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Schwarzenegger and DSK: When Powerful Men Cross Lines

Reporting on politicians’ sexual misconduct calls for people who have been abused to put their humiliations on display. But there’s no guarantee it will have an electoral impact.


Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on May 10, 2011 in Los Angeles, California (Jason Merritt/Getty Images For The Consulate General of Israel)

The week’s news about the sexual conduct of politically powerful men gives me a queasy feeling of déjà vu.

As the French agonize over whether Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s star power quashed past allegations, I can respond cynically: Yes, that probably happened. But we should not automatically assume that timelier reporting about Strauss-Kahn’s sexually aggressive behavior (including an alleged violent incident in 2002) would have slowed the 62-year-old Socialist’s march toward the French presidency.

I speak from experience.

Eight years ago I was dragged scowling and complaining into an investigation of allegations that Arnold Schwarzenegger—the leading candidate for governor of California—had sexually harassed and molested women, including those who worked on his movies.

A team of reporters for the Los Angeles Times, where I then worked, had been pursuing the story for weeks and were about to publish a first piece. With the election days away, I was pulled in. At the time I was deep into an investigative project about a troubled Los Angeles hospital that had a history of harming or even killing its patients. Digging into the Terminator’s salacious back story seemed a tawdry detour.

But the orders came from on high. They needed someone adept at persuading reluctant sources to share traumatic or humiliating experiences. So, out I went crisscrossing Southern California in search of women groped by the Republican candidate for governor. Some declined to speak. Others brusquely said nothing had ever happened.

But several reluctantly began to describe behavior that appeared to cross every imaginable line. As I interviewed these women, I came to believe in the importance of the story. They were strong, professional, independent people, women like me: competent and assertive.

Their experiences with Schwarzenegger were double humiliations. First they suffered through the acts themselves: demeaning—often public—groping, unwanted, invasive kisses, crude, belittling comments.

Far worse, they felt forced by circumstance to let Schwarzenegger behave badly—like an overindulged toddler, as one woman put it. A complaint against the bigger-than-life moneymaker could tank their careers. Not a single woman felt anyone would have taken their side or chastised the star.

The abuse of power—and the judgments underlying it—were relevant facts for Californians preparing to cast a historic vote. (As was Hollywood’s repeated willingness to look the other way, but that is another story.)

So, in urging women to go public with their accounts, I was arguing something I truly believed, which was that their stories would be of use to voters.

I went to the door of a woman in Orange County who supposedly had conceived a child with Schwarzenegger. She became teary-eyed the moment I identified myself as a reporter, repeatedly and emphatically denying that Schwarzenegger had fathered her son. Soon after, a British tabloid published her name and said she had a “love child” with the actor. We were never able to confirm this. (The 2003 story resurfaced this week when Schwarzenegger admitted he had fathered a child with a member of his household staff more than 10 years ago. The LA Times, which broke the story, described the mother as a staff member who recently retired. This does not appear to be the woman I interviewed, a former flight attendant on a charter plane.)

Ultimately, several women agreed to recount their experiences with Schwarzenegger, courageously diving into the maw of a nasty political campaign.

Three days before the election, Linnea Harwell, who had become the manager of an Atlanta art museum, described how Schwarzenegger regularly stripped naked in front of her on the 1988 Santa Fe, N.M., set of the movie “Twins.”

Once, Harwell recalled, he pulled her down on a bed while he was wearing only underwear and let her go only when someone called her on her walkie talkie. “He was laughing like it was all a big joke,” she said then. “Well, it wasn’t. It was scary.”

Unless his wife, Maria Shriver, was on the set, Harwell said, Schwarzenegger made rude comments without caring who heard. She recalled wondering “Why does he think he could get away with it? But he could.”

Carla Baron, a stand-in on the same movie set, said the actor and his buddy had sandwiched her between them, then forced his tongue down her throat. Another woman haltingly told me how Schwarzenegger pinned her against him and spanked her.

Schwarzenegger denied that the alleged events on the “Twins” set had occurred but issued a general apology. “I have done things that were not right, which I thought then was playful,” he said. His wife stood by him.

