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Injured War Contractors Sue Over Health Care, Disability Payments

A class action lawsuit filed in federal court demands $2 billion, alleging that private contracting firms and their insurers abandoned employees injured working for the government in Iraq and Afghanistan. 


A civilian contractor exercises. (Dimitry Kostoukov/AFP)

Private contractors injured while working for the U.S. government in Iraq and Afghanistan filed a class action lawsuit in federal court on Monday, claiming that corporations and insurance companies had unfairly denied them medical treatment and disability payments.

The suit, filed in district court in Washington, D.C., claims that private contracting firms and their insurers routinely lied, cheated and threatened injured workers, while ignoring a federal law requiring compensation for such employees. Attorneys for the workers are seeking $2 billion in damages.

The suit is largely based on the Defense Base Act, an obscure law that creates a workers-compensation system for federal contract employees working overseas. Financed by taxpayers, the system was rarely used until the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the most privatized conflicts in American history.

Hundreds of thousands of civilians working for federal contractors have been deployed to war zones to deliver mail, cook meals and act as security guards for U.S. soldiers and diplomats. As of June 2011, more than 53,000 civilians have filed claims for injuries in the war zones. Almost 2,500 contract employees have been killed, according to figures kept by the Department of Labor, which oversees the system.

An investigation by ProPublica, the Los Angeles Times and ABC’s 20/20 into the Defense Base Act system found major flaws, including private contractors left without medical care and lax federal oversight. Some Afghan, Iraqi and other foreign workers for U.S. companies were provided with no care at all.

The lawsuit, believed to be the first of its kind, charges that major insurance corporations such as AIG and large federal contractors such as Houston-based KBR deliberately flouted the law, thereby defrauding taxpayers and boosting their profits. In interviews and at congressional hearings, AIG and KBR have denied such allegations and said they fully complied with the law. They blamed problems in the delivery of care and benefits on the chaos of the war zones.

Johann Steenberg

Sep. 27, 2011, 9:29 a.m.

T. Thank you for a great story. The only chaos was caused by these ruthless companies and not by the war zone. Keep up the good work and hope to meet you soon in person. Warm South African greetings Regards Johann Steenberg (Plaintiff)

Coenrad Theunissen

Sep. 27, 2011, 9:49 a.m.

Totally agree with Johann Steenberg! I’ve been waiting for this for nearly 7 years! Greetings from Pretoria,South-Africa! Coenrad Theunissen (Plaintiff)

Marcie Hascall Clark

Sep. 27, 2011, 11:11 a.m.

Thank you T for keeping up with this ongoing battle.
Despite all of your investigative work and two Congressional hearings exposing the further deaths, permanent disabilities, mental distress, broken families these insurance companies with help from the contract companies cause by failing to provide benefits due, nothing has changed.
The Insurance Companies and Contract Companies simply know nothing will happen to them, nothing.
Anyone wishing to join our class action please go here
You may contact me personally with any questions
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Perhaps if we stopped sending soldiers to war - there are other ways to handle aggression these days - we could stop the war profiteers from stealing from us…
The time is right for bringing back the draft, and setting a new paradym for having an army. Perhaps this time we can have an army of college graduates, technicians, and diplomatic educated folk instead of those forced to join because they had no other way to feed their family…

We could also stop paying KBR and maybe disband it.  I mean, while I’m unhappy with these idiotic wars and the inept way they’ve been run, I’m far less happy with taxpayer money going to an organization that allows gang-rapes of its employees and hides behind arbitrarion rules, sells people into slavery, provides our people with tainted water and defective equipment, and apparently also fails to provide medical care for the people we paid them to be responsible for.

And yet, they’ll get another contract and probably protection in the courts..

Hey, you decide to join the war profiteers, blood money, and you expect them to play a fair game with you, good luck with that mentality!!

Thanks,T for informing us of another taxpayer bailout for mega-corporations with the Defense Base Act. These companies should be required,as a part of their contract,to provide these benefits and coverage for their employees and if they cannot get insurance then they should self insure. The real answer is to operate like we did when I was in Nam;no private laundry service,no kitchen companies,just GI’s! The best answer is to get out of these countries and for those who are not aware of the statistics;there are more contract personel on the ground in Afganistan than there are American troops.

Marcie Hascall Clark

Sep. 27, 2011, 3:57 p.m.

Jim S
You should do a little research before you spout off on a subject you obviously know very little about.
You, if you are an American Citizen, have paid for these injured contractors to have medical care and disability.  When these insurance companies do not fulfill their obligation many of these people end up on medicaid and ss, your money again, and again
My husband was a civilian contractor for many years doing Humanitarian Demining work in Post War Countries and went to Iraq for the same wages he always made, because that was his job.
Does he deserved to be denied medical benefits after being blown up? These are not “alleged” injuries as one ALJ so arrogantly put it, this is blood and guts on the ground.
Good Luck with your selfish attitude.

US taxpayers were overcharged for these private mercenaries’ services by the companies and then they leave their wounded behind or the human wrecks up to the taxpayers to rescue from poverty. Quite a scam. GEE, all that privatization the republicans have been selling for 30 years has yet to pay off. there is not a single instance, where govt services have been privatized that the US taxpayers have not overpaid!! GOVT is unique and it is not a business and it cannot be “operated like a business”. It has a job to do like none other and it has responsibilities to the masses. BUSH/CHENEY lied us into two wars, but they also undermined every branch of the federal govt to enrich their political allies and cronies.

