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Chart: Iraqi Translators, a Casualty List

The following spreadsheet, an internal L-3 document from May 2008, lists 667 cases of Iraqis injured or killed while working under contract as translators for U.S. military forces. The spreadsheet includes date and cause of death or injury. ProPublica has deleted names and other identifying information to protect the identify of the translators, who risk assassination by insurgents. The list is only partial. A total of 360 translators died and more than 1,200 were wounded during the lifetime of the L-3 contract, according to company officials. Not all the dead and wounded were Iraqis.

DateInjury DescriptionDeath?Nationality
2/23/2007No1 Round in Rt Thigh, 1 Round in the upper Rt thigh, 1 Round In the ScrotumLocal National
8/30/2007No1-2.5 cm laceration to the right eye brow.Local National
8/11/2007No2 degree MCL sprain, possible meniscal cartilage tear3rd Country National
11/19/2005No2d & 3d degree burns on right arm and legLocal National
8/25/2007No2nd degree burn to left handLocal National
7/5/2006No2nd degree burns to both hands and minor burn to left legLocal National
7/12/2005No3 gunshot wounds to the shoulder and leg, in stable condition.Local National
8/25/2007No3/4" Laceration left side of foreheadLocal National
5/21/2006No3rd degree burn to the arm (down to the bone); loss of fleshLocal National
9/23/2005No4cm superficial laceration on the right wristLocal National
6/1/2007NoAbdominal pain - Report OnlyLocal National
6/1/2007NoAbdominal Pain- Report OnlyLocal National
9/11/2005YesAbduction - DeathLocal National
8/28/2007NoAbrasion and contusion, right leg3rd Country National
1/1/2007NoAbrasion to right elbow, pain left knee and right shoulder.Local National
11/10/2007NoAcute StressLocal National
4/8/2008NoAmputation above the knee of his left leg from EFP blastLocal National
4/25/2007NoAmputation of both legs below the knees and burns to lower body.Local National
3/7/2008NoAngina Pectoris unstableLocal National
12/18/2006NoApparent heart attack.Local National
10/12/2007NoAppendectomyLocal National
7/22/2005Yesarterial cut from shrapnel, lacerated artery in the faceLocal National
12/3/2006YesAssasinationLocal National
6/20/2007YesAssassination.Local National
11/4/2006NoAssault and battery.Local National
7/30/2007NoAsthma and PsychologicalLocal National
2/27/2007NoBack & chest pain.Local National
1/2/2006Noback injury, possible ruptured discLocal National
5/4/2006NoBack injury.Local National
2/12/2007NoBackache, muscle spasm.3rd Country National
2/27/2007NoBeating resulting in bruising.Local National
9/21/2004YesBeheading - DeathLocal National
12/17/2007NoBilateral Upper Extremity Fragmentation Airway InjuryLocal National
4/30/2006NoBilateral weakness3rd Country National
8/23/2005YesBlast Injuries, spinal injury - DeathLocal National
7/17/2007YesBlunt force traumaLocal National
7/5/2005YesBlunt force trauma - DeathLocal National
12/10/2007YesBlunt force trauma resulting in deathLocal National
8/6/2007YesBlunt force trauma resulting in deathLocal National
12/17/2005NoBorken bone in handLocal National
8/24/2006NoBoth legs broken below the knee, two fractured vertebrae (C2/C6), fractured pelvis, removed spleen and patrially removed pancreas, and various lacerations and bruises.Local National
12/6/2006NoBroken armLocal National
11/28/2006NoBroken arm, possible broken jaw, and lacerated eye lids.Local National
9/7/2007NoBroken left arm, wound to abdomen, wound to left flank and right groinLocal National
2/14/2006NoBroken left forearm and hand, scharpnel wound to the neck, bruises, scratches and cut to the face.Local National
5/22/2006NoBroken legLocal National
12/3/2007NoBroken leg.Local National
10/8/2003YesBroken neck, shrapnel wounds - DeathLocal National
11/17/2007NoBroken noseLocal National
11/4/2007NoBroken nose and bruisesLocal National
5/6/2007NoBroken nose and facial wounds.Local National
10/13/2006NoBroken right ankleLocal National
7/4/2005NoBroken right leg and minor scratches. Note: this occured after this LNL positively identified the killer of another LNL in Al Hillah. There was also a death threat to this LNL stating that he would be next.Local National
11/7/2005NoBroken right leg, scratches and bruises.Local National
7/9/2006NoBroken teeth, dislocated left shoulder, cuts and bruises to head, face, chest, arms, hands, and legs.Local National
11/10/2007NoBruise on the inner thigh of his left legLocal National
5/4/2006NoBruises and scratches.Local National
