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Tell Us About Your BP Claim


I am self employed in the resort industry.  Resorts retain my services to develop marketing programs and then assist in the sale of their resort properties. 

Prior to the oil spill, I had interviewed with a resort in Panama City, FL to provide my services for a new project they were in the process of developing.  They had committed to retain my services and based on this, I did not renew an existing contract that was in another state.  My initial agreement with the Panama City Developer was to provide a marketing program for $8,000 and then upon acceptance assist on a one-year contract to help provide sales.  I resigned my other position and began to make plans to start the Panama City project.  A few days prior to the start date, I receive a call from the above client and was told due to the oil spill, their bank was not going to extend funding and they were afraid to move forward as they did not know what impact this would have on the new project. So my agreement was cancelled.

I filed a claim with BP for the loss of the $8,000.  They then called me and asked for a detailed letter explaining the above with a copy of my drivers license.  I sent this to them.  They then called back and asked for copies of my tax returns for 2008 and 2009 and copies of pay stubs for this year.  I asked why they needed this info and they said to verify that I have income coming in.  I explained that as a 1099 employee, I do not get pay stubs or W-2’s…They then indicated they could not help me unless I can actually show loss of income for 2010.  They then stated that a lot of the “shrimp boat” workers get paid in cash and they could not help them as they do not have W-2’s.  I think this is a rip-off and just a way to make things difficult for the individual who has suffered due to the oil spill.  They seem to be more interested in paying “high profile” claims to companies that to those of us who have lost income due to the spill.


July 28, 2010, 8:17 p.m.

sounds like you know your business so do you think all of the news is just bs or are they covering up the truth?

Amanda Michel

July 30, 2010, 9:01 a.m.

John, would you write me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)? We’d like to talk with you.

I had to go between the claims office and bank/home/records four times before I was able to prove to them I had income that was affected by the oil leak.  It seemed as if they only wanted to downplay my issues and try to make it seem as if I had made more this year than the last two. It was difficult for me to prove everything but I did.  I think they have put these protocols in place so that they only have to pay big companies or government leaving the little guys with smaller claims to just tough it out.  Or move away.

I think you’re all just trying to pull some crap. Why don’t you just try being honest. 2 guys with problems out of all the people who read this story on the national news. Quit your whining!

While a tragedy and many people are affected and deserve recompense how many people will try and get “free” money when not actually impacted? It is only right that BP check so that they can actually pay money to those who truly are affected. Unfortunately, as is always the case like these, the people who suffer are those who don’t quite fit the “company” proof criteria. Just what criteria would people suggest though ?

Do you really expect BP to just hand out money to everyone in the US… hey why not the whole world just because they file a claim?

I beleive the BP Spill as well as others World Issues are tragedys , agreeing with posts many folks will try and file false claims . Just as they do in many situations ( hurricanes )
My question is Did you have a signed commitment or just verbel ? And is this contract your only income?
Anytime you have self employment -commission work it is hard to porve , but it must be dome for many situations . Such as Bank Loans , Equipment Loans , Insurance Claims ext.
Why should this be any different ?
If you are a true honest person it hsould not bother you to prove , gather infromation etc. that is asked of you

I have filed a claim with BP and have not gotten any results yet. Our claim has been proven over and over. I have also talked to a lot of small business owners in the area they are experancing the same things. I understand that BP has a lot of claims to check out but we sould be able to get some kind of answer when we call the claim center!

Concerned Pagan

Aug. 3, 2010, 9:25 a.m.

Money cannot undo what they did to wildlife and nature.

They don’t have enough money in the world to pay for this kind of stupidity.

These greedy white men will pay.

Amanda Michel

Aug. 3, 2010, 9:28 a.m.

Louis Aven, Jason, and John Mangum, would you write me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)?