The salary incentive over shadowed the depth of the danger of working in Iraq and/or Afghanistan.  Many simply did not believe serious injury would occur..until it did. Everyone thinks it won’t happen to them.

As such, companies knew the incentive would shadow health care issues to include PTSD.  The small print in many of the policies often would negative war related issues..simply because the judicial procedure would overrule and attempt at litigation with companies like Halliburton, Mantech or others.  How can an individual make legal war with these companies and prevail.

Unlike military mandates on care, civilians were totally at risk.

Perhaps some really “bought” Cheney’s comment about “welcome with sweets” or the people of Iraq will welcome us.  Well…4500 or so KIA and some 30,000 seriously the civilians killed and wounded…we now know those assertions were less than false..but, fraudulent.

As part of the military, I saw in some case the damage done and knew little would be done to resolve so many issues with civilian contractors.

In short, the government did a poor job with oversight relative to the protection of civilian contractors…and for many, the short sightedness of not providing our people with proper protection (as Rumsfelt said that we go to war with what we have…yet the onset of the war in Iraq was set into motion the day after 9/11) to include up armor and the tools to defeat IED’s.

Iraq will historical be judged as one of the worse decision in the last 100 years or so.  The blame and responsibility is squarely with the Bush Administration..but, you can be assured..Bush, Cheney, Rumsfelt Fieth, and Rice, et al are all doing very well and living the good life.

So it goes.

LTC, US Army
Iraq, Afghanistan, BiH, HOA

Well said LTC! Three yrs.,eight mos.,fourteen days in country is what qualifies me to speak on these issues as we did not have the luxury of contractors,especially in the delta and on the Mekong! If those who administer the contracts do not provide the oversight to hold these well fed contractor’s feet to the fire then we should find those who will. I still say that we should eliminate these contractors and fill the positions with military personel! We used to clear our own mines,wash our own clothes and cook our own food,when we had cooked food.(Rare)! Since most of the people on the ground there were draftees,bringing that back that might put a crimp in such quick moves to war. As to the ChickenHawk,Cheney,I have long remembered his remark when asked why he didn’t enlist during the Vietnam era: “I had more important things to do”

Imagine paying $2 billion to the murderous thugs of Blackwater and the other corrupt contractors in Iraq.  They’ve already had all the time gorging at the public trough that they are entitled to.  To pay them more would be obscene.

Whoever the clown is talking about war profiteers. You need a little education.  The only reason there are So many contractors is the massive reduction in troops during the Clinton administration.  The Govt rather than drafting opted to contract out.  Which means TEMPORARY employees. 

The problem began with the government and the contracting firms too advantage.  The employees were just serving their country. 

You are going to find the US Govts dirtly little secrets are going to be exposed.

Mercenaries. US citizens working for the US are not mercenaries you must work for a foreign country by definition. 

Take a Blackwater guy. Compared to a us soldier

Both get paid by the tax payer, Both get issued weapons and equipment from the us Govt. Both volunteer, both get paid. Both sign a contract, both get clearances from the US Govt. 
I’m the brgining these Blackwater guys were the most experienced in the military hence higher pay.  You don’t pay a brain surgeon minimum wage?  No!! 

There is clearly no difference between a soldier and some contractors.  The US Govt has clearly hidden the facts from the public.

Democracy just became imbalanced and the damage can be repaired only by changing some laws and policies under a new kind of politics.

Stephanie Palmer

Sep. 27, 2011, 5 p.m.

Looks to me like these people should be suing the federal contractors that hired them. I do believe it is the corporation’s responsibility to provide whatever benefits are under the law.

Marcie Hascall Clark

Sep. 27, 2011, 5:12 p.m.

The Defense Base Act Workers Compensation program is forced upon both the contract employee and the contract company by the US Government and is administrated by the US Department of Labor.
This Insurance is required on all US Funded Government Contracts overseas.
The premiums are quite expensive and are “cost reimbursable” to the contract company.  The US Tax Payer pays the premiums.
The US Government also reimburses to the insurance company everything it pays out on War Hazard claims to include it’s eternal attorney fees, under this act plus 15% for admin fees.
Many of these DBA policies are contracted to companies at a set rate.
We have yet to figure out why any of these contract companies would assist the insurance company in denying claims.
Over all, the less paid out, the less the American Public will ever learn about the true costs of these wars both monetarily and by the casualty count.

Gary Brownfield

Sep. 27, 2011, 5:15 p.m.

This is why we need Ron Paul in the White House to bring the troops home and stop this non-sense. Just like Vietnam, we are there just to profit the few and not the many.

Jawaralal Bernstein

Sep. 27, 2011, 7:14 p.m.

A sad tale, but a worthy suit.  The government will do everything to shunt it to ground. The companies are less vulnerable.  Better to try the govt first.

I will read the suit, but I hope it includes False Claim Act violations.  If the government paid DBA costs but no real insurance coverage existed, the invoicing of the DBA premiums as part of bills to the government is a False Claim Act violation.

Go get ‘em.

Mercenaries working for the U.S. government are most definitely mercenaries.  The saddest thing is that, ever since the end of the draft, America now has an entirely mercenary Army, Navy and Air Forces.  Big countries that employ mercenaries always end up losing.  Libya is just the latest example.