3/11/2006NoBullet fragments to back of head and right shoulder.Local National
11/15/2006NoBullet wound to foot.Local National
1/29/2008NoBullet wound to upper left shoulderLocal National
12/12/2007NoBurnsLocal National
12/12/2007NoBurnsLocal National
7/29/2005NoBurnsLocal National
4/23/2005YesBurns on 40% of his body 2nd and 3rd degree burns, face, lower part of his body and extensive burns to lungs. Fractured hip and abdominal surgery performed. He later died of a massive infection on April 29, 2005.Local National
10/30/2006NoBurns to face and handsLocal National
12/12/2007NoBurns.Local National
12/12/2007NoBurns.Local National
12/12/2007NoBurns.Local National
7/24/2006NoBurns.Local National
9/17/2004YesCar was hit by EID BombLocal National
3/31/2008YesCardiac ArrestLocal National
8/13/2007NoCellulitusLocal National
2/27/2006NoCentral scatoma, hemorrhage with macular holeLocal National
6/14/2007NoChest pains, shortness of breath.Local National
5/22/2004YesChest trauma - DeathLocal National
10/10/2005YesChest, vital organs, death caused by severe blood lossLocal National
2/2/2008NoChronic gastric painLocal National
7/20/2005NoConcussionLocal National
3/27/2007NoConcussionLocal National
1/18/2004Noconcussion injury to the head.Local National
7/5/2007NoConcussions, Laceration to neck, Contusion - Right leg.Local National
8/2/2006NoContusions and lacerations to facial areaLocal National
12/14/2007NoCut right thumbLocal National
6/14/2005NoCuts and bruisesLocal National
4/16/2005NoCuts below knee and a little whiplashLocal National
8/3/2006NoCuts to legs, arms, stomach, left hang (to bone on finger) - Report OnlyLocal National
8/8/2007NoCyst removal from neckLocal National
11/30/2006YesDeathLocal National
3/14/2007YesDeathLocal National
1/2/2008YesDeathLocal National
Date Not EnteredKIDNAPDeathLocal National
11/12/2004NoDeathLocal National
9/21/2005NoDeathLocal National
Date Not EnteredNoDeathLocal National
7/21/2003YesDeathLocal National
10/27/2003YesDeathLocal National
1/18/2004YesDeathLocal National
4/11/2004YesDeathLocal National
5/6/2004YesDeathLocal National
10/5/2004YesDeathLocal National
2/5/2005YesDeathLocal National
2/7/2005YesdeathLocal National
2/19/2005YesDeathLocal National
2/28/2005YesDeathLocal National
6/8/2005YesDeathLocal National
8/3/2005YesDeathLocal National
8/14/2005YesDeathLocal National
8/23/2005YesDeathLocal National
9/15/2005YesDeathLocal National
10/17/2005YesDeathLocal National
2/2/2006YesDeathLocal National
6/5/2006YesDeathLocal National
6/6/2006YesDeathLocal National
6/17/2006YesDeathLocal National
7/8/2006YesDeathLocal National
8/4/2006YesDeathLocal National
8/16/2006YesDeathLocal National
8/31/2006YesDeathLocal National
9/26/2006YesDeathLocal National
10/6/2006YesDeathLocal National
10/16/2006YesDeathLocal National
10/17/2006YesDeathLocal National
10/17/2006YesDeathLocal National
11/1/2006YesDeathLocal National
11/2/2006YesDeathLocal National
11/7/2006YesDeathLocal National
11/15/2006YesDeathLocal National
11/20/2006YesDeathLocal National
11/26/2006YesDeathLocal National
12/10/2006YesDeathLocal National
12/18/2006YesDeathLocal National
12/21/2006YesDeathLocal National
12/23/2006YesDeathLocal National
1/15/2007YesDeathLocal National
1/22/2007YesDeathLocal National
1/23/2007YesDeathLocal National
1/29/2007YesDeathLocal National
2/1/2007YesDeathLocal National
2/1/2007YesDeathLocal National
2/7/2007YesDeathLocal National
2/7/2007YesDeathLocal National
2/15/2007YesDeathLocal National
2/18/2007YesDeathLocal National
2/24/2007YesDeathLocal National
3/2/2007YesDeathLocal National
3/5/2007YesDeathLocal National
3/6/2007YesDeathLocal National
3/12/2007YesDeathLocal National
3/22/2007YesDeathLocal National
3/26/2007YesDeathLocal National
3/27/2007YesDeathLocal National
3/30/2007YesDeathLocal National
4/12/2007YesDeathLocal National
4/12/2007YesDeathLocal National
4/29/2007YesDeathLocal National
4/29/2007YesDeathLocal National
5/7/2007YesDeathLocal National
5/24/2007YesDeathLocal National
5/27/2007YesDeathLocal National
6/2/2007YesDeathLocal National
6/3/2007YesDeathLocal National
6/17/2007YesDeathLocal National
6/21/2007YesDeathLocal National
6/23/2007YesDeathLocal National
7/17/2007YesDeathLocal National
7/18/2007YesDeathLocal National
8/9/2007YesDeathLocal National
8/9/2007YesDeathLocal National
8/17/2007YesDeathLocal National
8/18/2007YesDeathLocal National
8/31/2007YesDeathLocal National
Date Not EnteredYesDeathLocal National
Date Not EnteredYesDeathLocal National
Date Not EnteredYesDeathLocal National
10/22/2006YesDeath - fatal shrapnel woundsLocal National