BP has requested the same documentation from me (4) seperate times over the previous 3 months! At the same time assinging (6) different adjuster’s to my file! One guy was assigned on Friday and by Monday he was gone! This is the biggest joke I have ever had the displeasure of having to be part of. As of today ZERO dollars have been recieved.
To the above nay sayers who believe that everyone is just “pulling some crap” I would like for you to talk to the families of my workers who are about to lose their jobs! I’ll bet you don’t even live around here, your just an out of state “JERK” with no life of your own, or your a BP employee!

Amanda Michel

Aug. 3, 2010, 10:27 a.m.

Jeff, would you write me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)? We’d like to get more details from you.

Can any of you explain to me why BP still exists in its current form? They damaged our planet for decades/centuries to come and yet they still seem to have ‘rights’ to even exist..As a company they should’ve lost all their rights long time ago. I’m damaged in my view of this system where economy laughs at morality - but I’m not asking for recompensation.

If it’s up to me, all living human beings should be recompensated..we have yet to see the damage done..

I genuinely wish all affected people the best of luck to rebuild their lives.
Thanks also to propublica for their efforts here.

“To the above nay sayers who believe that everyone is just “pulling some crap” I would like for you to talk to the families of my workers who are about to lose their jobs! I’ll bet you don’t even live around here, your just an out of state “JERK” with no life of your own, or your a BP employee! “

Yeah, I would talk to your workers if they existed. Funny how you don’t mention what exactly it is that has caused you to fire all your workers. I’ll bet YOU’RE (notice the proper contraction for “you” & “are”) an out of state “HIPPIE” who’s just trying to stir the pot.

Let’s check the score:
Me = 1
You = shut up

Very productive line of dialogue.

Regarding BP claims, those who did not report earnings the last 2 years WILL lose. Only honest people will gain their lost wages this year. I am glad this is happening so all those people who get paid under the table LOST their cases and should really think about reporting their earnings honestly in the future. OR you can chose NOT to and you’ll eventually gain your loses back because you’ve never reported for taxes!

Ultimately anyone who can’t prove their income for two years essentially has no history of receiving income - and has no claim on future earnings lost.  Certainly BP is taking advantage of this, and I don’t begrudge them for it.  It’s similar to the mortgage industry…since the lenders no longer accept stated and no income loans people now have to show their income for two years.  If you don’t you won’t get a loan and it’s a shame because for over a decade the industry highly promoted the loans.  So you could not show your income on your tax returns, and be okay as long a your credit was passable.  No longer, and BP is taking advantage of this as well. 

Frankly the people who can’t or won’t show their income have been getting a free ride off the direct and ancillary resources of the ocean.

Take responsibility for yourself

Aug. 3, 2010, 2:01 p.m.

Guess what the world is w bureaucracy.  But I admire BP for making people prove their income.  The theft and dishonesty of Hurricane Katrina as well as other disasters has shown that people cannot be trusted if they think they can get a handout. 

I sympathize with those who have truly lost income. 
But get your ducks in a row and be ready to prove it.  If you are working “under the table” then too bad, you are not paying taxes, you are a criminal, you should be turned over to the IRS.
If you cannot prove you made money in 2009, why should anyone believe you might have made any in 2010, given the current economy, who’s to say you may not have been laid off anyway and been out of work?

Stop you whining, and keep the records you are supposed to be keeping anyway.  If you can prove your loss…you should be compensated, but if you can’t, shut up about it.

It is really amazing how people can rip a company for a tradjedy that involved people losing their lives. Everyone fills up on fuel as it is just there to dispense and takes it for granite until something goes wrong. Here is a company that is doing what every other oil company is doing but had a disaster and now the company has a black eye. Everything in this world is natural material or made by humans and no matter if usa or foriegn, things will wear out , break or fail. We can only perform prevenative mantainece but cannot predict a failure or totally prevent this from happening. Now is a time for people to get together, clean this up, support a company that employs many, many people and move on. Here is a great company that provides a great product. You think they like this or planned it??? I have no connection with BP I am not a stock holder or employee but a honest American worker.