My story fyi to whom may care.  The opportunity became available to assist our nation and fellow soldiers, known as GWOT Already retired returned to service, first as a contractor than GS to be designated NSPS.  Intent to return back what the service did for me.  While at the city/home of the Airborne was struck by an Auto crossing a common used way by other pedestrians.  2 yrs post 2 wk coma, 3 severe TBI’S, depression multiple surgeries and perm disability was informed and instructed by US GOV’T WILL acquire a lawyer to seek and receive 3rd party reimbursement.  The thought Pedestrian as right away,  the auto driver duty to insure pedestrian has right away.  Not to be in No. Carolina.  The law sides against the pedestrian,  therefore Insurance Company refused pay out and their lawyer recommends to seek dismissal thru Summary.  Fortunately I received medical care and WC commensation of $750,000.00 but lost profession, and forced to disability retirement.  The taxpayer paying the tab.  I on the other hand for the time being was allowed to eval and treat our heros for TBI, PTSD and Fit for Duty.  However I feel our Nation and self were wronged.  The driver at discretion of police officer was not cited.  I was advised to drop case,  but most injurious to self, is a breech of contract.  All civilian are expected to be covered by workers comp,  Because I took oath as Federal Employee, incur responsibility to seek recupment of charges/cost of medical care.  If Insurance paid wife rec’d 25% recupment for loss of consortment,  lawyer gets 33% and my share goes to Government.  Back to Drawing Board,  I will watch this subject with prejudice and interest.  The good of this I will improve the bad no one will recup any financial reimbursement,  and once again the taxpayer pays.  Others are worse off,  therfore I owe it to them to fight on and count my blessing remained state side.

When the government goes to war, it should go to war as the government, not as a coalition of private businesses dedicated to war.

The privatization we’ve seen in recent years probably demonstrates that without the draft, the government cannot get enough “soldiers” to do the things that soldiers used to do without the help of private companies.

Aren’t there enough young men and women willing to do their patriotic duty and join the fights against our “enemies”?

The little fairy tale posted a bit early by some guy who calls himself “nick” doesn’t make me shed a single tear.  He was a civilian contractor making lots of money in Iraq, although notice he doesn’t tell us who his employer was.  He was at home on leave and got hit by a car in a pedestrian lane.  He also doesn’t say whether he had been drinking or not before walking across that street.  I have no doubt he’s a bigtime participant and a possible originator of this obscene lawsuit, but I, and most decent Americans, have zero sympathy for him.  Do feel free to respond.

I really liked this comment because I was a company commander in Viet Nam in those days.  The writer only forgets that there were many mercenary contractors there even in the early days.  The biggest, present over all the country, was known as RMK-BRJ.  They put up big signboards all of the country to advertise their presence, but it was very hard to find any evidence of any useful work they did outside of the immediate environs of Saigon where they built a few roads, some bridges and a couple of power plans. 

Their initials stand for Raymond, Morrison and Knudsen and Brown, Root, and Johnson.  There were the largest American public works contractors in the world at the time.  Lyndon Johnson, in his early panic over having gotten involved, called them in early and gave them no-bid contracts just like the Bushies did many years later.  When Nixon came into office, he expanded their contracts even more, paid them a whole lot more and encouraged lots of other buddies to do the same.  The Republican Party learned a lot from that and expanded it worldwide under Reagan and Bush 1 and minor 2.  They had found their moneybags and gave them lots and lots more gold.

Nothing they all did ever improved the life or surviveability of any soldier in Viet Nam in those days.  They sat back in secure Saigon and other cities and towns with us providing all the security.  It was utterly shameful.

I’m sorry I didn’t make fully clear that my first comment referred to the guy who calls himself “nick.”  My second comment is mine alone and was not intended to be a compliment to “nick.”  The only credit he gets from me is that his whining reminded me of how far worse it was in Viet Nam when the government first turned to big time mercenary contracting.  It’s even more obscene now than it was then.

Johann Steenberg

Sep. 28, 2011, 2:17 a.m.

@dsrobins - I don’t know what you are smoking or which tablets your Dr. prescribed to you but it sounds like good shit - - - take some more of that !

For your information I have the highst regard and respect for all US troops who served in Vietnam or Iraq / Afghanistan in both Dessert Storm as well as Operation Iraqi Freedom. Before you generalize and make statements about contractors please find out the facts. It is not all contractors who were cooks and bottlewashers ! Some of us were Personal Security Detail Members who were tasked with the safe transportation of high ranking American officials like Condeliza Rice, Hillary Clinton to name just two as well as 3 and 4 star generals. My convoy which I was in charge of got hit by roadside bombs no less than 26 times in a period of 11 months. We were definitely not sitting in safe places inside a base camp being protected by the US Military or any other coalision force army,we were 7 days a week ,14 hrs a day exposed to the terrorist and insurgents who so dearly would like to infiltrate and take over the United States of America and shatter all your dreams.GO AND READ THE FILED COURT DOCUMENT,STUDY THE INJURIES OF THE CLAIMANTS AND READ ABOUT THE FANTASTIC WE GOT FROM THE AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANIES INVOLVED AND THEN YOU COME BACK TO THIS FORUM AND MAKE STATEMENTS !!!!!!

Now there’s a surprise corporations and insurance companies denying medical treatment and disability payments, that almost never happens

Good Article-But just more of the same. Government allowing their friends to steal taxpaper dollars.

This should be a Que Tam suit naming one or a group of individuals suing the corporation ” In the name of the King” and go after these war criminals and jail them. KBR was a Cheney company and the biggest of the big war criminals.

After WWII before laws shut down these profiteers stealing government money, they were brought to justice.