5/2/2005YesDeath - Gunshot woundLocal National
8/24/2006YesDeath - gunshot woundLocal National
9/11/2006YesDeath - gunshot woundLocal National
10/23/2006YesDeath - gunshot woundLocal National
12/4/2006YesDeath - gunshot woundLocal National
8/12/2006YesDeath - gunshot woundsLocal National
8/17/2006YesDeath - gunshot woundsLocal National
8/17/2006YesDeath - gunshot woundsLocal National
9/15/2006YesDeath - gunshot woundsLocal National
10/14/2006YesDeath - gunshot woundsLocal National
9/10/2006YesDeath - massive traumaLocal National
10/23/2006YesDeath - Severe shrapnel wounds and burnsLocal National
11/12/2006YesDeath - Severe thermal injuryLocal National
6/11/2005YesDeath - Severe trauma to the lower extremitiesLocal National
7/10/2006YesDeath "Gunshot"Local National
2/19/2006YesDeath (gun shot)Local National
3/12/2006YesDeath (gunshot wound)Local National
7/24/2006YesDeath (gunshot wound)Local National
8/1/2006YesDeath (Gunshot wound)Local National
8/7/2006YesDeath (Gunshot wound)Local National
1/15/2006YesDeath (kidnapped and assassinated)Local National
11/30/2004YesDeath / multipule gunshot wounds / gunshot wound to the headLocal National
5/1/2004YesDeath as result of gunshot woundsLocal National
8/20/2007YesDeath caused by IED ExplosionLocal National
4/26/2008YesDeath caused by multiple injuries sustained during tortureLocal National
1/9/2008YesDeath due to booby trapped houseLocal National
8/30/2005YesDeath from BlastLocal National
11/7/2005NoDeath from explosionLocal National
7/6/2005YesDeath from gunshotLocal National
6/17/2006YesDeath from gunshot woundsLocal National
6/25/2006YesDeath from gunshot woundsLocal National
11/22/2005YesDeath from gunshotsLocal National
7/27/2006YesDeath from wounds incurred during mortar attackLocal National
5/20/2005YesDeath instantly.Local National
4/1/2007YesDeath- gunshot wound to headLocal National
4/12/2006YesDeath- Head InjuryLocal National
10/9/2006YesDeath- multiple shrapnel wounds to head and chest.Local National
3/3/2006YesDeath-Gunshot woundLocal National
4/4/2006YesDeath-gunshot woundsLocal National
2/24/2004YesDeath, Gunshot woundsLocal National
4/11/2005YesDeath, Mr. Lazem died on April 18, 2005 of his injuries Broken femur, dislocated knee, eye damage, possible head injuryLocal National
5/27/2005YesDeath.Local National
7/14/2006NoDeep laceration in right armLocal National
1/1/2007NoDepression and potential personality disorder.Local National
8/11/2007NoDiabetesLocal National
7/31/2006NoDied on 8/20/2006 from injuries - Broken hip, leg, arm, internal injuries including non-functioning kidneysLocal National
3/16/2007NoDislocated Knee.Local National
12/13/2006NoDislocated left kneeLocal National
3/4/2006NoDislocated left wristLocal National
9/22/2006NoDislocated right shoulder.Local National
11/12/2007NoDistal fracture to left radius. Spontaneous pneumothorax. Lacerations to face. Two black eyes.Local National
12/3/2007NoDog BiteLocal National
1/25/2004YesDrowning - DeathLocal National
7/17/2004YesDrowning - DeathLocal National
6/19/2006NoEar InfectionLocal National
4/4/2006NoEar torn, broken pelvis, mild concussionLocal National
11/20/2007YesEID explosionLocal National
6/6/2006NoEmergency surgery was performed to stop internal bleeding. Spleen was removed. His left arm is broken in two locations. Currently in ICU.Local National
8/21/2006NoExtensive burns to face, neck, arms, and legs.Local National
9/24/2006YesExtreme damage to the RLQ of abdomen and right thigh with apparent exsanguination. (Total loss of blood in the body)Local National
5/6/2006NoFacial abrasions, lower back injuryLocal National
11/15/2005NoFaris has a broken Leg.Local National
9/21/2007YesFatal gunshot woundLocal National
7/21/2007YesFatal Gunshot woundsLocal National
8/19/2003YesFatal injuries - DeathLocal National
4/20/2008YesFatal wounds received in motor vehicle accidentLocal National
9/20/2004YesFatality per Intellirisk reportLocal National
5/19/2007YesFire Inhilation.Local National
10/11/2006NoFoot injuredLocal National
11/15/2003YesFour gunshot wounds in the head and torso - DeathLocal National
3/14/2008NoFracture of right footLocal National
5/25/2007NoFracture of teh scaphoid bone in the wrist.Local National
11/9/2007NoFractured left ankle, shrapnel wounds both upper arms, upper right leg and lower left legLocal National
9/4/2007NoFractured left wrist3rd Country National
11/24/2005NoFractured right ankleLocal National
8/2/2006NoFractured right ankleLocal National
5/4/2007NoFractured right ankle.Local National
5/21/2007NoFractured right distal tibia.Local National