You know I know man has the resources to rebuild their lives, and I’m very sorry they have to. But what about the wildlife? Man is destroying this earth, the animals and plants cant just pick up and move on. What about them?!

Very productive line of dialogue.

Apparently it was Jason, because other people have joined the discussion, not just a bunch of broken record crybabies trying to get a free ride.

For the rest of you “What about Mother Earth” people…..real live humans died in this tragedy. Who gives a crap about a few seagulls and some algae? Man is destroying the Earth….what a load of crap.

edwin panilagao

Aug. 3, 2010, 5:31 p.m.

it was impossible that was happen all oil wells consist of several remote radio control quick closing valves under the sea ground was it all malfunction? The action for stopping the spill so very slow. It could be done in less than a day with less expensive.

I want to say that the cost of a start up are far more than actual cash. People spend thousands of hours getting ready to start a business and do so on a shoe string, sometimes becoming billionaires. BP started for around 30,000 British pounds and is now worth 250 billion.When BP compensates start ups they need to be fair and equitable as many of the start ups will eventually start and if they go to court in a few years they will then have numbers that may cost BP a whole lot more than if they were just fair and equitable from the get go.

Neutral Spectator

Aug. 4, 2010, 9:10 a.m.

I am not in a position to pass judgment on true or false claims, but if I were of course i would want to see genuine evidence of loss of earnings, if you can’t prove it then it a lesson to yourselves to run your business’s in a more professional manner so as to protect yourselves from these sort of situations. To those who want to jump on BP saying that they have killed wild life etc not just with this accident but over previous year of supplying oil to the world, please wake up. It is us who buys the oil/fuel to run our vehicles etc. We have known for a very long time the damage we do to the world with using such fuels and yet does this stop people buy over sized polluting vehicles etc that are not necessary for our means, purley to satisfy our own ego’s “look at me and my great big car, everyone will know how successful I am” you are the people that drive the industry and the pollution that is a direct reaction to running huge over sized unnecessary pieces of equipment.

I am sorry to say that the USA is one country primarily responsible for this kind of behavior (has to be the biggest and the best) and for what? for stroking your own egos. If your not smart enough to think for yourselves and to protect the planet by making direct decisions then stop being such hypocrites. Next you will be suing the marketing departments that advertised in such away to make you buy the vehichles in the first place.

Take some responsibility for your decisions for the damage you cause by your decisions, and for the future health of the planet. Stop being so greedy on one hand and then turn against the company that just supplies you with what you think you need so desperately when things go wrong.

The oil spill was an accident, driven by the worlds addiction to oil and we all should take responsibility for that. Not blame others, haven’t you guys matured a single day since leaving high school? Open your eyes and even more difficult your minds, take some well needed responsibility. Or carry on the way you are going and don’t go blaming or crying to anyone when things go wrong.

Stop thinking like a selfish individual and start thinking like a caring society. All the money and material wealth won’t mean diddly doo doo when the environment is so badly damaged.

Why not write a list of what is really important to you, and tell the truth, I would like to think that making sure the planet is still inhabitable for future generations would be at the top of your list, not getting the latest SUV to show how successful i am.

I could carry on for ever on this subject but I don’t need to as we will be affected tomorrow by our actions today.

Earth is being destroyed by man, everyday “man” finds something else to use that isnt needed and it slowly kills earth. Stop being rude about it, you say who cares now but when we kill earth what will we have left? What’s going to happen to the human race, it will fade off just like the animals have been, and all thanks to us.


I’m not being rude, you’re just so ignorant.

The Earth is 4.5 billion years. There have been 5 ice ages (the Earth completely covered in ice). You can’t even conceive 4.5 billion years. You’re telling me that it can survive all that time, but man is destroying the earth by drilling for oil and using paper bags, no wait, plastic bags at the grocery store. Every day is some new stupid ass thing that’s destroying the Earth. They count how much red meat you eat as part of your ridiculous “Carbon Footprint”. Do you realize how stupid you all sound?