Unfortunately, these same cases were delayed and finally came to fruition in the 1950’s. By that time the real actors were dead or gone and it became routine for the Government to then fine these war profiteers. This laid groundwork for corporations to somehow become separated from crime and only to be fined for illegal behavior.

Republicans want to privatize all government services so they can reap the profits.  This is what we would get if it’s allowed to happen.  Corporations are simply a group of people but for some reason are society,and law, allow them to funciton without any social conscience.  Something I learned in Business Law 101: The law decides the lowest social bar in a society.  It appears some corporations function right down there with the lowest social denominator.


Sep. 28, 2011, 2:06 p.m.

i for one know first hand they are lieing i was not paid the full amount to start with then i was cut off from my pay with out cause. i was not released to work and 6 years later im still not thes companys have coast me every thing i had at one point .

We have to focus on things like:
Job creations for millions of factory worker @ minimum wage.
Basic Insurances and No Unions to start with, at low labour cost on global compitition.
And many more….....................

Too bad the majority of folks posting here have no clue what the REAL issue is here!!! It is about civilian entitlement to workers’ compensation benefits due to injury while working in a position overseas in support of our troops!  The Defense Base Act (DBA) is supposed to address workers’ compensation benefits…just like fed employees have OWCP and states have workers’ comp benefits for injuries on- the-job that occur while living in each state. And, for those of you working, injuries on- the- job should be addressed thru the applicable system! IF DBA didn’t properly cover contract employees who were injured, then it is more than a real shame and, thus, the need for a lawsuit since these are people who got injured while working and were promised/entitled to medical and/or wage loss benefits while recovering. They should have received what they were entitled to—and, in a timely manner.We would ALL expect the same if we were in their situation! Remember, we are talking about everyday men and women working to make a living and trying to support our troops…

Jawaralal Bernstein

Sep. 28, 2011, 6:56 p.m.

To dsrobins—so yearn for the good ole days.  I’d rather have less US military overseas and in danger than more.  Further, it costs the government on the order of half, or less, to send a contractor to do menial work, like loading trucks or working in kitchens, than it does to have US military do it.  I was in Vietnam as a draftee and assigned to an infantry division.  There were the construction guys you name, as well as many contract aircraft mechanics for the many choppers we have.

We should hope that the government does right by our service members.  Lord knows, were it not for the Walter Reed hosp. scandals blown open by the (usually clueless and hapless) Washington Post, the govt would have gotten away with negligent, niggling care.  We need to watch the government carefully.

The government also owes good faith help to contractors.  They are not int he same category as military members, but at least they deserve to get the DBA their companies were compelled to supply.  The govt should go after the contractors and insurance companies who are dodging responsibility.  A lawsuit is not enough.

To dana:  Good and appropriate post.  The relevance here is workers compensation.  I have experience both as a recepient and as a care provider.  But like the promises made to us vietnam era vets and later desert storm vets or even as a retiree not all issues, laws, programs, or promises are they appear or we expect.  They donot always apply equally to participants of the conflict rather AD, RA, NG, RES, GWOT, OIF, OEF and specifically the work comp scenerio.  As an unemployied American I apologize for misunderstanding that I was looking for pity or tears.

At first I was only seeking and hoped for gov like employment,  after a 10 year absence from government service.  9/11 provided me an opportunity to return to that service and an opportunity to repay to my country a skill learn from the Military.  However, to maintain authorization and qualification as a med provider I am required to maintain credentialling and continue education of 100 hrs at a cost of $500 to $1000.00. 

While attending a conference on excused Temp duty to maintain this requirement of my position as a Department of Defense Medical Provider I received a severe TBI, Coma, Career ending injury 2 yrs ago while performing in an official capacity for the US Govt, not a contractor but as a govt employee formally GS 11 step 10.  Not feeling sorry and regret I silently acquire info and self education daily.  I have come to learn how fortunate it is that I aM survivor. I have learn that there are many worse off than I. 

Reveiwing this Article amazes me how this subject is so close.  After a 2 week coma, neck fusion and family reunion was transfer to my home for rehab.  This was when I first became aware of certain subject areas first hand.  OWCP- Office of Workers Comp, DOL dept of Labor,  and how different this was to State Workers Comp,  and States judical system.  As a previous civilian wokcomp provider and Active Duty RA Medical Provider have familarity of the Insurance Deniel/Resistance, Employee/Command resistance to accept responsibility and the current limitation on a already burden system. Also the pros and cons of DOL OMP Retirement, Social Security.  Not wanting to be taken advantage, forgotten and lost or limitation of care.  Similar to what this Article IMPLIES with DBA.  Initially not knowing what benefits or care would be provided only what I hoped would get I informed my Nurse Case Manager to be aware that I was familiar with the Work Comp Process and possible utilization of legal assistance if medical rights not provided.  I didn’t know I had a OWCP Laison , Nurse or meet   until 3 MONTHS after injury.  I just found out there is such a law as DBA.  In addition, unknown to me there is a difference between federal workcomp, state workcomp and legal assistance,  this was brought to light by the Nurse Case Manager comment “You can’t afford a lawyer”.  Within 6 months of my release from rehab I experenced first hand what he meant.  When I was notified by US GOVT SOLICITOR I was expected and required to bring a law suite for repayment to Government for cost of my care,  which has been $750,000.00 to date.  I thank dsrobins for his thought of considering a tear,  however find it out of character for a company commander…..........My former commander in the 509th never cried. Maybe when he was rifted post veitnam war and rejoined,  I seen him 10 yrs later in the PX.  Cdrs at that ERAweren’t expected to care or considerate.  Their main job or concern was accountability and accomplish the Mission. Even recruits were expected to man up and not shed a tear.  As an enlisted volunteered I didn’t even know Company Cdrs as Jim, Joe, Hank but as Sir.  Not until I became a warrant did I even get invited to call an Officer by a first name.  22 yrs service taught me not to use drugs so I was not on leave nor had a drink my drug and alcohol screen was zero.  No I wasn’t the oiginator of this law suit or a participant.  Only voicing a view.