Election Day arrived, and Schwarzenegger was elected by a wide margin. The Los Angeles Times was castigated for smearing Schwarzenegger close to the election. Ten thousand readers canceled their subscriptions. I received a string of vicious calls and emails. The women were branded as liars desperate for a share of fame.

One of the women called me in tears. I’d cajoled her into revealing her humiliations—and here was yet another. The voters, like Hollywood, ignored the star’s troubling behavior. I was devastated and angry too—and guilty for wasting their courage.

If the press had simply investigated and reported on the past allegations against Strauss-Kahn, would it have mattered?

Or did it take an arrest to change the course of French politics?

Of course it takes an arrest. The world of tabloids is very much more real to most people than the world of investigative journalism. In the world of tabloids, sex dominates, and everyone is constantly talking about scandals, some real, some fabricated.  To complicate matters, Schwarzenegger was an actual tabloid entity to begin with.  Therefore, those registering their complaints could not have appeared to be legitimized exept by State corroboration.

Bill Grundfest

May 17, 2011, 6:01 p.m.

The reason so many people believe that ALL politicians are sociopathic liars is that so many ARE, that the only rational stance is to assume they ALL are. Arnold not only crossed these lines, but LIED to his wife FOR TEN YEARS - not about sex, but about an actual living child that existed. Arnold, John Edwards, Gavin Newsome, Antonio V. and yes even Bill Clinton - they can lie to your face as easily as breathe. So while there are (in all liklihood) “honest” politicians”, the only safe assumption is that a few good apples don’t rehabilitate the whole barrel.

The comparison is utterly preposterous. One is a serial rapist with a record and rumor to die for, the other is a muscular philanderer and a clumsy groper. Same issue, same orientation, same derivation - but one is the equivalent of an axe murderer, while the other is a simple Euro-Austrian male of the lower class.

Big or small, these men grope, or rape, because they can.  period.  Poor character knows no boundaries.

Stephanie Palmer

May 17, 2011, 6:13 p.m.

The fact of the matter is, it’s a man’s world. They are totally enthralled with their genitals. I have often thought that the best gift that could be given to a man would be to drill a hole in the wall.  I no longer have anything to do with them. They are so boring.

I think Californians believed Arnold would save the state and they didn’t care about his past behavior. The voters voted their wallets.

Michele Zimmerman

May 17, 2011, 6:29 p.m.

I was appalled when I heard about the IMF Honcho- but we are inured to French men because “they are that way”. With A.S. it is not surprising- men in Hollywood, men in power think they are entitled to cross the line and no one says anything because they need the job or they do not want to cause trouble. I left the Securities & Real Estate Industries in the 1970’s because I was attractive and tired of all the Dirty Old Men. In fact, I found out years later, the reason I never became a full VP at a multinational Insurance Brokerage was that every time my name came up, a “friend” with whom I played squash said “she’s a slut, I’ve been sleeping with her for years”. I was of course, NOT sleeping with him; and only heard it after he died from a mutual friend who was also on the Board of Directors.
The net-net: I am glad I am 60+ years old, with white hair and work for myself. Private Industry/ of the Public Sector still does not protect its women. Shame!

Not only does he lie about this. What about the GAY years of his life before Maria. What about him and Franco Columbo and the boys at the old Golds Gym in Santa Monica?

@ Andrew: Of course it takes an arrest. The simple fact is, one act was criminal and one was not; sexist and stupid, but not criminal. There IS a difference.

Regarding the public’s reaction to Ms Weber’s Arnold-bashing articles… it seems clear that her personal views over-powered the story and exposed the women who confided in her, to even more public humiliation and grief.

Today’s article reflects the continuing sting of her past rejection, and she continues to take new shots at old Arnold.

At least, Arnold apologized… perhaps Ms Weber could terminate her continuing attacks, and consider a similar action.

