause of death NSF.  He suffered a great deal for years.  His body like stone. Wanting to help others he requested an autopsy. His request granted.  Darlene Knolle

It’s not a dye. It’s METAL.  It does not belong in the body. They know this. Gadolinium is metal, it’s magnetic. It can be heated or cooled to extreme temperatures for tumor/polyp or tissue ablation and other uses.

Why isn’t the FDA looking into whether or not GE’s predecessor Nycomed lied to them or withheld information before the product was approved?  If it was supplements or light therapy or chelation they would be all over them forcing them to say light therapy manufacturers only have clearance and is not approved by the FDA.  Thanks FDA for regulating a product that does no harm and actually helps with pain.  The FDA is a weak organization that caters to big pharmaceutical companies likely because they hope to get a job when they leave government work.  We should demand that the FDA look into this.  Omniscan costs the government billions if not trillions in additional healthcare costs and disability because those poisoned by their product mostly end up on Medicare, Medicaid and SSDI or all three when it should be GE picking up the tab for poisoning the patient population.  The FDA needs to do their job and investigate the allegations in the lawsuit.  If GE’s predecessor committed fraud upon the FDA it is up to them to document it and warn the public.  Instead they sit idly by and do nothing while ProPublica hands them the information on a silver platter. 

Also the Inspector General of the DHHS should get involved as well as this faulty product is costing tax payers billions if not trillions in additional disability and health care costs.

been down this road before, nycomed knew what it did to people, Kodak was in there as it’s used in film development. YOU know that , Marcie. You know the entire history. I’m very concerned about the 4000+ clinical “trials” read experiments giving this to infants who will grow up with it in their bones and skin and brains and not be able to function but will have infinite health problems as this metal fibroses the lungs, kidneys, dura lining of the brain, the eyes, even uterine fibroids. Fibrosis is the enemy of health.

Hello, I have Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis, my kidney function is normal, they poisoned us with a heavy metal gadolinium. Get out of that market.

According to the judge’s Memorandum of Opinion and Order in Paul Decker et al., against GE Healthcare, Inc., et al., “only the FDA gets to determine whether the manufacturer committed fraud or misrepresentation.
“The rule is that a manufacturer of an FDA-approved drug is not liable for punitive damages unless the manufacturer fraudulently withheld from the FDA material and relevant information or the manufacturer misrepresented such information to the FDA. O.R.C. § 2307.80(C)(1)(a).  But there is another obstacle: only the FDA gets to determine whether the manufacturer committed fraud or misrepresentation.
[I]n short, a punitive-damages claim for an FDA-approved drug is allowed under Ohio law only if the FDA has made a finding of either fraud or misrepresentation. There is no such finding here.”

GE dodged a bullet and because the FDA sits by and does nothing the taxpayers are going to pick up the bulk of the cost for the poisoning of the patient population.  This is a perfect example of GE privatizing the profits and socializing the losses as if poisoning people weren’t bad enough.

Marcie, there might be an angle to work, there, if you’re pursuing this sort of idiocy:  It turns out that the FDA uses a lot of contractors to do the actual approval, and many are…a bit lax.

Ask your favorite web browser who “Truper Dawg” and “April Phuls” are.

Thanks for the words of encouragement and idiocy is a good word to use in the context of getting the FDA to do their job.  We have to start somewhere though and I think health insurers have a lot at stake here as well because when people are sick from GE’s nuclear reactor meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi Plant or from their toxic product Omniscan that they have injected millions of times into the patient population it is the health insurance companies or the government that are going to pay because there are negative externalities to our health for both.

We are so screwed if people don’t start understanding what is at stake so I appreciate your sarcasm.

Jury has just found GE liable and awarded the Deckers $5 Million.

fiercebiotech writes GE just got FDA approval for heart imaging,
this uses 3x the gadolinium dose as the Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan. Stop the experiments, “trials”. Stop making innocent people ill with “mystery diseases”. Stop it, go back to your nazi roots.

I had a tumor in my throat.  I turned this merde down. Caught hell from my surgeon, ENT.  He actually asked me “Who is in charge of your treatment?”

I told him, this was fee for service medicine, and he was an advisor.  I took on information, (what I read, what he told me) and made my own decisions.

Good thing.  The new generation of MRIs are being designed to utilize no gadolinum. think that’s an accident?

Om the meantime, all thos extant systems need to be kept in action.  Bills to be paid. 

Primum Non Nocere.  First, do no Harm. The premier portion of the Hippocratic Oath.

Especially not for money…...

