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Moyers & Company Report on the New Temp Economy

This year, ProPublica reporter Michael Grabell has been working on an investigative series called “Temp Land: Working in the New Economy.”  His feature piece, co-published with Time, showed how temporary positions have become a mainstay of the US economy, often replacing good blue-collar jobs and benefits with permanent temp work.  Another story, done in conjunction with Marketplace, revealed the underworld of labor brokers, known has “raiteros,” who recruit temps and effectively act as agents for the workers.

In a new report, Bill Moyers & Company producer Karla Murthy spoke with Grabell and visited members of the Chicago Workers Collaborative to show how some workers have suffered injuries on their jobs, but are reluctant to file a worker’s comp claim for fear of being rejected for future assignments.

Watch Murthy’s report below and read all of the pieces in Grabell’s award-winning series here.

clarence swinney

Sep. 4, 2013, 1:04 p.m.

Ed Meese said Reagan regretted it.
He gave Amnesty to 3,000,000 illegal immigrants
The Quota in 1986 was 500,000.
It was 500,000 in 1990.
Yet! 1,500,000 were allowed to enter the United States.
Those who got Amnesty soon became citizens after which they were entitled to bring in their immediate family thus the 1,500,000.
Today, we have 11,000,000 illegal immigrants.
What happens if we give them Amnesty?
In five years will we allow 5,500,00 more to enter as immediate family members?
President Bush, Sr. increased the quota to 700,000.
Where are the jobs for them?

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