Tracy, thank you for sharing your experiences as a reporter (reluctantly) trying to help the public learn the facts about Schwarzenegger. One of the issues readers have asked us to consider is whether the woman who had Schwarzenegger’s out-of-wedlock baby and/or the woman accusing IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn of attempted rape should be named. I’d love it if you joined the chat and shared your thoughts, based on the experience you describe in this piece. Here’s the link:

Between testosterone and the anabolic steroids that inflated Arnold Schwarzenegger to what he is, who can be surprised?

Unfortunately too many women in his vicinity were surprised.

It’s the testosterone, Stupid!

Haven’t you ever felt it.

It’s as primitive as cave art.

@BobCrothers, you’re still calling these articles Arnold bashing? Do you need to be in the room with our former Governor and his victims to believe it? Or is it that you don’t think what he’s doing is wrong?

I don’t understand what you’re saying.

What an absolutely brilliant post. I live in LA. I know the power behind the lies of the powerful. Brute force does not have to come from a slap. It can come from an emotional clown, which he is. How many people will protect someone “like that” - just so they can benefit from where they can get? I just find it all so threatening and abusive. Tracy, never give up on your courage. Listen to your inner voice. Stand up to those who don’t have the courage to stand up for themselves. And no matter how disgusted you become by it all realize there must be a voice of reason for others. Particularly women. Nancy Mills, Founder, The Spirited Woman

Does anyone know why this story came out now?  I find it hard to believe that Maria knew nothing all these years about what a creep her husband is.

Arnold has always struck me as a brute of a man, who has absolutely NO IDEA how to be with any woman in an appropriate manner. Even in his movies, when his character is supposed to be in love, you can see through his body language that he is uncomfortable acting out the giving of real affection, and certainly has no idea how to kiss in a loving or sensual way. I think he’s ‘Wham, Bam, Too Bad Mam’ when it comes to sex. And his idiotic groping and “Playfulness” is immature in the extreme. He really does not respect women - he just sees us a play things he can abuse. There’s something pathological about him. I never did understand why Maria married him - she seems so utterly kind and level-headed. My heart goes out to her and the kids.

Christine Glenn

May 17, 2011, 8 p.m.

@Bob Cruthers and others of his ilk.  Power exerted against another is a form of abuse.  Everyone has human rights - no one can take them from them but a bully can prevent them from exerting their natural freedom and rights.  Some people do not have a strong sense of ethics and respect for others; if they do not have the inner structure to act decently, society must provide the outer structure for supporting human decency.  Minimizing abuse because it is common works against society as a civilizing force and container.

I apologize to Tracy Weber. I had read only the start of her excellent account. This reporter is first class - and there’s little difference between DSK and the Terminator. These men are classics. They are beyond immature. They are beyond sick. They are primitive rapists, brutal in their ways - and there is not a civilized bone in their bodies.

My hat and my heart go out to Tracy and her brave and wonderful witnessing women - more power to them. Every man on the planet should support them - and rejoice in their courage.

The male of our species does less than half the work, causes wars, and is in need of an up grade.

That said, we have parented 5 males, and they are gentlemen, well educated - and decent to women and their fellow man.

Victoria Beck NZ

May 17, 2011, 8:36 p.m.

Thank you Tracy for doing what journalists are meant to do…dig for the truth and write about it. 

Wives of the above lowlifes usually know but choose not to give up the trappings which come with their mens’ status and earnings.  So they collude in their husbands’ brutality because they do nothing. 

Sad for the children who suffer, if feeling ashamed of parental disgrace, or, if proud, are tainted by the same stain e.g. some of the Kennedy boys went through life in the same way.

This is not about men seeking sex. It is about power and control. We should examine direct attacks and unwanted groping as surprise assaults with the intent to terrorize. This story describes predatory behavior for which a civilized society can have no tolerance.

I used to lift weights at the old Gold’s Gym where Arnold worked out every morning and then at World Gym, too. His puerile behavior was common knowledge. He was a bully to men and women, but his approach to women was especially demeaning and openly sexual. He would yell at a woman doing leg-presses: “I’d like to see you with your panties off!”

He slept with several of the women who worked at the beauty salon next door to the gym, and this went on while he was engaged to Maria.

