In a new arrangement announced today, ProPublica senior reporter Jesse Eisinger will contribute a twice-monthly column to The New York Times’ revamped DealBook. Eisinger will continue in his role as an investigative reporter at ProPublica, but he will also serve as one of 16 contributors to DealBook. His columns, which will appear both online and in print, will focus on accountability issues and abuses of power in the world of high finance.

Eisinger, along with ProPublica reporter Jake Bernstein, wrote the blockbuster "The Magnetar Trade" investigation that revealed how a Chicago-based hedge fund did deals that ultimately exacerbated the housing crisis. The pair followed it up with "Banks' Self-Dealing Super-Charged Financial Crisis" that explored how the top Wall Street investment banks created fake demand for securities known as collateralized debt obligations or CDOs. And earlier this week, they reported on the SEC's investigation of a CDO deal between JPMorgan Chase and Magnetar.

According to the Times, the expanded DealBook will feature "more news, information, analysis and features to create the most authoritative source for deal-makers and industries that thrive and function within the deal community." Eisinger's columns will be cross-posted at both ProPublica and DealBook. Read the Times press release for more information.