You know what maybe if I step back and look at the past yes I am wrong but you know what I’m not talking about the past because the past is the past and you sound stupid because I’m refering to the future and we can change it. The past is the past nothing can be done about it now but the future can be saved, it’ll be hard with negative outlookers like youself Tony. So before putting your petty lil’ inputs on what I have to say stop and think about the meaning behind what I’m saying and what I’m really talking about. Am I that hard to understand…?

This server wasnt put here to talk shit and see who’s smarter, this is about solving problems for the greater good. So if it makes you feel better coming on here and putting people down then your more pathetic than I thought. I wasnt tryin to sound smarter than anyone or put people down, I just want a better planet for everyone, so go take your downer attitude elsewhere. lame.

And another thing Tony Blair it’s people like you with the negative cant do attitude that makes this world and situations like this worse. This world and situation will get better, because of people like me with the can do attitude. So again take your downer attitude elsewhere.

McKenzie Trevor

Aug. 4, 2010, 4:16 p.m.

Let’s place this in perspective, BP is being blamed 100 % for an accidental oil spill, why ?. The well’s Blowout preventer failed miserably, yet no one is pointing fingers at Cooper Cameron, the company that built and installed the device. The well was being cemented by Hallibuton, no one one is pointing fingers at them, the well was being drilled by TransOcean, no one is pointing fingers at them. What does all three have in common, they are are Houston based , Texas firms. In other words they are American. BP is still seen as foreign although it is essential Anglo-American.

I feel truly sorry for BP, such a storied Corporation, Obama has led the charge, now the feeding frenzy has started, there has yet been no civil judgement but every lazy scum and opportunist organization in Louisiana (and others) is demanding Millions and Billions.

Obama circumvented the law when he demanded a 20 Billion Fund (and no Cap), is there not a legal process in this country any more.

Though I am black, I will vote republican in the neXt senate and Presidential races, just to ensure that this man serves only one term.

Raymond Babcock

Aug. 4, 2010, 4:22 p.m.

the goverment is acting like jesse shake down artist jackson

To the Neutral Spectator:
You’re right - we’re killing the planet and have been for a long time. We are all to blame. And we pay the price already for it (eg., read: taxes for each gvt to come up with an environment-healthier plan). The problem really is that I have yet to hear about a country which gvt really takes full responsibility with the power they’re being given - on all aspects of “governing”. The problem is all type of governments fail, because of human nature. We *are* selfish. But it is a gvt’s responsibility to make sure we don’t kill eachother or the environment because of it. To the same extent, don’t blame the people for driving oil-based cars, while electric and H2-driven vehicles could have been built decades ago - but were lobbied against time and again..not even talking about bio-ethanol. Lobbied against by huge companies whose responsibilities is (unfortunately?) *not* the well-being of a society - I’m not blaming them for that. What I *am* blaming is the fact that they did lack in their responsibilities of not maintaining an apparently crucial part in their system, which such a disaster as a consequence, which they should have been able to expect. Accident or not, that doesn’t take away the responsibility question. This is not a natural disaster. You’re right, saving the planet is not on my top ten either - because I’m fully aware I don’t hold the power to even work on that responsibility - I’m not even pretending I can take such responsibility on my own shoulders, that’s why the human race came up with ‘gvt’ in the first place - so please let’s not turn the tables around..

To McKenzie Trevor: I honestly don’t know either whether it’s BP to be blamed 100% - I just find it sad even the responsibility question is even a gray area.. As a foreigner outside of the USA, I can only do with the news stories I hear.. which claim that the maintenance of these parts you mentioned are up to BP, even though the manufacturing were others..? Personally I don’t care - I just see it here in every day life, people are too chicken to even take responsibilities for to name one, their own children..

