Budget Process and 2010 Outcomes Segment

BP Update to the House Resources Committee

GC1 Turbine Fire Report

Inlet Duct Gas Detection

Magnetar Letter to ProPublica

Jeanne Pascal Emails Re Anderson

All Questions Sent to BP

2008 Gas Line Break Case Report

2006 Congressional Testimony Bob Malone

BP Letter to Eva Rowe With $25K

BP Alaska President Letter to Anderson

Top 10 Fuel Suppliers to Military

Billie Garde Letter to Marty Anderson

Billie Garde Email Re Inspectors and Anderson

1999 Edict From Browne About Cutting Costs

BP Response

New Dem Coalition Health Care Letter

NewDemPAC Brochure 5/22/2010

Murphy Keystone Group Fundraiser

Mortgage Metrics Report - Second Quarter 2010

Guevara Case - District Court Ruling

Novartis Whistleblower Lawsuit

Allergan Sentencing Memo

Forest United States' Complaint

Astrazeneca Suit

Donald Taylor Georgia Appeals Court Ruling

Cephalon lawsuit

Decision and Order: Jeffrey Unger

Consent Orders: Dr. Tulio Ortega

Treasury Emails Regarding OneUnited Bank

Side-by-Side of "Operation Dark Heart"

Letter From SIGTARP about General Motors

TARP Monthly Report to Congress - August 2010

HAMP Compensation Matrix

W David Leak Ohio Medical Board

Pfizer - Corporate Integrity Agreement

Cephalon - Corporate Integrity Agreement

AstraZeneca - Corporate Integrity Agreement

Allergan - Corporate Integrity Agreement

National Science Foundation ARRA Plan

Deposition NOPD Ray Jones

Deposition NOPD Ronald Mitchell

GAO report on TARP banks, Oct 2010

Appeals Brief in the Uthman Case, Oct. 7, 2010

Consent Order: Dr. Pedro Dago

Wyeth U.S. motion to intervene

Ortho-McNeil qui tam2

Ortho-McNeil qui tam suit

Kentucky and Florida orders: Van Breeding

Hal Roseman FDA Presentation

Wyeth Rapamune suit

Warning Letter: Dr. Willa Hsueh

Novartis - Corporate Integrity Agreement

Decision and Order: Dr. Karin Hastik

State Board Orders: Dr. Andrew Eisenberg

Consent Order: Dr. Pedro Dago

Citation Order: Dr. Allen Bott

Advisory Letter: Dr. Lauro Amezcua-Patino

State Orders: Dr. John Tapp

Order of Fine: Dr John Tapp

Consent Order: Dr. Kashavpal Reddy

Citation Order: Dr. Gerald Sacks

Citation Order: Dr. Peter Knoblich

Warning Letters: Dr. James McMillen

Citation Order: Dr. Peter Knoblich

GAO Report on TARP Banks - Oct 2010

National Science Foundation ARRA Plan

Deposition of NOPD's Ray Jones

Deposition of NOPD's Ronald Mitchell

TARP Monthly Report to Congress -- August 2010

Letter From SIGTARP About General Motors

HAMP Compensation Matrix

Treasury E-Mails Regarding OneUnited Bank

GE Healthcare Statement

Bayer Healthcare Statement

2010 Secrecy Report Card, FY 2009

Gulf Coast Claims Facility FAQ

Gulf Coast Claims Facility Protocol

Knauf Consolidated Financial Statements 2006

Knauf Exhibits I Through U

Knauf Exhibits V Through Z

Knauf Chinese Press Release

Knauf Exhibits A Through E

Knauf Consolidated Financial Statements 2008

Knauf Press Release

David Gross Complaint

SEC Order to New Jersey on Muni-Bond Disclosures

UGA Report on State of the Gulf

USF Report on Weatherbird Research Findings

Ethics Panel's Findings on Rep. Maxine Waters

BP Letter to Claimant, July 19, 2010

SEC v. CitiGroup - Civil Complaint

Letter from Texas Governor Rick Perry to BP

E-mails Between Early and Donovan

Gulf Cleanup Worker Training Slides

Gulf Cleanup Worker Training Facilitator Guide

States With Missing Reports

Felony Indictment Against Roland Bourgeois Jr.