6/11/2007NoFractured right leg and lacerations to chest and arms.Local National
8/28/2006NoFractured right leg.Local National
9/5/2007NoFragment wounds to right upper thigh, right scrotum and right lower leg with tibial fracture.Local National
6/29/2006NoFragmentation into the chest.Local National
5/5/2007NoFX ring finger of right hand, last joint.Local National
8/15/2006NoGash on head, trouble walking and nauseatedLocal National
9/29/2007NoGastric UlcerLocal National
11/28/2007NoGrade 2 concussion, pain in kneeLocal National
5/17/2006NoGrazing wound to the upper right thigh.Local National
3/24/2007NoGSW: left thighLocal National
5/2/2007YesGSWs to left foot and lower abdomen.Local National
7/5/2007YesGun ShotLocal National
7/4/2007NoGun Shot wound to neck.Local National
7/15/2007YesGun shot wound to the headLocal National
5/23/2006YesGun shot wound to the head.Local National
1/27/2007YesGun shot wound to the head.Local National
3/30/2005NoGun shot wound to the right forearm. Second time he has been shot at workLocal National
1/17/2007NoGun shot wound to upper left thigh/groin area.Local National
1/31/2008YesGun Shot WoundsLocal National
7/31/2005YesGun Shot WoundsLocal National
11/22/2003YesGun shot wounds - DeathLocal National
8/13/2004YesGun Shot Wounds - deathLocal National
11/7/2004YesGun Shot Wounds - DeathLocal National
4/7/2005YesGun shot wounds - DeathLocal National
4/7/2005YesGun shot wounds - DeathLocal National
8/15/2007NoGun shot wounds to the face and hipLocal National
12/27/2006NoGun shot wounds.Local National
12/20/2005YesGunshot to headLocal National
7/14/2006NoGunshot to right legLocal National
2/28/2006YesGunshot to right side of headLocal National
10/20/2007NoGunshot to the left thighLocal National
7/9/2007NoGunshot wound - Entry & Exit through left hand.Local National
8/14/2005NoGunshot wound in left arm and chest.Local National
9/11/2006NoGunshot wound in right calf.Local National
12/31/2007NoGunshot wound JawLocal National
2/17/2008NoGunshot wound right buttocksLocal National
5/14/2007NoGunshot wound right shoulderLocal National
11/17/2005YesGunshot wound to headLocal National
9/28/2005YesGunshot wound to head causing deathLocal National
7/29/2006NoGunshot wound to left ankleLocal National
11/27/2007NoGunshot wound to Left handLocal National
6/22/2006NoGunshot wound to left thighLocal National
2/15/2007NoGunshot wound to left thigh.Local National
4/4/2008NoGunshot wound to right armLocal National
7/23/2006NoGunshot wound to right armLocal National
1/29/2006NoGunshot wound to right leg.Local National
8/7/2006NoGunshot wound to shoulderLocal National
10/2/2007NoGunshot wound to the abdomenLocal National
7/12/2006NoGunshot wound to the abdomen.Local National
5/31/2007NoGunshot wound to the arm.Local National
9/7/2005NoGunshot wound to the backLocal National
1/28/2007NoGunshot wound to the buttocks.Local National
11/1/2007NoGunshot wound to the chest and left legLocal National
4/28/2004YesGunshot wound to the head - DeathLocal National
1/19/2006NoGunshot wound to the kneeLocal National
9/7/2005NoGunshot wound to the legLocal National
7/27/2007NoGunshot wound to the leg.Local National
10/8/2007NoGunshot wound to the right palmLocal National
9/13/2006NoGunshot wound to the shoulder.Local National
5/21/2005NoGunshot wound to upper left arm and chest.Local National
10/7/2006NoGunshot wound to upper right arm.Local National
5/28/2005YesGunshot wound.Local National
Date Not EnteredYesGunshot wound.Local National
11/22/2007YesGunshot woundsLocal National
7/5/2004YesGunshot woundsLocal National
11/27/2004YesGunshot woundsLocal National
10/10/2005YesGunshot woundsLocal National
5/12/2007YesGunshot WoundsLocal National
9/18/2003YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
1/28/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
2/21/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
2/22/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
5/13/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
5/31/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
6/12/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
6/19/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
6/20/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
6/21/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
7/24/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
8/10/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
8/17/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
8/18/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