I grew up in Morgan City, Louisiana. The very first oil drilled off the United States coast was drilled off of Louisiana.  My family worked in the oil business there for years. My father was a marine diver. During a job for Shell Oil company, due to an uncertified tender hired by Shell and no decompression chamber on site , my father almost lost his life. His fellow coworker/diver took him down to the level he stopped decompressing and saved his life. He was left with an injury to his left side (paralysis) and could never dive again. IT WAS PLAINLY OBVIOUS THAT SHELL OIL WAS AT ERROR. We had seven in our family. My parents lost everything before the case was settled years later and when settled, his settlement he received was what he made in two years. He still had at least 20 yrs left in that profession, but due to Shells bottomless pockets and government influence he was screwed. These oil companies know what they are doing and do not care what happens to many of these people. It amazes me that so many stand up for these companies when they ALL were and are aware of what they are doing and by choice ignore measures and the little guy other than to use them for running their monter companies and for photo opporutnties to protect themselves. My fathers accident was in the late 1960’s and their still screwing people when needed….. SOMEBODY PLEASE STAND UP FOR THESE PEOPLE…  I don’t care what situations your in someone is always going to attempt to rip you off. The few happening here are minor compared to those who have proven their income… To those who are paid under the table? I say more power to you and anyone living within breathing distance should be made right. We have large investment firms and corporation who legally pay NO TAXES as they walk away with huge dividends for their investors and a few of you here are going to ripp some little guy who didn’t have the $ to buy legislation to make it legal for him/her? Pathetic…


In other words, if I don’t agree with you I’m talking shit and a downer. Why don’t you lead by example and quit using anything that has oil in it? You want to talk about “this server is for solving problems” blah blah blah. This server is about bashing BP so you envior-weirdos can feel better about yourself.

Just look at your ignorant comments. Maybe in the past I’m right, but you’re going to ignore that.

As far as “can’t do” attitude goes. Why don’t you quit telling me what I can’t do: no plastic bags, no paper bags, no red meat, no oil, no cutting down any trees, no building houses near water puddles, etc…. Get out of the way, and you’ll see alot more “can do” attitude.

Do yourself a favor and join those of us who live in reality instead of Fantasy Land. Give my best to Mother Earth the next time you see her.

There you go again with your downer attitude, like you just said this is ment to bash BP then why are you bashing me and my thoughts and beliefs? Exactly because you’re a downer. I dont use plastic bags, I dont eat meat either, I also drive a hybrid, what do you drive…? I help in my area with city clean up and planting trees at my neighborhood parks as well. And you just sit there at your computer thinkin of more ways to be a jerk and bash on peoples rights and beliefs, you’re one of those pathetic people who always have to be right and have the last word. I didnt come on here bashing your opinion you came on here bashing mine so you’re still in the wrond Tony. So what have you been doing to save/help the enviroment. I bet not a dam thing.

And one more thing Tony this site wasnt put here to bash BP, it was put here to be mature adults and talk about our opinions and problems we’re having personally with this situation. Your the only one on here acting like a child playing the finger pointing game and being immature about this whole situation. Everyone else is stating there opinion and leaving it at that. Your on here trying to be witty, when your not, your just dumb. I’m done talking about this with you. Hope this can teach you to be more open to others opinions and not be so rude.

I would never drive a hybrid because of the incredible amount of toxic materials in the giant batteries in that thing…..oh… the way….how far do you get on battery power in that thing before it switches to gasoline? I’m not doing anything to save the “enviroment” because it doesn’t need me to save it. I’m too busy working so that you guys can steal my tax money to build stupid windmills.

I find this particular line funny though:
“Your on here trying to be witty, when your not, your just dumb.”

You’re = the contraction of “you” and “are”

Who’s dumb? YOU’RE the one calling me a bunch of names. Maybe you should learn to be more open to people who don’t agree with you. By the way, YOUR hybrid is made with plastic, rubber, filled with oil and gas, and drives on roads made with oil. You can thank companies like BP who make it possible for you to pretend like your saving the Earth with your car.

