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Tainted Drywall

Foul air from Chinese-made drywall is causing a nightmare for thousands of homeowners, who have complained about severe respiratory ailments and corroded electronics. Several companies that handled the drywall knew there was a problem for two years but didn't warn consumers or regulators.

Foul air from Chinese-made drywall has created a nightmare for thousands of homeowners.

Home Builders Lobby Weakens Drywall Legislation

Drywall Manufacturer Agrees to Settlement

Senate Subcommittee Grills CPSC on Drywall

Insurers for Drywall Supplier Settle Lawsuit

CID Concludes Infant Death Investigation at Fort Bragg

CPSC Report on U.S.-Made Drywall Raises More Questions Than Answers

One Drywall Lawsuit Against National Gypsum Dismissed; Other Claims Pending

Senators Call on CPSC to Allow Public Comment on New Drywall Fix

Federal Agency Changes Guidelines for Repairing Homes With Defective Drywall

Expert: Builder’s New Guidelines for Chinese Drywall “Feel Like a Whitewash”

Fort Bragg Infant Death Toll May Climb to Twelve

Habitat for Humanity Buys Back House Built with Chinese Drywall

Experts Skeptical of New Report on Infant Deaths at Fort Bragg

Drywall Woes Continue -- Seeking Redress in Court Could Provide Little Relief

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American-Made Drywall Emerges as Potential Danger

Federal Probe of Chinese Drywall Falls Short

Methodology: Chinese Drywall

Lowe’s Amends Settlement to Get Drywall Victims More Money

Habitat for Humanity's Chinese Drywall Problem Surfaces in Florida

U.S. Regulator Investigating Defective Drywall Demands China’s Cooperation

China Plays Tug-of-War With U.S. Inspectors Over Drywall

More Details Emerge about Drywall Settlement

IRS Offers Tax Break for Homeowners With Defective Drywall

Habitat Changes Its Tune on Defective Drywall; Must Gut at Least 70 New Orleans Homes

Documents Tie German Company to Chinese Subsidiary That Produced Defective Drywall

Lowe's Drywall Settlement Continues to Be Scrutinized; Attorneys Defend Fees

Proposed Lowe's Drywall Settlement Offers Small Payouts to Victims, Big Fees for Attorneys

Habitat for Humanity to Look at Drywall

Is Chinese Drywall Making Habitat for Humanity's Houses Uninhabitable?

Freddie Mac Offers Relief to Homeowners Dealing With Chinese Drywall

More Companies Knew About Tainted Drywall but Stayed Quiet -- and Kept Selling It

Documents Unsealed in Chinese Drywall Lawsuit

Tainted Chinese Drywall Concerns Went Unreported for Two Years