8/20/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
9/9/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
9/10/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
9/13/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
9/27/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
9/27/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
10/21/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
10/26/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
10/31/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
11/13/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
12/4/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
12/4/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
12/4/2004YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
5/16/2005YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
11/19/2005YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
12/6/2005YesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
Date Not EnteredYesGunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
2/28/2004YesGunshot wounds and explosionLocal National
5/14/2005YesGunshot wounds resulting in death.Local National
8/11/2007NoGunshot wounds to both armsLocal National
4/28/2005NoGunshot wounds to both legs and backLocal National
12/21/2005Nogunshot wounds to both legs.Local National
11/9/2007NoGunshot wounds to left arm and right leg.Local National
7/26/2007NoGunshot wounds to right thumb and right leg.Local National
1/18/2006NoGunshot wounds to the chestLocal National
1/10/2004YesGunshot wounds to the head - DeathLocal National
3/14/2004YesGunshot wounds to the left and right side of the body - DeathLocal National
11/19/2004YesGunsot wound to the right side per AIG Intellirisk reportLocal National
10/13/2005NoGus shot wound in arm and sideLocal National
9/21/2005NoHe has a fractured leg.Local National
11/7/2005YesHe was shot 3 times in the headLocal National
11/9/2006NoHead and abdominal injuries.Local National
11/10/2006NoHead and neck injuriesLocal National
11/10/2006NoHead and neck injuries.Local National
10/31/2007NoHead concussionLocal National
10/5/2006NoHead contusion.Local National
12/19/2005NoHead Injury, Ear Drum, Possible ConcussionLocal National
2/22/2006NoHead injury, extent of injuries unknown; awaiting medical reportLocal National
4/4/2006NoHead injury, was unconscious for several hours, now conscious, stable and under observation in hospitalLocal National
3/10/2008YesHead TraumaLocal National
10/18/2005YesHead trauma causing deathLocal National
8/29/2006NoHead woundLocal National
2/7/2005YesHead wound - DeathLocal National
1/17/2006NoHead wounds.Local National
2/28/2007NoHearing loss & ConcussionLocal National
5/6/2004NoHearing loss and shockLocal National
7/3/2007NoHeart AttackLocal National
12/18/2003YesHeart Attack - DeathLocal National
3/14/2007NoHeart Attack.Local National
6/1/2006NoHeat CasualtyLocal National
12/4/2007NoHemorroidsLocal National
5/14/2004NoHerniaLocal National
3/23/2006NoHerniaLocal National
12/8/2005Nohip injury and concussionLocal National
12/20/2007NoHypoglycemiaLocal National
2/16/2008YesIEDLocal National
1/7/2008NoIED attackLocal National
4/2/2008YesIED BlastLocal National
3/22/2008YesIED blast and fireLocal National
3/22/2008YesIED blast and fireLocal National
3/4/2008YesIED Blast to chestLocal National
10/8/2007NoIED explosionLocal National
1/29/2008NoIED with chlorine gasLocal National
2/16/2008NoInjured KneeLocal National
9/21/2006NoInjuries to abdomen and arm.Local National
12/30/2006NoInjuries to both legs, preliminary diagnosis is that he will likely lose both legs as a result of injuries.Local National
5/9/2007NoInjury on his left side chest and pain in his left ear.3rd Country National
8/29/2005YesInjury to her jaw, mouth, her left foot and ankle and right ankle resulting in death after arriving at CSH.Local National
2/6/2007NoInjury to stomach and right leg.Local National
10/23/2005NoInternal bleeding from liver area.Local National
11/17/2006KIDNAPKidnappedLocal National
6/17/2007KIDNAPKidnappedLocal National
8/30/2006NoKidnappedLocal National
6/23/2007YesKidnappedLocal National
1/9/2005NoKidnapped and then released.Local National
10/5/2004NoKidnapped then found - no loss of salary, not a medical caseLocal National
9/8/2006NoKidnapped, then later killed by gunshot to the head.Local National
10/30/2004NoKidnappingLocal National
12/2/2004NoKidnappingLocal National
1/8/2005NoKidnappingLocal National
10/5/2004NoKidnapping - found 12/5/04 with no harm done and no loss of salaryLocal National