I’ve always wondered why Maria Shriver would marry such a man, But I believe that his marriage to her worked to deflect his real nature. People figured that if a smart, successful woman like Maria chose to marry him, he must be a decent guy.

Maybe the L.A. Times would like to take up the story where they left off?

Schwarzenegger is, of course, a boob and everyone knows it.  No need for me to expound on that.  What I do want to comment on is the deeply unsettling and seemingly accepted undercurrent of “men vs women” present in the comments.  This story is about one human being who treats others he perceives as weaker than himself abusively.  That’s the story, it has nothing to do with whether the person is male or female - dehumanizing behavior can come just as readily from both genders.  Divisive comments about how innately awful men are and how special women are only serve to bolster sexism and the encourage the odious behavior of individuals like the Governator.

On a related note, I have to call the author out on her language in the article.  This line, specifically:

“They were strong, professional, independent people, women like me: competent and assertive.”

What if the women had been none of those things?  Would their suffering have been less meaningful somehow?  I’m sure the author meant no harm, but it’s implied nonetheless.  It’s important to consider, especially for someone who uses language to inform and move great numbers of people as a matter of course.

These men are elected because they are aggressive and dishonest. We can’t separate the character from the office. We ask for this.

I’m reminded of a picture I recently saw that showed Bill Clinton and Bill Richardson at a particular super-bowl Sunday party. Between them, a young woman, maybe in her early twenties. Her appearance is young, a bit naive and a bit innocent. I followed pictures of her over the next several months, thanks to popular social networking sites. She gets a job as a spokesperson for a state agency in Richardson’s administration. She also gets a racy look. Subsequent photos show her in Hollywood, no doubt at state expense promoting a state economic development agenda while Bill promoted Bill. She’s there with another woman, also seen in very-close cuddles with Richardson, bottles of expensive liquor on the table in front of them. Was there sex involved? Who knows. The first woman eventually married and moved out of state. Will she ever talk about her wild ride as a spokesperson for an admittedly aggressive governor who dared not face congressional vetting for a cabinet seat, and a philandering man who once served as president? Who know. I doubt it. Not unless we as a citizenry come to terms with our football-game approach to politics where winning is more important than integrity, where we decide our stance on our favorite issues reflect the epitome of morality rather than a vague effort to accomplish something by force of government we’ve been unable to achieve through humble, respectful negotiation with our neighbors.

Ladies let me be the devil’s advocate. I am sorry lady’s but I don’t believe all these violence coming from DSK. Have you not heard that a person is innocent until found guilty?. I once had a friend you use to say that all men were rapists.

Now I know that it has been the practice for men to get cheap pleasure out of groping at women’s parts . As a young girl travelling in crowded trains I often felt someone groping. As far as I know by reading the French press DSK is a bit of a “libertin”, so what if he likes women and I would say many women enjoyed the attention he gave them. In some countries it has been the custom for men to throw compliments of a sexual nature, it meant the woman was attractive, and most women took it with as a compliment not harassment, but now probably things may have changed , as is men who historically has the right to throw compliments but not women . After all who asks you to marry? With a few exception is still the male.

” His puerile behavior was common knowledge. He was a bully to men and women, but his approach to women was especially demeaning and openly sexual. He would yell at a woman doing leg-presses: “I’d like to see you with your panties off!”
He said out loud what other men only think.

“I’ve always wondered why Maria Shriver would marry such a man.”
She loved him. Why else? And if his puerile behavior was common knowledge, Maria knew it as well. 

All of you: Don’t judge so much. It is his life and it has nothing to do with you. He did not abuse anyone, did not torture anyone. All people are not average. He had another child and cares for him.  So what? No room at the inn?
Life is complicated.

I just read about the African guy who had almost 200 wives and hundreds of children.

