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More Details Emerge about Drywall Settlement

Details of the settlement involving a major Chinese drywall manufacturer and several defendants emerged on Thursday in New Orleans federal court.

Details of the settlement involving a major Chinese drywall manufacturer and several defendants emerged on Thursday in New Orleans federal court.

As ProPublica and the Sarasota Herald Tribune reported, drywall manufacturer Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin, several insurers, and drywall supplier, Interior Exterior Building Supply, will begin a pilot program, in which the companies will pay to remove the drywall and wiring from 300 homes built with Knauf board.

The pilot program will begin with 40 homes that the attorneys have already determined are built with at least 95 percent Knauf drywall.

The repairs--which include the replacement of all drywall, wiring, copper pipes, the air conditioning systems, fire safety equipment and all damaged fixtures--will be reviewed by an independent environmental firm after the work’s been completed.

The total amount that Knauf pays could be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The procedure can cost about $100,000 per home and plaintiffs’ attorneys allege that there are 3,000 homes affected.

Attorneys for Taishan Gypsum Ltd., a drywall manufacturer with ties to the Chinese government, do not appear interested in participating in the pilot program.

"They absolutely do not understand why their high-quality drywall allegedly emitted excessive amounts of hydrogen sulfide," Joe Cyr, the company’s attorney said in court on Thursday. "We're not right behind Knauf in any kind of settlement negotiations."

For more details, read the Sarasota Herald-Tribune story.

This all sounds great ... but what specific corrective Protocol are we talking about ???
Sounds good to reference Judge Fallons guidelines ...
How many houses actually have 95% Knauf Brand ???
Based on 600 plus analysis to-date ... not very many ...
Based on original news story we went from 300 to 40 pretty quick ...
40 is good, but how many more will meet the qualification threshold ???
Now how and who determines percentage ???
Remember ... labeling is on back side of boards ???
Please understand, numerous “grey” areas need to be clarified in detail before signing or accepting the “Knauf” Repair Protocol ...
Example ...
What treatment method will be employed / applied to neutralize the residual effects or materials that have absorbed the “vapors” or “out-gassing” ???
What guarantee actually covers the work performed ???
Who will perform the work ??? How is mold / mildew handled when un-covered ??? What type “clearance test” is performed and by whom ??? (This needs to be an Independent Third Party)
Who test new drywall prior to new installation ???
How is that drywall tested ???
Starting to understand my concerns ??? Please review these and other questions on my web-site ...
If you do not hire my firm (Consumer Advocates), please hire another Professional with Specific Tainted Corrosive Drywall Construction Knowledge ...
Call with any questions ...
Michael S. Foreman

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ProPublica and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune began examining in May 2010 what was—or wasn’t—being done to help people whose homes had been built with contaminated drywall. The problematic drywall, much of it imported from China, emitted foul odors and frequently caused mysterious failures of new appliances and electronics. Worse yet, some residents complained of serious respiratory problems, bloody noses, and migraines.
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