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Collage by ProPublica (Source Image: Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service)

How to Use Our News App to Investigate Nonprofits

Whether you’re prospecting for Giving Tuesday or reporting on political nonprofits, ProPublica’s revamped Nonprofit Explorer app makes research easy with its millions of Form 990s and other tax records.

Nonprofit Explorer, launched in 2013, is one of ProPublica’s most popular news applications, providing insight into nonprofit organizations, which account for 5% of U.S. GDP and employ more than 12 million people. This year, we overhauled the design and added new features making it easier than ever to examine the finances of charities including how they spend their money and who contributes to them. New search features allow users to see the highest-paid executives and biggest nonprofits for each state and surface red flags like potential conflicts of interest and whether executives travel first class.

In this webinar, our reporters will explain how to read Form 990 tax documents, demonstrate new and advanced search features and offer tips on what to look for when reporting a story or determining where to donate. Our speakers include:

  • Andrea Suozzo, ProPublica news app developer
  • Charles Ornstein, ProPublica managing editor, local
  • David Fahrenthold, New York Times investigative reporter focused on nonprofits
  • Ken Schwencke, ProPublica news app editor

This event has ended.