Hey, look at what happened to Berlusconi: he was trying to conceal his “DSK” behavior behind a cast-iron curtain of hypocrisies, courteous sycophants, bigots on the market, bought acolytes; and then after two years of this going, boom! His wife left him in the ditch because she couldn’t take anymore of his sick cheats, and he lost his sanity.
Much of his undoing is just the way he thought he was topping of the crowd, and made public his sex-maniac sociopath attitude through his taylor-made media empire. Hundreds of prostitutes were invited in at his brothel-mansion, orgies were the dish of the day; all this peppered with arrogance, aggressiveness, political intolerance - no doubt a consequence of too much viagra - and the like.
Now he is done. Boiled; good for old people’s home (maybe a very posh one, but I doubt it given his vulgarity).

Salvatore DiChristina

May 18, 2011, 7:02 a.m.

The problem is these people are not ashamed or embarassed by their pecadilloes. Being of Italian descent and understanding Italian before I understood English, My father constantly, in Italian, gave us a rule to live by in three simple Itaian words, excuse the spelling, “Mango fata verogna”. Translation, “Don’t ever dishonor the family name”. Evidence that these pols, bankers, stockbrokers, lawyers etc, no matter how often they speak of fanily values, love of country, patriotism is rampant. Newt’s unfaithfulness to two wives (so far), Craig’s wide stance, Nixon’s I am not a crook, Ensign’s blackmailing of his aide, The BUsh/Cheney “We have irrefutable proof of Iraq’s wmds, Rumsfeld’s in a preemptive war, “You go with the army you got not the one you want”. Perhaps someone ought to explain to the man who fancies himself a wordssmith, Rumsfeld, what preemptive means. It means you decide when, where, what, the type of forces and the materials needed to complete your mission safely and successfully.

James B Storer

May 18, 2011, 9:29 a.m.

This is a fine report on an important subject.  In fact, it is an extremely important matter.  I imagine it took a great deal of gutsy work and shoe leather to put it all together.  I am generally confused by the thinking of those who censure the messenger (reporter) for reports of this general nature.  Great job Ms. Weber and keep it up.
  In this comment section there are posts that criticize Propublica for publishing comments containing slurs, especially those containing words or phrases that are unquestionably quite vulgar.  I disagree with this criticism.  I am not familiar, of course, with the Propublica review process concerning our comments.  I suppose there is a pre-scanning to avoid printing stuff that unjustly defames, or that may lead to law suits.  Also, if the comment section becomes overburdened with ignorance and nonsense something would have to be done.  I believe that such comment sections are a really fine way to present a democratic display of thought, pro or con, etc.  They often expand nicely on the original Propublica report.  Also, a lot of “food for thought” comes through in this format.  I believe that the reporting done by Propublica is of such a level that the comment section contains an overwhelming percentage of comments that are intelligently worded and by knowledgeable people.
  The matter of comments that are not the result of reasonably good thinking and those that are simply bashing for the sake of bashing can be skipped when reading.  I am against the one suggestion that off color comments should be edited so as to clean up the language.  This is absolutely the wrong way to go.  This would produce more trouble than it is worth.  For one thing, it then would print a comment that would present the fellow as more than he really is.  And his comment would become, partially, an extension of Propublica’s own reporting.  Yes, just print it like he wrote or not t all.
  I rather subscribe to the axiom, or adage, that a person’s idea or action is not less worthy just because the person is incapable of presenting it in “proper form.”  In other words, a rose moved to a less aesthetic vase surely remains as sweet.  These “slur” comments, of course, are usually worthless from the get-go.    Skartishu, Granby MO

The really horendous part of this story is if Maria didn’t know all these years. It’s one thing to have an illegitamate child. But to have your concubine and bastard living in your household while lying to your wife for 10 years? So everytime Arnie and his lover are in the same room with Maria they have their little secret smile? This is betrayal much more insidious than just fathering a child with another woman. It really illustrates a baseness of character that is amazing.

It was 20 years ago. let it rest.

Leslie Martin

May 18, 2011, Noon

Thank you for an excellent article. For anyone who says “let’s forget it, it happened a long time ago,” or for anyone who dismisses the effects on the women he treated so abusively, I say that although laws on the books put time limits on litigation regarding such behavior, there are no statutes of limitations on the pain, humiliation and other effects suffered by abused women, particularly if the abuser has so much power. It’s difficult enough to prove a case against any man but if he’s a star or “a beloved man in the community,” the chances of being believed are practically nil. Heartfelt thanks for your courage to all the women who spoke out.