7/17/2007KIDNAPKidnapping and DeathLocal National
1/7/2005NoKidnapping, later releasedLocal National
7/24/2006NoLaceration to lower left side of abdomen requiring sutures.Local National
10/27/2004NoLaceration to the back of the head and abrasions to the left kneeLocal National
3/3/2006NoLaceration to the head, loss of conciousness, broken femur, ankle dislocation, left shoulder contusion and neck pain.Local National
3/28/2007NoLacerations to head, right arm and hand.Local National
8/11/2005NoLacerations to the face and head; and a concussionLocal National
5/19/2006NoLacerations to the face, right arm, both legs; possible skull depressionLocal National
Date Not EnteredNoLeft arm and back received 2nd degree burnsLocal National
8/2/2003YesLeft eardrum injuredLocal National
11/25/2007NoLeft fibula fractureLocal National
10/20/2007NoLeft knee lacerationLocal National
12/16/2007NoLeft Plantar Fasciitis and Right Inguinal HerniaLocal National
4/29/2007NoLeft wrist fracture.Local National
9/12/2006NoLeg amputation and severe burns to body.Local National
11/6/2006NoLeg woundLocal National
Date Not EnteredNoLinguist has gun shot wounds to his neck, stomach, shoulder, leg, arm, buttocks, and back.Local National
5/18/2006YesLinguist was killed by the IED explosion.Local National
1/19/2007NoLoss of both his legs.Local National
10/20/2006NoLoss of both legs and serious damage to hip area.Local National
7/21/2003NoLoss of both legs, 1 arm, and injury to left eye requiring corneal transplantLocal National
6/1/2007NoLoss of both legs.Local National
7/23/2007NoLoss of one foot, injuries to both eyes and possible head trauma.Local National
9/24/2006NoLoss of right leg above the knee and 3 fingers mission on the left hand. Possible loss of remaining leg.Local National
8/31/2006NoLoss of right leg, partial amputation of right hand, and partial amputation of penis.Local National
4/7/2007NoLoss of sight for 30 minutes, bruised right side, hair slightly burned.Local National
6/17/2006NoLoss of vision, extent unknown.Local National
10/10/2005NoLost left eye, ear, part of brain, shrapnel to left armLocal National
1/8/2008NoLower Back PainLocal National
5/20/2006NoLower back pain, L shoulder pain and abdominal pain.Local National
12/5/2007NoLower back pain.3rd Country National
4/18/2008NoLower-Back strainLocal National
4/15/2006NoLumbar herniationLocal National
9/29/2007YesMassive blood lossLocal National
5/29/2006YesMassive injuries - DeathLocal National
2/15/2005NoMild to moderately severe hearing loss in right ear.Local National
8/21/2003NoMinor injuriesLocal National
10/22/2004NoMinor shrapnel wound to left forearm and backLocal National
10/22/2004NoMinor shrapnel wound to the left side of the neckLocal National
1/11/2007NoMinor shrapnel wounds to back and legs.Local National
9/1/2006NoMinor shrapnel wounds to left arm and hip.Local National
1/11/2008NoMinor to left armLocal National
4/17/2006NoMissingLocal National
9/9/2007NoMr. Abdul Ameer suffered wounds to forehead and left side of head (crainial bleeding) with possible internal bleeding. He is conscious.Local National
8/1/2006NoMulitiple gunshot wounds to the upper body.Local National
2/9/2005NoMultiple bullet wounds to the legLocal National
10/24/2007NoMultiple contusions from IED.Local National
5/13/2004YesMultiple gun shot woundsLocal National
8/14/2005YesMultiple gunshot woundsLocal National
8/14/2007YesMultiple gunshot woundsLocal National
1/17/2004YesMultiple gunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
5/13/2004YesMultiple gunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
6/14/2004YesMultiple Gunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
8/8/2004YesMultiple gunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
1/11/2005YesMultiple gunshot wounds - DeathLocal National
10/27/2004YesMultiple gunshot wounds causing deathLocal National
10/31/2005YesMultiple gunshot wounds.Local National
3/16/2006YesMultiple gunshot wounds.Local National
3/16/2006YesMultiple gunshot wounds.Local National
4/14/2008NoMultiple lacerations to face, neck, left hand, and upper bodyLocal National
3/20/2007NoMultiple lacerations to head, face, and hand; amputation of left small finger.Local National
3/17/2007NoMultiple puncture wounds and lacerations to both legs.Local National
10/4/2007NoMultiple shrapnel woundsLocal National
11/18/2006NoMultiple shrapnel wounds caused by blast fragmentation to his leg.Local National
12/16/2004YesMutiple Gun Shot Wounds - DeathLocal National
5/6/2005YesNature of injury causing death still under investigation.Local National