Nursing Board Complaints, re: Nurses Compact

BP's 40-Day Emissions Event

EPA's Response to Flare Concerns

Houston Mayor White's Letter to the EPA

The Telos Report

BP's 1999 Cost Cuts at Texas City

The Compliance Connection - Spring 2009

Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corp. Filings

Exxon Valdez Psychological Study

BP Strategy Presentation - March 2010

Fly System Letter to Habitat for Humanity

EASI Letter to Habitat for Humanity

CPSC Test of Habitat for Humanity-Built Home

Laboratory Report for Aleis Tusa

Oil Spill Surveillance Summary Report - June 21

BP Spill Scenarios

2007 BP ORT Review

BP Clarification of Media Access, June 9, 2010

BP Internal E-mail - April 16

BP Internal E-mail - March 25

BP Internal E-mail - April 14

Missing Person Report for Henry Glover

Oil Spill Surveillance Summary Report

Documents on Sgt. Victor Medina

DOD TBI Talking Points Memo

2001 BP Operational Integrity Report

2007 BP Commissioned Study on Safety Culture

Autopsy of Henry Glover

BP Internal Investigation Memo

March 2010 Inspector General Report on MMS

BP's Response to EPA's Directive

Prospectus for Jackson 2006-IV

Prospectus for Jackson 2006-IIA

Prospectus for Jackson 2006-IA

Prospectus for Jackson 2006-V

Prospectus for Jackson 2006-III

Prospectus for Jackson 2006-II

Prospectus for Jackson 2006-I

Elena Kagan Financial Disclosure

February 2010 Categorical Exclusions Memo

GE v. Thomsen: A British Libel Case

Ohio Judge's Ruling on GE Omniscan Evidence

JPMorgan Chase's Foreclosure Reversal

Gomez Denial

Congressional Committee Letter to BP

The Obama Team's Disclosure Documents

House Bill on Census Mailers by Rep. Darrell Issa

Manual for Military Commissions, 2010 Edition

Jonathan Pickhardt re: Merrill Lynch

Goldman Response Part 2

Goldman Response Part 1

Merrill Lynch Response re. SEC and Goldman Sachs

Cabot Oil & Gas's 2009 Annual Report

Robbie Booker v General Electric

E-mails Between Magnetar and Ischus

Magnetar's Responses to Our Questions

Magnetar's Letter in Response

U.S. v. Michael Hunter: Factual Basis

Scorpius CDO Ltd. Prospectus

Cetus ABS CDO 2006-2 Ltd. Prospectus

Octans CDO I Ltd. Prospectus

Lacerta ABS CDO 2006-1 Ltd. Prospectus

Pyxis ABS CDO 2007-1 Ltd. Prospectus

ACA Aquarius 2006-1 Ltd. Prospectus

Carina CDO Ltd. Prospectus

Cetus ABS CDO 2006-3 Ltd. Prospectus

Cetus ABS CDO 2006-4 Ltd. Prospectus

Draco 2007-1 Ltd. Prospectus

Libra CDO Ltd. Prospectus

MKP Vela CBO Ltd. Prospectus

Norma CDO I Ltd. Prospectus

Sagittarius CDO I Ltd. Prospectus

Status of the FBI's Sentinel Project

Jay Bybee's Response to the Justice Dept. Report

Bill of Information Charging Lt. Michael Lohman

U.S. v. Jeffrey Lehrmann: Factual Basis

State Public Pension Laws

Bill of Information Charging Michael Hunter

Statement by William Tanner

Autopsy of Matthew McDonald

NOPD Report on the Danziger Bridge Shooting

Jose Holmes Jr.'s Complaint Against New Orleans

Autopsy of Ronald Madison

NOPD Report on the McCann Homicide

Open Government Directive - Dec. 8, 2009

NOPD Report on the McDonald Case

NOPD Report on the McCann Case

Exhibit List in the Brumfield Case

Autopsy of Danny Brumfield

Excerpts of Complaints Against Temp Nurses

Iran Nuclear Program Proposal

House Health Care Bill Contract Documents

Captain Winn's Statement on the McCann Case

NOPD Report on the McCann Case

AM2PAT Documents

Justice Department Detainee Memos

Red Cross Detainee Report

Ventilator Guidance (Oct. 30, 2009 Draft)

Amendments to the New House Health Care Bill

California Board of Registered Nursing Documents

"Foreclosure Rescue" Companies: Documents

Triple Canopy Investigative File

McCann's Civil Lawsuit Against the NOPD

Lt. Scheuermann's Statement on the McCann Case

Documents for Fred Busse, Injured KBR Contractor

NOPD Report on the McCann Shooting

Republican National Committee 'Census Form'

John Yoo's Response to the Justice Dept. Report

Justice Department Report on Waterboarding Memos

Philadelphia asset forfeiture reports

Allegheny 09 10

Asset Forfeiture Unit Reports (1)

Public Testimony 2013 07 11 Public Defender

Takeela Burney Appeal

Rochelle Bing forfeiture petition

Reynoso v. StabFund - Joint Status Report

Venetian Macau Limited Junket Credit Agreement

Relationship With Vml

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