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Credit: Sophia Deng, special to ProPublica

How Texas Pours Millions of Dollars Into Anti-Abortion Programs With Little Oversight

Texas banned abortion and promised help for families. Now, millions of dollars are being spent with little oversight to fund anti-abortion nonprofits. A ProPublica and CBS News investigation found a system with few safeguards and riddled with waste.

In partnership with CBS News.

Texas lawmakers who banned abortion promised to help families care for babies from unplanned pregnancies. They’ve pumped $140 million into anti-abortion nonprofits originally designed to deter women from seeking abortions, the largest such investment by any state since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. They say the program, called Thriving Texas Families, has provided millions of services to clients in need. But an investigation by ProPublica and CBS News found a system with few safeguards and riddled with waste.

While families go wanting, some nonprofits have bought land. Others are just sitting on taxpayer cash. One state lawmaker said ProPublica and CBS News’ findings show that the Thriving Texas Families program needs more oversight.

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