5/3/2007NoNeck and shoulder pain.IMG
11/26/2006NoNeck pain, concussion, hearing loss.3rd Country National
9/13/2004YesNumerous rounds of 7.62 ammunition - DeathLocal National
10/15/2006NoOblique fracture to the lower 1/3 of his right leg.Local National
6/2/2007NoOpen bilateral fractures of fibula and tibia.Local National
7/30/2004NoOpen fracture of right pinky requiring surgeryLocal National
10/11/2005NoPelvis fracture, multiple hematomaLocal National
1/23/2008YesPendingLocal National
9/26/2006NoPending3rd Country National
4/1/2007NoPending medical reportLocal National
3/1/2007NoPending results of Medical Examination.Local National
12/8/2007NoPneumoniaLocal National
8/21/2006NoPoint laceration behind/below right ear.Local National
9/21/2007NoPossible broken ribsLocal National
11/13/2007NoPossible Cardiac DisfunctionLocal National
8/27/2007NoPossible concussionLocal National
9/4/2005YesPossible concussion, eardrum damageLocal National
2/12/2008NoPossible fractured left ribsLocal National
10/19/2007YesPossible heart failureLocal National
8/20/2006NoPossible poisoning from smoke inhalationLocal National
10/20/2007NoPossible TIA vs. Complex migraine, resolvedLocal National
12/2/2006NoPreliminary diagnosis of Anxiety, panic attack or psychotic break and further evaluation recommended.Local National
7/20/2006NoPuncture wound to right hand, lacerations on palm, fracture of left metacarpal bone, neck stiffnessLocal National
11/9/2004NoR. Knee Injured3rd Country National
1/20/2008NoRe-Injured right wrist/hand.Local National
8/5/2006NoReinjury (original injury in May 2006) of left thumb, Navy doctor ruled out fracture.Local National
11/15/2007NoRight arm broken, severe lacerations to faceLocal National
1/29/2004NoRight femur and R ankle painLocal National
3/29/2004NoRight femur and right ankle pain.Local National
4/15/2008NoRight Femur FractureLocal National
2/21/2008NoRight forearm fractureLocal National
6/17/2005NoRight hand and upper forearm amputatedLocal National
9/25/2007NoRight hip fracture, cuts and bruisesLocal National
5/5/2006NoRight leg and upper left arm wounds.Local National
8/19/2007NoRight leg laceration and broken bone (possible amputation)Local National
12/20/2007NoRPG AttackLocal National
4/16/2007NoRuptured ear drums.Local National
10/18/2005NoScraped and bruised right shoulder and leg.Local National
7/28/2007NoSeizure and fatigueLocal National
9/22/2006NoSerious head injury, problems with his right lung and possible problems with his spine. He is in critical condition.Local National
7/6/2007YesSevere blood lossLocal National
3/6/2005NoSevere bruising and a cut on the noseLocal National
10/14/2005NoSevere facial and lower extremity lacerations.Local National
10/15/2006NoSevere head laceration, concussion, right arm injury, and C-spine injury.Local National
6/21/2006NoSevere head trauma and internal bleeding.Local National
2/23/2007NoSevere headaches.Local National
8/30/2006NoSevere injury to right arm.Local National
12/29/2005YesSevere wounds to the body; not recognizable and the exact cause of death not yet determined.Local National
11/18/2007NoSevered right arm and injured right gluteal muscleLocal National
9/6/2004NoShapnel to back of head and right leg.Local National
7/1/2006NoSharpnel to headLocal National
1/20/2007NoShockwave caused collapsed lungLocal National
5/19/2005YesShot in Head - DeathLocal National
4/5/2005NoShot in left shoulder, broke her collar bone, traveled downward, nipping her lung and exiting her midsectionLocal National
12/10/2007NoShot in left thighLocal National
5/8/2005NoShot in right arm below elbow.Local National
6/29/2004YesShot several times in her arms and then gunshot wound to the head - DeathLocal National
12/19/2006YesShot to deathLocal National
1/5/2007NoShot twice, once in the head.Local National
12/2/2003NoShrapnel in abdomenLocal National
6/28/2007NoShrapnel in eye and lost a couple of teeth.Local National
6/11/2005NoShrapnel in left armLocal National
8/22/2006Noshrapnel in legLocal National
4/19/2005NoShrapnel in right knee.Local National
10/20/2006NoShrapnel injuriesLocal National
8/16/2006NoShrapnel lacerations and possible fractures.Local National
10/9/2005NoShrapnel to back part of legLocal National
9/23/2006NoShrapnel to face and legs and loss of left eye.Local National
8/12/2006NoShrapnel to face and upper torsoLocal National
11/24/2007NoShrapnel to his right legLocal National
5/25/2006NoShrapnel to left foot, burns left leg, bruises and minor burns to arms and shoulders, back strain.Local National
