Specter of MRI Disease Haunts General Electric

General Electric is in a liability fight over a rare disease that has been linked to dyes used in MRIs. Nearly all cases of the disease, nephrogenic systemic fibrosis, have involved people with kidney problems who used the dyes, but GE says there is no proof that its product, Omniscan, causes the crippling illness.

GE Failed to Adequately Warn about Dangers of its MRI Dye, Jury Finds

A jury awarded $5 million to a patient and his wife after it found GE Healthcare didn’t adequately warn patients and doctors about the risk of its imaging dye, Omniscan. It was the first case involving the dye to go to trial.

'Burn the Data': Did a Company Try to Hide Risks of MRI Dye Omniscan?

A groundbreaking trial over GE Healthcare's imaging dye Omniscan reveals new evidence that a rare but terrible side effect might have been downplayed. GE says the evidence is being twisted and that it acted ethically.

Late Settlement Averts First Jury Test For Allegations Against General Electric’s Omniscan

The last-minute deal keeps confidential company documents that could shed new light on claims that GE’s drug, used to enhance MRIs, caused a crippling disease in patients with bad kidneys and that the company hid its risks

General Electric Faces First Jury Test in Omniscan Litigation

An elderly Minnesota woman and her husband claim General Electric hid the risks of the company’s MRI drug Omniscan, causing her to contract a crippling disease.

FDA Acts to Restrict GE’s Omniscan MRI Drug, and Two Others

In a setback for GE Healthcare, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced new labeling requirements that ban use of the contrast agent Omniscan and two other drugs in patients with severe kidney disease, who could be at risk of a crippling and fatal disease.

Omniscan: The Story So Far

GE Violated Danish Drug Reporting Law in Omniscan Case

Danish drug regulators concluded in a ruling last month that GE's health care unit failed to promptly and completely inform regulators about a patient who died after experiencing adverse effects from the company's MRI drug Omniscan. Though that's a violation of Danish law, the regulators said the statute of limitations had expired and they wold pursue no further action.

Judge Opens Door to Case Against General Electric’s Omniscan

A ruling by a Cleveland judge will allow most of the plaintiffs' expert witnesses to testify about the MRI drug Omniscan. The ruling covers hundreds of lawsuits against General Electric’s health care unit.

GE’s Own Safety Team Urged Company to Restrict MRI Drug

GE Healthcare ignored the advice of its own safety experts to “proactively” restrict the use of its imaging drug, Omniscan, after reports in Europe linked the drug to a potentially crippling disease, according to a newly unsealed order in a lawsuit against the company.

GE and Muzzled Radiologist End UK Libel Case

GE Healthcare and a Danish radiologist have settled a British libel suit in which GE claimed that the radiologist had made damaging statements about GE's MRI imaging drug Omniscan. The suit had raised questions about whether British libel laws were so strict they impede free speech.

Paulson Book: Behind the Scenes, GE’s Top Exec Confided Credit Woes

In private conversations that alarmed then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, Immelt laid out a different picture of GE’s credit situation, according to Paulson’s new book about the crisis

GE Suit Hushes Scientist Critical of Omniscan

GE is suing a radiologist for defamation in England, citing his descriptions of adverse reactions to GE's MRI drug Omniscan, which has been linked to serious injuries to patients with kidney disease. The suit is fueling a debate over British libel laws, which have been seen as draconian toscientists.

FDA Advised to Tighten Restrictions on GE and Covidien MRI Drugs

After a daylong hearing, an FDA advisory panel recommends effectively banning the use of GE’s Omniscan and Covidien’s Optimark in patients with severe kidney disease. The MRI contrast agents have been linked to a rare but often crippling disease, nephrogenic systemic fibrosis.

Feds May Tighten Rules on Omniscan, a GE MRI Drug

GE's imaging drug Omniscan and two other similar MRI drugs may face stiffer regulation after an FDA study indicates they might be riskier for patients with kidney disease.

Specter of MRI Disease Haunts GE

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