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Proposed Stimulus Bill Blocks Funds for Blago

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (Scott Olson/Getty Images)Who knew that reading the stimulus package could be so stimulating?

We’ve been scouring the $825 billion House version (PDF) of the pending economic stimulus bill this morning, and here are five curious clauses we’ve found so far. While we’re making phone calls, please contact us with any others you find.

1. Blago Out, Stimulus Bucks In

No Illinois state agency can spend stimulus money without the state legislature’s approval, the bill says, until a certain “Rod R. Blagojevich no longer holds the office of Governor of the State of Illinois.” Ouch. We’ve put a call into the governor’s office to see what he thinks of this.

2. Sorry, Las Vegas

The bill specifically prohibits stimulus funding “for any casino or other gambling establishment, aquarium, zoo, golf course, or swimming pool.” No mention of roller-skating rinks.

3. At Least We’ll Have Our Health

A variety of allocations in the bill go to health-related projects that do not appear to be directly related to the country’s economic health, including $500 million to the Department of Health and Human Services for “evidence-based interventions in obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, tobacco cessation and smoking prevention, and oral health,” another $335 million for “domestic HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, sexually-transmitted diseases, and tuberculosis prevention programs,” and $420 million for flu vaccine.

4. One Less Thing to Worry About

What’s worse than the Great Depression II? Lava. The bill specifies $200 million to the U.S. Geological Survey for maintenance projects including “equipment replacement and upgrades including stream gages, and seismic and volcano monitoring systems…”

5. It Is Rocket Science

The bill sets aside $400 million for NASA, $250 million of which is for climate research projects. But the remaining $150 million is for “aeronautics.” If they told us, we probably wouldn’t understand.

This is how a federal government that has grown out of control controls sovereign states illegally. Who is governor of any state is none of the federal government’s business.

Illegal federal regulations on business, the refusal to protect our borders, and illegal federal regulation of state property have brought many of the states to the brink of economic ruin. They don’t have a money press to print their way out of it. The states have no choice but to petition for redress under the First Amendment or secede on behalf of their citizens.

The derivative product of sabotage/deregulating banking from the gold standard proferred by Private Secretaries and a civil service devolves into economic collapse.

Vectoring the thrust of the melting pot to stalk and kill civil servants for their pension funds, private lands and business to finance a fascist overthrow of democracy and turning it into a fascist tool yields dysfunctional results, unless depression is your goal.

People learn much from suffering in nature. But from psyclops deliberate operations they learn to resent gov.

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