2/1/2007NoShrapnel to lower extremity, possible broken leg.Local National
1/5/2007NoShrapnel to lower left leg and trauma to lower back.Local National
10/11/2005NoShrapnel to right hand.Local National
7/16/2005NoShrapnel to the face, cut to right eyeLocal National
5/9/2006NoShrapnel to the lower leg and backLocal National
10/25/2006NoShrapnel to thighs.Local National
7/30/2006NoShrapnel woundLocal National
4/14/2005NoShrapnel wound to left cheek and foreheadLocal National
12/12/2005NoShrapnel wound to left legLocal National
9/20/2006NoShrapnel wound to lower leg and hip.Local National
5/20/2006NoShrapnel wound to right kneeLocal National
10/3/2006NoShrapnel wound to the left hip causing a deep gash and blast burns to both feet.Local National
3/21/2004YesShrapnel wounds - DeathLocal National
1/28/2005NoShrapnel wounds and fracture to lower legsLocal National
12/21/2006NoShrapnel wounds to arms, legs and buttocks.Local National
4/14/2005NoShrapnel wounds to both hands on palmsLocal National
8/13/2005NoShrapnel Wounds to faceLocal National
3/4/2007NoShrapnel wounds to hand, wrist, and head.Local National
9/18/2006NoShrapnel wounds to left eye, lower back and hearing problems.Local National
5/5/2006NoShrapnel wounds to the buttocksLocal National
9/18/2006NoShrapnel wounds to the face, arms and hands.Local National
9/18/2006Noshrapnel wounds to the head, left forearm and left lower leg. 2nd Degree burns to back and arm.Local National
9/18/2006NoShrapnel wounds to the head, left forearm, and left lower leg, 2nd degree burns to back and arms.Local National
9/26/2006NoShrapnel wounds to the left side of body.Local National
1/13/2008NoSigns of hypothermia and possible frostbiteLocal National
2/10/2005NoSkull fractureLocal National
11/3/2006NoSmall arms fire to shoulder and neck.Local National
11/1/2006NoSmall arms fire to the right leg.Local National
6/26/2007NoSmoke inhalationLocal National
1/22/2008NoSniper fireLocal National
12/2/2003NoSore back and legLocal National
11/24/2006NoSore left knee.Local National
1/11/2006YesSpecfic information on cause of death is under investigationLocal National
7/12/2007NoSprained AnkleLocal National
9/12/2007NoSprained left ankleLocal National
9/5/2007NoSprained right wristLocal National
2/23/2008NoStabbingLocal National
5/4/2007NoStitches to chest, right forefinger, and right arm.Local National
1/29/2007NoStrained left shoulderLocal National
1/27/2007NoStrained right shoulderLocal National
10/11/2007NoStruck by an IED.Local National
5/10/2007NoSubconjunctival Hemorrhages, Sacral FX, Corneal AbrasionLocal National
6/23/2006NoSuffered burns to 40-50% of body, to include upper extermities, hands, and face.Local National
2/2/2006NoSuffered severe burns to face, arms, hands, and upper body.Local National
3/14/2008YesSuicide BomberLocal National
4/4/2008NoSuperficial fragments wound to both legs and left upper arm.Local National
8/22/2007NoSuperficial wound to the chest.Local National
7/27/2006Nosuspected broken clavicle or separated shoulderLocal National
4/18/2006NoSwelling from trauma to right knee.Local National
3/26/2007NoSwollen left knee, difficulty straightening it or walking.Local National
7/20/2006NoSwollen, possibly broken noseLocal National
7/29/2006NoThere are multiple injuries to include a concussion and several minor cuts.Local National
8/2/2005Nothird degree burnLocal National
3/19/2007NoThree bullet wounds to the left leg and handcuff lacerations on both wrists.Local National
12/17/2003NoThree gunshot wounds to the legLocal National
1/6/2007NoTo be determined.Local National
4/12/2004YesTrauma to the head and legs - DeathLocal National
6/6/2007YesTraumatic amputation from IED.Local National
11/26/2007NoTraumatic amputation of both legs by IEDLocal National
5/19/2006YesTraumatic blood loss, head trauma, multiple fractures, evisceration.Local National
10/13/2006NoTwo bullet wounds to upper right tricept.Local National
10/11/2005NoTwo severe wounds to arm and shoulder.Local National
1/18/2005NoUnknownLocal National
10/4/2004NounknownLocal National
8/6/2006NoUnknown back painLocal National
1/23/2007NoUnknown magnitude at present time.Local National
11/16/2007NoUnmedicated SeizuresLocal National
2/27/2007NoUnspecified schrapnel injuries to head, genitals, and legs, linguist is disoriented and in shock, linguist is being evaluated at the Bagram hospital at this time.Local National
10/22/2007NoUrology problemsLocal National
5/27/2006YesVentricular fibrillation arrest - DeathLocal
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