MRIs are not being made for use without gad, they just reformulate it, don’t believe them, this is criminal. The alternatives they’ve tried is manganese, blueberry juice and ferridex. The point is, NEVER be injected, ingest in any form, liquid, solid, pill or biological or topical any metal or enhancer to absorb in the skin. Read history, Radiation experiments, the tactics are the same now as then ,  deceive the person into accepting dangerous “medical care” under the guise of poisoning them to see the effects, deny you know what is wrong with them or say you are getting the best treatment, but we don’t know what is wrong with you and then take numerous specimens,track the person throughout their painful and stolen life and pass them around to other doctors, when they don’t die or they meet the experimental endpoint as in “clinical trials”  enroll them in another study, label them as former research patient, or if they are done with one study as a prelude to another, set them up all over again for more hell. When the person wises up and stops taking the poison from these evil monsters and they are evil, not advancing humanity in any manner, your health may improve. Read The Treatment by Martha Stephens 2002 and The Pu Files by Eileen Welsome, the tactics are the same. Don’t let these monsters steal profits or YOUR life! they will, Don’t be their slaves and don’t let them use you or your family or friends. They are EVIL enemies of humanity and life.  they already have micro CT and micro MRI machines and they use dual eneryg, read Medical Technology Springer and more,  Stay away from radiation scans and mri scans, all high energy ELECTRICITY scans are a major cause of illness and death. They know this!  YOU are in charge of your treatment, but they cause the harm.  see radiobiology, dna repair systems, effects of electromagnetic radiation on human tissue.  these monsters spare no one but themselves. first do no harm is just a ploy to get you in their greedy evil hands and then, SECOND, they HARM or MAIM people. they don’t care if it’s children or animals or the food we eat.

Just found this article.  I have been battling symptoms since March 07.  One month after having heart Cath done,  my hands fingers skin starting itching terribly.  They had increased my atenolol, my MD thought that was the cause. Skin began to harden. Finally in January 09 I was diagnosed with Systemic Scleroderma.
I have read research stating the DYE used in heart caths and mri’s cause this.  This article reassures the facts.

Carolyn you likely don’t have Systemic Scleroderma.  I also have a differencial of scleroderma with increased dermal mucin but you won’t get a diagnosis in my opinion because GE and the other manufacturers paid for the diagnostic guidelines.  See below for information regarding the industry funded diagnostic guidelines. 

This is written on the front page of the report entitled: Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis: Clinicopathological definition and workup recommendations

“This project was coordinated by ACR Image Metrix, an American College of Radiologyeownedcompany. Funding for theproject was
provided to ACR Image Metrix equally by the following organizations: Bayer HealthCare, Bracco, Covidien, and GE HealthCare.”

don’t listen to marcie j serena or sharon h, she works for them as some type of distractor or investigator or is just terribly obsessed or misguided. She cannot diagnose NSF, but she sure will tell you she has it and SHE DOES NOT. she will try to sell you phoney chelation creams which she says works in 45”.  she has a phony support group.
I know because I’ve met her.
ge did not pay for the diagnostic guidelines.  the metal is used for brain/nerve studies and other passive types of rfid and magnetic ion channel/controls in the body. it can be used in all types of surgeries.modalities, as in gel/liquids/creams and more. and because it’s magnetic it retains heat/cold and affects magnetic ion channels in the body, can be implanted as gadolinium seeds or used to attach to molecules in the body as nanoparticles because thats what it is. It does not belong in the body! This toxin is part of the long clinical trials, read EXPERIMENT phase IV on the public and babies and it’s morally wrong. Phase IV does not require consent, they used the public and don’t care who suffers or dies to advance their immoral pursuit of “science”. It’s very painful in the bones and movement of the body.

It doe causes fibrosis in all tissues, dura mater, eyes, heart/lungs/kidneys and affects the function and electrical activity that the body cannot function against the scar tissue and the body shuts down and dies.. Contact any atty for nephrogenic systemic fibrosis,  you don’ t need the skin biopsy to prove it, but it helps.  it’s painful and there is no cure.

see ssa gov nephrogenic systemic fibrosis, it affects the lungs, skin, muscles and breathing, skin sores can be symmetrical, it affects the heart muscle, dura mater in the brain. .

Anne’s post above appears to be a personal attack against me and further it is not accurate.

This article is part of an ongoing investigation:

Omniscan: Specter of MRI Disease Haunts General Electric

A rare disease linked to MRI scans has left GE fending off claims of liability.

The Story So Far

General Electric is in a liability fight over a rare and sometimes fatal disease that has been linked to a dye used for MRI scans, with a preponderance of cases involving a GE product called Omniscan.

The disease, nephrogenic systemic fibrosis, or NSF, isn’t fully understood, but nearly all cases have involved patients with kidney problems who were injected with MRI contrast agents.

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