The rich, powerful and famous have always understood that they could have anything they wanted; in a society just as America’s where they are idolized by the massess, most of whom would do anything to change places with the “star”, they have become accustomed to having it all.

I can speak to the fine character of one of the women who came forward and took the professional risks associated with speaking truth to power.  Colette Brooks was a volunteer in my silk screen program after the 1992 acquittal of the police who beat Rodney King sparked civil unrest that burned down most opportunities for young people in south Los Angeles.  She brought advertising expertise, style, love and confidence in my students every time she took the trip from her office in SantaMonica to 40th and Vermont.  That being said, she was as brave and clear on Arnold’s proclivities as she was as an advocate for hope after devastation.

The main mammalian issue with Arnold is this:  Since he has two children with different mothers roughly a year apart, one male, one female, didn’t he owe them disclosure to avoid incestuous flirting before now?  This is California, kids explore early. Maria the mammal, with his four babies—-only a sociopath would calculatingly wound her and spit on her sacrifices and vulnerabilities in such a way. 

His lust for power would never have been realized without his kennedy wife and Oprah and his kids as a beard.  Now the journalist who put her career on hold to raise his kids and realize his political dream has to look back on her most intimate moments following the birth of youngest child and see everything in a ghastly light.

Tracy’s words ring VERY TRUE here.

These events, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s behavioral pattern,  are everything she stated ... & MORE.

I was, unfortunately, one of the “groping victims” reported during CA’s Recall Election. Now I am an internationally-known psychic profiler, star of several tv series - you may know my work from truTV’s “Haunting Evidence” (formally Court TV) and “Psychic Detectives.”

Thank you, Tracy, for your words, and your courage to stamp out this type of errant behavior among those who acquire power.

~  Carla Baron

What a pig.  I always thought he was guilty from the get go.  As a conservative, he disgusts me. He is such a RINO!  He was boinking the housekeeper who worked for the family for such a long time and nobody suspected anything?!?  Please.  I hope all those women he groped, fondled, etc. can bring a class action lawsuit for causing them such emotional pain and embarassment and calling them liars.  Just as with Bill Clinton, when there is a trail of women making the same claims, they can’t all be lying!  Those women who do lie and make false reports, which I think is very rare (who wants to suffer more humiliation when making the claim, which victims often do), should be dealt with harshly.

I feel like many commentators are dismissing violent, non-consensual acts against women in many of the comments.  Groping, touching, pinning-down-on-a-bed, etc. is not the same as innocent flirting. 

This is not the same as being a “boor” or a “pig.”  And it may not seem like as big a deal as many of the other problems people face, but laws are laws—celebrities should not get passes just because they are recognized from movies, tv, the government, music, etc. 

When an aggressor attacks a victim, s/he does so without regard for the interests/cares/desires of that victim.  This disregard is central to cases of sexual assault and rape. 

Consensual adultery is very different from non-consensual groping, etc.  Please read the link above.

Ralph Chernoff

May 18, 2011, 5:46 p.m.

Hold it right there, Tracy. You seem to have forgotten something. It’s called the assumption of innocence. I’m sure they told you about that in journ school and I presume your editors at The LA Times have too. Der Terminator has confessed his sexual misbehavior, M. Strauss-Kahn has not. He has been accused, not convicted, of a crime. And he has not, unlike Herr Schwarzenegger, confessed to any wrong-doing but maintains his innocence.

As a journalist, presumably an ethical one, you are obliged to play by the rules, and the rule in this case is that you don’t smear, i.e., you don’t accuse anyone, either explicitly or implicitly (by, for example,  assuming guilt or by retailing an allegation as if it were fact) without proof. Not because your employer might get hit with a libel suit but simply because you’re a good, honest, respectable reporter. A reporter, Terry, not a prosecutor.

Just the facts, Ma’am.