Again !  Sorry my TBI results in wordiness.  Working on it.

My experience with both Insurance and Workers Comp the client eventualy has to seek legal advise.  The health system ends up deciding on treatment plan as agreed to by Insurance Company until final medical status.  If client and lawyer does not agree, than case is sent to court.  Resulting in the Judge would typically side with the patient.  Not in my case. 

Federal The Nurse informed me I would be required to have up front a retainer fee of $15,000.  This was confirmed when US Govt sent me notice I would have to seek legal counsel to acquire 3rd party reimbursement.

Like the DBA victimization I feel a breach of contract.  I didn’t become a government employed not knowing if required care under workers comp I would be require to invest my money for what I thought was no cost to employee.  I proably would of never taken job if I was aware that I would accountable for third party reimbursement.  Beleiving care should of been non-cost. 

Initially came on board as civilian contractor working state side and Thought Work Comp covered by Company that hired me.  The job site was resistive to contractors and when opportunity surfaced for GS status   I ELECTED this.  From 2003 until 2005 was civ contractor.  2006 until present transfer to home state. 

Seeking legal advised was referred to an authorized fed lawyer who required payment up front at $300.00 / hour.  Only to be told thats the way it is.  In this state the Lawyer can not do free counsel if federal work comp issue.

Prior experience while assigned to the country Greece when I was the sole American Health Care Provider I would care for civilian and contractors, with indifference,  Priority of care was first Active Duty,  Emergencies handled first.

As a participant of the system I am frustrated how confusing acquiring medical care has become.  Our service men and women deserve the best and the non-military should also be provided the best.  No wonder the service person, spouse, or family member lacks trust in our medical care   or system. 

The jest of this is even with a legal requirement and congressional mandate health care possibly not be available.  Yet we consider our selves above and beyond.

Dana, you’re right, but it’s not JUST about that.  It’s about how we run this country.

Right now, we’re sending veterans overseas to blow up innocent people on suspicion that they might live near bad people, then bring them back to cut them loose with crappy care.  Then, to save money, we give extra money to an evil corporation that tricks people into signing their lives away to keep the soldiers in as few pieces as possible so they can cut them loose, even though care for them has already been paid for.

How many lives do we destroy to stop each alleged terrorist?

So yes, the people like Nick, Johann, and Coenrad (and anybody else named that I missed) need the care for injuries caused by putting them in harm’s way (that we as taxpayers have already paid for, no less—arguably, they shouldn’t even be denied fraudulent claims, on that basis), but we also really need to stop the practice and prevent it from coming up again.

Barry Schmittou

Sep. 29, 2011, 12:43 p.m.

DBA is one example of Multiple Insurance Companies Endangering Lives in Five Different Types of Insurance !!

I pray that someday someone will realize the exact same crimes are endangering lives in five different types of insurance !!

“Metlife and its henchmen” is an exact quote written by U.S. District Judge Richard Enslen in a Disability case.

WFAA - TV in Dallas wrote this about Workers Comp :

“a remarkable number of Texans committed suicide because they could no longer endure the pain caused by their injuries and they had been repeatedly turned down for worker’s comp care. Some insurance companies send peer review doctors medical files “stripped” of records important to the possible approval of workers’ comp claims.”

U.S. District Judge Sweet Writes MetLife Trained Agents To Ignore Evidence.

** Please remember the patients can die during the time it takes thier case to get to Court, but the DOL/DOJ Will Not Stop MetLife !!

While MetLife ignores evidence in disability cases, three U.S. Court of Appeals Judges prove that MetLife “reverse engineered” and fabricated a pre existing condition so they could deny Long Term Care to a very sick man.

Judges quotes Prove Unum insurance company is committing the same claims denial crimes at the same time MetLife is, even after Unum and MetLife have received multiple Non Prosecution agreements for illegal kickbacks to promote the sales of these policies !!

I was contacted by Daniel Brink and sent messages trying to help Daniel and other War Zone Contractors. ProPublica and the War Zone Contractors have the links to my evidence.

I am amazed that Daniel has survived all of this. My own life and many more are also being destroyed. I’ve fought so hard and many are very tired of hearing from me. It is understandable that when I post links ProPublica does not always allow my posts.

I am very thankful to God that the War Zone contractors may see justice. I also pray that someday someone will realize the exact same crimes are occuring in five different types of insurance, and war Zone is one of them.

In case this comment is allowed I will add some more Judges quotes :

In the case of Wright verses Metlife U.S. Magistrate Judge Jennifer Guerm wrote these quotes :

“MetLife relied on clearly erroneous findings of fact in making its benefit determination. MetLife’s review of Plaintiff’s appeal consistently omitted or misrepresented relevant information in several ways. On October 18, 2004, Dr. Barnett wrote a letter to MetLife stating:

“I am gravely disturbed by your misrepresentation of the facts with regard to my discussion with your independent physician consultant and your lack of due diligence in collecting further medical information regarding Mr. Wright’s health condition. Indeed, Mr. Wright has ongoing cardiac disease including ischemia and loss of function due to previous myocardial infarctions.”