You must feel so grown up talking all this trash that’s why I work in a Hospital and save dumbass people like you. Wow ok whatever and like I dont pay tax’s too. YUO’RE a sorry excuse for a human being and a man. Now i’m insulting you because YOU’RE an asshole!

Didn’t take long for the true colors to show! Working at the gift shop doesn’t count as saving people. You might pay taxes, but I don’t require you to buy me equipment for my baseball team which I care more about than a windmill and would find much more useful.

Do you know how much plastic they use at that hospital of yours? Does anyone ever get hurt there accidentally? I’m sure you just pay everyone who claims malpractice without even going to court. I’m sure your hospital has a 20 billion dollar fund set aside and they just hand out checks right and left….no questions asked.

An Asshole


Firstly, best wishes to those directly affected by the spill. My heart aches to think of this disaster. I hope that many people will share their stories so that those affected may have a voice. These people deserve to have a voice.

  Secondly, (off on a tangent) it’s okay for people to disagree with one another. That’s possibly productive. Interesting concepts may evolve from the resulting energized conversation. Huzzah!

What’s not okay, at least for the sake of productive dialog, it this negatively loaded vomitus. A personal verbal attack is no intelligent dialog opener. However, it is a great opener to an argument. Success!

Tony Blair is here to argue, not to have a discussion. Ignore the angry man on the soap box! Don’t make eye contact; just keep walking.

But, I… can’t… resist striking the bait…
While starting bile-filled conflict on forums may be a somewhat effective cost-free alternative therapy for an anger-issue, it’s not fair to us plebeians. And, it’s prolly not that effective. It won’t truly address that self esteem-issue that’s behind that anger-issue. Try being nice. Try paying for therapy. BTW, “An Asshole” is not a mental condition recognised in the current DSM; you shouldn’t self-diagnose. Good luck, with all that, Tony Blair!
Oh, and I am forever changed because I am so super impressed by TB’s astounding powers of grammar. Wow! I mean: w o w.

Well for your information I’m a CNA, I dont work in the gift shop so try again, and when I said using plastics in stuff that’s pointless. The plastic we use in hospitals is to save lives and keep things sanitized. Wow you’re really dense. You’re going to insult my profession, when people like me are devoted to saving people including people like you. Well I’m going to go back to work and just laugh off everything you say and stand for because like you, your opinions don’t matter.

And the comment you made about accidents, there’s forms and ways those situations are handled. Two days ago we had a residents family member slip and fall and she was very pleased with the way we handled it and thankful. So before you go trash talking again make sure you get your facts strait.

Ouch, a double team.

I think grammar is important, sorry. You and the illiterate CNA should get together at Starbucks and talk about your feelings since you can’t hear an opposing opinion and don’t speak about any facts.

I’m glad that you have now seen the light about plastics! I hope BP keeps drilling oil so we can keep making those plastics and saving peoples lives. I deal with nurses all the time and there are a few rude ones like you, but most are wonderful people!

I forgive you both for your ignorance, I know it’s probably not your fault.