Let me state up front that I have personally met Arnold Schwarzenegger and he is every bit and more the jackarse that he is now being made out to be.  I shook my head in amazement when he was elected, wondering how the populace could be so gullible to fall for such an a-hole.

Having said that, and after reading many retarded posts following the article, I must invoke one of my life principles – to call out any and all stupidity, inanity, or hypocrisy that crosses my path, any time and all the time, whilst challenging the offender to prove me wrong if she or he can. Most will fail . . .

@Stephanie Palmer.  “The fact of the matter is, it’s a man’s world. ... I no longer have anything to do with them. They are so boring.”

No, Stephanie Palmer, it’s not always a man’s world.  Your stereotyping is obvious and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re a racist too . . .

@Nancy Mills.  “And no matter how disgusted you become by it all realize there must be a voice of reason for others. Particularly women. Nancy Mills, Founder, The Spirited Woman.”

No, Nancy Mills, the voice of reason isn’t needed particularly for women; it’s needed for any human being that has been figuratively or literally f-ed over by another person whose ethics are challenged and whose actions are criminal . . .

@Sandy Lewis. “The male of our species does less than half the work, causes wars, and is in need of an up grade.”

No, Sandy Lewis, the male does not do less than half the work.  What is your inane basis for that statement??  But I do believe they do less than half the nagging.  And wars??  Last I checked, more women vote in the US than men, and wars are declared by an elected government, at least in the US, in which women vote in the majority.  So I guess actually you can say women cause the wars, can’t you??  And you declare women are in need of an upgrade.  As I said before to Stephanie dearest, your stereotyping is obvious and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re a racist too . . .

@Bill Grundfest. “Arnold, John Edwards, Gavin Newsome, Antonio V. and yes even Bill Clinton - they can lie to your face as easily as breathe.”

As well as each of the women that knowingly and willing participated in the aforementioned men’s unethical acts and dishonourable behaviour.  It does take two to tango, doesn’t it, Bill??  Sh!t cuts both ways, indeed it has to . . .

@April. “Those women who do lie and make false reports, which I think is very rare”

No, @April, it is not nearly as rare as you think.  I know from experience, as my estranged wife knowingly and falsely reported to the court that I molested my daughters, in an effort to steal them from me.  Luckily she didn’t succeed and I now have her and her cabal up on criminal perjury and conspiracy charges and will not rest until they are all convicted.  I have since met many people, both men and women, who have been screwed over by false reporting of misdeeds.  It’s what can happen when a deranged spouse meets up with an unethical attorney. 

Now Tracy Weber, if you really want to make a positive impact on society, go investigate that story – of how an unethical and disturbed ex-spouse will often do anything, literally anything, to f over their former partner, all the while supported and encouraged by their scumbag lawyers. It happens every minute of everyday.

Adam Turnbull

May 18, 2011, 11:49 p.m.

This is important ?

Important enough for you to read it and comment on it, apparently.

And so it goes—everybody has their own axe to grind.  I can assure everyone that men actually have more testosterone than women.  No doubt about it.  However, nobody has cornered the market on abusive behavior.  It can go either way.  BUT!!! men do run our world more than women do.  I did not make that up.  I have been abused big time by men in my lifetime.  I was told that I could not keep a job, because I would not go to a Miami hotel with a 70 year-old attorney and have sex with him.  At 70, you would think he could give it a rest.  I was about 26 at the time.  I was told by a 56 year old man that I was too old, (for sex, obviously) when I was 27.  I had the charming and delightful experience of being “ruffied” and attacked and raped.  Nobody is going to tell me that men are being beat up by the women.

As for DSK, he has been doing things of this nature for a very long time.  Men at 62 do not just start attacking younger women.  It is his form of fun away from home.  Lots of marriages, children, paramours, etc.  I wonder who asked him to retire from the IMF?  Maybe the IMF should be looked at more carefully if we are talking about abusive, immoral behavior.  Where there is smoke, there is fire.  This krap has been going on all over the world in all cultures where the powerful abuse the not-so-powerful, regardless of gender.  It is the curse of the human race.  We are still creating dictators.