U.S. District Judge Nancy Gertner won the Thurgood Marshall Award of the American Bar Association in 2008.

Here’s three important quotes Judge Gertner wrote about Metlife:

“It misquoted Whitehouse’s doctors and cherry-picked or took out of context statements made. The denials continued to press factual inaccuracies even after being informed of the errors.”

“Perhaps most egregious of all, it misquotes Dr. Bhan as stating that Whitehouse “[was] able to function” AR 116 when, in fact, he said “she was not able to function.” AR 121 (emphasis added).

In the case of Joanne Vick verses MetLife, Honorable U.S. District Judge Robert Cleland wrote that Metlife and their paid consultant Dr. Greenhood ignored a foot that Ms. Vick broke in 5 Places after she developed diabetic kytoacedosis following childbirth.

Here are two exact quotes Judge Cleland wrote in this case :

“Noticeably missing from Dr. Greenhood’s report is any mention of Dr. Al-Kassab’s November, 2001 office notes, Dr. Churchill’s November 13, 2001 office notes, and Dr. Churchill’s March 14, 2002 office notes. This is particularly significant in that Dr. Greenhood’s August 2, 2004 report specifically noted that “[t]here is no indication of seizures or falls.” Dr. Churchill’s March 14, 2002 report, however, indicates that as a result of her right sided weakness, Plaintiff broke her left foot in January 2002—in five places, no less.”

“Moreover, both Dr. Greenhood’s and Dr. Gosline’s reports contained numerous errors and inherent inconsistencies, which should have been noted by the plan administrator and resulted in less weight being given to them. (E.D. Michigan, Southern Division. No. 03-CV-73124-DT

That’s a very small portion of the evidence I have !!

We can argue on small financial matters endlessly but at the same time should look into bigger pictures too.
It’s time to change the Old foreign policies and domestic too involving money matters.
A new kind of world politics beyond territorial interests is just waiting around the corner to get into business in full swing!

Example:Bangladesh has now enough tax money and can now afford to get its inland terrorists for power and money or private insurgents in hard labor camps but not under leaderships of fathers of nations though.
Look, Saudi leadership is now becoming shaky and so will be many. A wise decision-‘not to punish women for driving’ and to be followed by many new decisions soon!
Everyone better believe in the cosmic queue for evolutionary transitions taking place now through human for the human @ 50% cosmic rule.
Read European News: If German were a municipal-like Government under new UN power, its hard working people could keep all the money they are earning for themselves. When it comes to credit, there is no difference between a guy and a country, because countries’ states mean representations of a few human minds. The true help that you can offer to your poor neighbour, is convince and get them into working for themselves.
No thing or money is enjoyable or truly belongs to you, unless you earn it honestly by your own hard work!


Barry Schmittou

Sep. 29, 2011, 1:28 p.m.


You wrote :

“We can argue on small financial matters endlessly”

There is nothing small about the life or death crimes that are being committed against injured, sick and dying patients and workers in the U.S. and in War Zones !

Please read my comment right above yours, or read the following one example, and know that your comment about small financial matters is not rational and shows no human compassion :

WFAA TV wrote :

“a remarkable number of Texans committed suicide because they could no longer endure the pain caused by their injuries and they had been repeatedly turned down for worker’s comp care. Some insurance companies send peer review doctors medical files “stripped” of records important to the possible approval of workers’ comp claims.”

Well, if it makes the contractors feel any better, I have no doubt those who transformed war into a profit center - the right - will also seek to defund Veterans programs if and when we are no longer involved in protecting their access to oil.

Barry Schmittou

Sep. 29, 2011, 2:29 p.m.


The left is evil too. They have seen all the evidence I’ve referenced in my first comment and done nothing !!

I’ve received letters from Obama’s DOL Directors who said it’s their top priority to stop violations, but they’ve done nothing !!

The following ProPublica quotes that reference the last twenty years prove it’s both political parties including the Obama, Clinton and Bush administrations :

“Workers fought long battles for medical care, including such things as prosthetic devices and treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. The Labor Department seldom took action to enforce the law.

“Labor officials can recommend cases for prosecution to the Justice Department–but have only done so once in the past two decades, according to Labor officials.”

You cannot imagine having your health benefits stolen by organized criminals while you have no money for surgery, medical treatment, food or housing, and at the same time the government does nothing about obvious crimes that occur repeatedly in five different types of insurance.

AND then you see Bush and Obama praying and quoting the Bible on TV and pretending they believe in God !!

Steve, I agree with most of what you say about the right, but the left is equally evil, and they know it !!

Explain to me why anyone should be concerned that Texas mercenary gun goons who earned big bucks in Iraq and Afghanistan are committing suicide nowadays.  Thanks.

Thanks John for your comments and understading.

Barry Schmittou

Sep. 30, 2011, 5:04 p.m.

To dsrobins,

Your description of contractors is not in touch with reality. Many of the contractors drive supply trucks and provide other general services that support our troops.

Your comment also distracts from the fact that wealthy insurance companies are repeatedly violating laws and destroying the lives of severely injured contractors.

One example is CNA issued a check to Daniel Brink, and then cancelled payment on the check and Daniel’s wheelchair and bed were repossessed.