My experiences with BP have been horrible—-I do have a documented loss, (about $20,000 for May and June), I am an incorporated business that only provides beach weddings on Panama City Beach and I have a CPA who put together a complete narrative and breakdown of my losses based on 3 years of tax returns and the loss of profits this year since the oil spill.  In my experiences with the local BP claims office, I was passed to three different adjusters after my first adjuster said he couldn’t handle any more “hysterical women” that day when I filed my claim.  Later that week when I called in to check on my claim, my new adjuster hung up on me on the phone when I told him that all the paperwork he was telling me bring in (in addition to the 65 page claim my CPA put together for them) was just stalling tactics so that BP did not have to pay out any money. When I finally got another adjuster on the phone I was told I would receive a check for $6300.00 (if I brought in more paperwork of course) and when I went to go get it, the check was for only $5000.00.  My adjuster told me I misunderstood what was said because I wasn’t listening to him and that’s why the check was for only $5000.00.  When I told him I knew exactly was I was told, he said I could maybe get the missing $1300.00 if I brought in—you guessed it—more paperwork.  I was also told I could go do weddings on other beaches, like Michigan, and that Panama City Beach claimants would not receive compensation because we had not had oil wash up on our beaches.  When I told my adjuster that we had tarballs, sheen and two tanks from the blown up rig wash up on our shore within days of each other, he told me that BP could not pay claims for “the public’s perception of what the beaches may experience when it comes to oil”  In other words, if a bride is worried that our beaches were going to have oil (and the oil was just a few miles off-shore during June) and decides that she does not want to book a Panama City Beach wedding because there was a high chance that oil would be on our beaches and the beaches would be closed, then BP isn’t responsible for that because no oil ever came ashore.  Apparently tarballs are not oil, according to BP claims adjusters.
Sorry for the long post—it’s been a long three months of being jerked around by incompetent BP adjusters and the claims process is a huge joke.  If it didn’t involve my making a living, I think I would actually laugh about it!

lets talk about why the realtors are being ignored….i have sent bp my taxes for the last three years and all the paper work they requested….still i am being told they do not know how to handle our claims….i have been very impacted by the oil spill….please someone stand up for the realtors and help us… do they expect us to pay our bills…...they do not care…....i am from panama city florida….the oil did not hurt our beautiful beaches but the media just killed us…..anne stroud

Trevor M cKenzie

Aug. 7, 2010, 2:33 p.m.

To Ms Ann Stroud,

I concur, with your sentiment, However the Realtor’s should be billing CNN and the other irresponsible “News” Media.
There was a time when I actually enjoyed watching CNN ( When I thought they were objective, ... what a laugh). Instead of trying to help, they actually made the situation much worse.

I must be the only individual in America, who noted that while BP was doing the very best it could to plug that leak, while attempting to overcome the monumental challenges of depth and pressure, they (BP)also had to deal with the monstrous public relations attacks launched against it.

CNN even had that shockingly gray haired “reporter” camped out in Louisiana, sitting in some boat pointing to pelicans and other “victims”.

These organizations did more to chase away vacationers that BP ever did with that accidental spill.

Where is CNN when Yellowstone’s Bison get slaughtered annually, because they cross some man made line drawn in the dirt, where the heck are they when wild horse’s on public land’s are rounded up and sent to slaughter houses annually?.

These Organizations are more hiderance than help, neither Hollywood nor Joseph Goebbels could make this stuff up.

Tony Blair, you must spend all your time working,  you sound tired and bitter aside from arrogant and mean.  I disagree with you on most everything but mostly on how we are destroying earth.  Have you stepped foot on any beach lately?  Do you not see all the filth around or do you just like living in it or do you assume its normal because you’re probably used to it.  Perhaps you meant the world will be fine we just have to live in our filth.


Aug. 8, 2010, 10:07 a.m.

Tony Blair, As you do not spend all your time working,  you sound tired and bitter aside from arrogant and mean.  I disagree with you on most everything but mostly on how we are destroying earth.  Have you stepped foot on any beach lately?  Do you not see all the filth around or do you just like living in it or do you assume its normal because you’re probably used to it.  Perhaps you meant the world will be fine we just have to live in our filth.

I work waaaay to much! I’m not bitter about it at all though. I have a great job!

It’s funny you should ask, I just went out to the coast 3 weeks ago. It was beautiful and when we left, I took my empty beer cans with me. What’s your point? I saw a little bit of trash around, maybe if some county worker got off his ass and picked it up it would have looked a little nicer, but I didn’t see any whales beaching themselves because there was a little trash on the beach. Nor did I get skin cancer from global warming induced by the trash.

Your post is just stupid. Your point is that you disagree with me. Great argument.


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