May 19, 2011, 4:59 p.m.

There are two brain processes apparently at work here and a few social factors.  Brain processes:
-  Sex addiction appears to be driven by the same family/inherited brain impairments as other addictions.  Essentially, the individual is driven to self-medicate with sex. 
-  Mid Age Males Brain Changes -  As men age the “braking system” wears down in some and disinhibition increases.  This is the brain basis for the dirty/grumpy old man sterotype.

Of course, in an addictive brain it’s a double threat.

Social factors include the sex addict’s drive to seek social prominence/dominance to get access to the “drug of choice”—sex partners.  So Tiger Woods, politicians, business leaders, religious leaders, priests, etc….

Yes power seekers are much more likely to be sociopaths.  As a general principle, anyone unusual enough to seek office, and to put up with the sheer abnormality of life in the public eye, is probably unusual in more ways than just that. 

The drive to win, the drive to have power, “drive” itself, is multifaceted and expresses itself in social relationships, political relationships and sexual relationships. 

Political office seeking is deviant behavior, plain and simple, and a very specific kind of deviant behavior that is naturally associated with other kinds of power seeking too. 

The solution, by the way, is called “sortition” and would involve selecting legislators and leaders by lottery and other random processes so that elected “representatives” are actually, statistically, representative of their constituents.  It works for juries, and it could be applied much more broadly.

Yeah, yeah, I know.  Don’t be silly.  But, seriously, it’s the solution we need. 

It’s a real solution to avoiding the self selection process that assures that deviants and monsters consistently rise to the top.  (There are exceptions… all evidence suggests that Obama may be one such happy case… an apparently normal person in an an apparently functional marriage.)

calling the cohen brothers… now if this doesn’t have movie potential, nothing has.

Giving men a lift up

May 19, 2011, 8:30 p.m.

Imagine a world where incompetent, incapable, ignorant men aren’t given control of important issues of life on a silver platter.  It takes a very big imagination to rethink who we animalistically put in charge.

Strom Thurmond, uber-racist southern senator, had a daughter with his black maid who he never recognized until his deathbed.  That says it all.

boosting male elevation

May 19, 2011, 8:34 p.m.


Strom Thurmond filibustered the Civil Rights Act, acting against it for the longest duration of any filibuster, ever.

He knew he had a biracial daughter at the time.

@ Scott T. Kay— Agree with the depressingly common false accusations.  How do we, as responsible taxpaying citizens, respond to inequities of power and protect people with livelihoods and families at stake?  Guess the only thing we can do is repeat the mantra, ‘Innocent until proven guilty.’

@Tracy I remember the LATimes story—when it came out I thought it was too late and its presentation was not convincing (against the Terminator)...American voters view politicians as “liars” so whats new? 

The French and other EU countries have more tolerance re: sex and politcs.  Why was the “Love Child” just discovered. A sign of times that journalists again reporting late and with a lack of purpose.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is not the only politician ever to be accused of sexual harassment. Let alone having several woman claiming a child was produced, knowing full well he was a married man, yet the financial gain they for saw outweighed the reality that Schwarzenegger’s wife and children would be devastated. Some of these women were just as guilty as Arnold! California had no idea the depth of what was and had occurred with all these women. Stating that it was common knowledge and nobody in California, or “Hollywood” to those who think is the whole state, cared shows how this journalist still knows no facts to this story and should interview the people she is slandering before making accusations she happens to be so dead wrong about. California is hardly the only State ending up with such trash for a governor. They must have just “ignored” it also.

Rene Schlegel

May 20, 2011, 3:37 p.m.

I would hope that you would take some issue with your own line: “did it take an arrest to change the course of French politics”.
Justice must be served.
But it cannot continue that accusations and arrests alone change politics or anything else prematurely. Confessions should, or Verdicts. The public and the press need these patience. Specifically the media should resist the temptation to lean heavily towards guilt of anybody prominent being charged. It is a right of the accused to defend himself. Acquittal is always a possibility. We should respect that. And it has nothing to do with gender. Neither of the accused or the accuser.
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