Daniel lost a leg, fingers, toes and has many more injuries, and what CNA did to him is a pattern of endangerment committed by multiple insurance companies including the bailout kings at AIG.

I do not trust anything that the U.S. Government leaders do including their wars around the world, but it is not fair for you to make such an uncaring comment about the contractors while they are suffering with such severe injuries !!

Your comments also distract from the fact that Obama, Bush and Clinton’s Department of Labor, and DOL Secretary Hilda Solis have enabled and encouraged the insurance companies destruction of lives.

The following ProPublica quotes that I posted in a comment above reference the last twenty years :

“Workers fought long battles for medical care, including such things as prosthetic devices and treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. The Labor Department seldom took action to enforce the law.

“Labor officials can recommend cases for prosecution to the Justice Department–but have only done so once in the past two decades, according to Labor officials.”

dsrobbins, the DOL and DOJ are allowing these crimes to be openly committed in five different types of insurance !! Unless you and everyone you know are very wealthy there will be someone in your life who will have their life destroyed by these no conscience criminals while the DOL and DOJ set and watch !!

You asked why anyone should care. Anyone who has any concern for others should care about their suffering and try to help them. I believe anyone who has any spiritual goodness should care. I believe anyone who really believes in God should care.

The fact the DOL and DOJ set and watch this massive destruction of lives is so evil I believe we are experiencing the “wickedness in high places” mentioned in Ephesians 6:12

I’m not sure if I’ll have time to respond to any more internet bullies who bash, minimize, and attack severely injured human beings, but please know that whatever your hidden agenda is, I believe you are contributing to evil.

to Barry S,  and for Other TMC.  Thanks Mr S for your comments.  Wish I would have access to such reasoning, thought and opinion’s prior to my current invovement.  Knowing what I know now and current OWCP DOL experiencing I would of had second thoughts, maybe, being involved with GWOT. 

The reluctance of care and unerstaning by the leadership was not surprising.  Especially with constant attempts convincing the services that our soldiers need care after their injuries and service.  Many kept quiet and drove on.  Many suffered neurologic, cardiac and   psychological problems which on a whole was ignored until till now.  The problem and a different story for another time…ieAgent Orange/GWS…....Unfortunately,  many are gone and many suffered.  Now the VA is attempting to mak retribution. 

Today as you mention a draft free all volunter force the daners still persist.  PTSD and TBI complications are the main issues for the Forces.  To learned that our support personel, and civilian voluneers are being wronged is bad.  Basically the government as taken the worry of the draft and replaced this with civilian contractors.  When injured military and govt not responsible for insuring care   or maintenance.  The insurance compnies looking the otherway.

My thought is by ignoring the needs of these Patriots,  the isurance carriers are aiding the enemies intent and maximizing their effects.  This puts our troops in substancil danger.  If a soldier recalls how his Uncle or Father were not reognized service connected status by the 70s-90s VA and current denial of care to the contractor what do or how do we expect their response to undeliverable care.  That is truely broken promise. What can the soldier or service member expect.  What confidence is demonstrated when our Veterans and Civilian Contractors   acquire Parkinson, Dementia, Alzheimer or ALS from untreatable TBI.  America has experieced negative effects of PTSD for Veitnam Vets and this article brings to our attention the addition of a large Civilian group.  I has been reported n US yearly 100,00 new TBIs,  5 MILLION current TBIs nation of this 120,000 military also most likely with PTSD.  My question how can the governtment allow the Insurance Companies to continue lawless action.  Nick.

Thanks Barry, I will sure read later your valuable findings!
I know there will always be some kind of injustice here and there,but we may rest assure that silent balancing acts also taking place, some time too slowly.
All we and the wise ones can do best, try to find ways to keep smiling and be happy for our own healthy survival first, while tirelessly trying too boost the Cosmic balancing acts from our human end! 
I will take time for some personal and time related issues to follow your recomendations.

Response to “barry schmittou:”

OK, so you drove a truck there after Iraq was occupied.  Obviously you don’t remember of history of the invasion when Army truck convoys were trying to charge up the highways north even though GWBush, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld didn’t do their homework or tell them what to expect. 

These trucks were mostly driven by U.S. Army enlisted soldiers making, maybe if they were lucky, about $600 a month.  Some were female.  The further north they got the worse it became.  The Bushies hadn’t told them anything about the palm groves and mud walled villages once you got out of the desert and into the swamp areas north of Qurna and Nassiriyah. 

Suddenly, the mud walls and palm groves on both sides of the road erupted in rifle, machine gun and RPG fire.  They were totally unprepared.  The trucks were ordinary Army issue, unarmored, there weren’t any armored vehicles or even .50 caliber jeeps nearby to protect them.  The Iraqi forces even put up signs diverting the so-called MSR onto side roads into little towns and villages where lots more shooters were waiting.  For a while it became a massacre, and there were none of you civilian mercenary guys there then.

You came in many months later when the roads and villages had been secured by the troops and got paid $350 K for doing the exact same job, although it was far safer by the time yo late comers arrived.

Don’t expect any sympathy from any of us. 

bigfork, MT

@dsrobins:  You’re kinder than I am.  I think the Bushies low-balled the amount and types of armor required, the force requirement, and the length of time required (remember “Six days, six weeks…I doubt six months…”?) for two reasons:

1)  To get us in and “committed” quickly before their justifications were revealed to be the fairy tales they were revealed to be

2) For the same reason they ran the war “off the budget”:  To protect their tax cuts from any American who passed 6th grade arithmetic and wasn’t already one of their tools in Congress

So I have more sympathy than what my conscience tells me I should have “from a humanitarian perspective” for those of our military who were serving their country and who now find that they resent the complaints of those who were serving their own and their corporation’s rate of wealth accumulation.

It is particularly irksome, when you know that some of those particular wealthy Americans who run or ran or hold or held enormous amounts of shares in the corporations that got rich off the Iraq war are or will be encouraging the Republicans to reduce the amount of taxes they have to pay - even if that means cutting VA benefits and and the quality of VA medical care.

(In the name of full disclosure, my sympathies are also driven by the fact that I am a vet.)

Barry Schmittou

Oct. 1, 2011, 12:45 p.m.

To dsrobins and Steve,

I am sure both Bushs, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Obama are evil and their reasons for the wars are to increase or protect corporate profits. I still believe we should have compassion for those who are suffering including injured War Zone Contractors.

Examples of evil include Wachovia Bank laundered $378 billion for murderous Mexican drug cartels. The Obama administration did not prosecute one person at Wachovia !!

35,000 murders are associated with the drug cartels.

Here’s a quote C N N posted on 9/15/2011 :

“Two mangled bodies hanging like cuts of meat from a pedestrian bridge. A woman was hogtied and disemboweled, her intestines protruding from three deep cuts on her abdomen. Mexico’s notoriously ruthless drug gangs regularly hang victims from bridges and highway overpasses.”

Bloomberg news reported that Wachovia’s anti-money-laundering Director Martin Woods wrote :

“If you don’t see the correlation between the money laundering by banks and the 22,000 people killed in Mexico, you’re missing the point,”

“Woods says his bosses instructed him to keep quiet and tried to have him fired, according to his letter to the FSA.

Federal prosecutor Jeffrey Sloman wrote :

“Wachovia’s blatant disregard for our banking laws gave international cocaine cartels a virtual carte blanche to finance their operations,”

BUT no one was prosecuted !!!!

The $110 million Wachovia paid in fines is 1/3 of one percent of the $378 Billion they laundered !!!!

Here’s a quote from Huffington News on 9/21/11 :

“Suspected drug traffickers dumped 35 bodies at rush hour beneath a busy overpass in the heart of a major Gulf coast city as gunmen pointed weapons at frightened drivers.”

Here’s why I have compassion for anyone who is suffering including War Zone Contractors.

Many case examples prove insurance companies have repeatedly violated laws while they gave contributions to Obama and the Repubs the DOL and DOJ did nothing to stop them !!

Please remember ProPublica wrote :

“Labor officials can recommend cases for prosecution to the Justice Department–but have only done so once in the past two decades, according to Labor officials.”

dsrobbins, you wrote : “Don’t expect any sympathy from any of us”

I sincerely hope you will consider having compassion for those who were trying to earn a living by supporting our troops, but when they received severe injuries the DOL and DOJ intentionally allowed the widespread destruction of laws and lives.

Daniel Brink had his wheelchair and bed repossessed, and many have traumatic brain injuries but are denied treatment that the insurance company is required by law to pay.

ds, I believe what you wrote about Bush’s deception and your quote :

“Suddenly, the mud walls and palm groves on both sides of the road erupted in rifle, machine gun and RPG fire. They were totally unprepared.”

I have great concern and compassion for our enlisted men and women and believe many or all of them have often been cheated and deceived.

I think I am correct in saying that your comment about contractors making $350,000 a year is much higher than contractors make.

I have seen PBS videos about Iraq, and it was and still is Hell on earth. I believe this one example of intentional destabilization of the world that is so widespread I believe it must be Biblical.

The DOL and DOJ are allowing organized crimes to be openly committed by multiple insurance companies in five different types of insurance including Workers Comp, disability, Long Term Care, and Life Insurance !! Unless you and everyone you know are very wealthy there will be someone in your life who will have their life destroyed by these no conscience criminals while the DOL and DOJ set and watch !!

Steve, I agree with your quote “the Bushies low-balled the amount and types of armor required, the force requirement, and the length of time required”

But I would hope that if you were aware of the suffering the insurance companies repeated violations of law are causing you would have some compassion for those who are suffering.

ProPublica understandably limits comments to 5,000 words. I have a short list of some of some of the Non prosecution agreements that prove Obama and Bush allow corporations to violate laws and endanger lives. You can see this by going to the ProPublica home page and click on the article titled “Guide to the Latest on Pakistan’s Terror Ties”

You will see my name on the third comment and please scroll down to the bullet point short list of Non Prosecution agreements.

Every average citizen of the world is in great danger. I pray God will help us all !!

Barry Schmittou

Oct. 1, 2011, 2:34 p.m.

To Nick,

Thank you for your kind response Nick. I appreciate your input and agree “the insurance carriers are aiding the enemies intent and maximizing their effects”

I have reported the insurers as being treasonous and enemies of the U.S. as seen at

I pray for the injured and disabled because they are often treated very inhumanely, and I pray God will help you with your T.B.I.

I have also filed evidence in Court regarding all the Non Prosecution agreements Bush and Obama have given to their campaign contributors, including Wachovia Bank laundering $378 billion for murderous Mexican drug cartels. The Obama administration did not prosecute one person at Wachovia !!

More evidence on Wachovia and the murders in Mexico is seen in my comment immediately above this one.

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