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How to Use ProPublica’s Updated Nursing Home Inspect Database

Join our reporters to learn more about the redesigned database and how our new features make it easier to search thousands of government inspection reports.

ProPublica is excited to announce updates to our Nursing Home Inspect database. Initially launched in 2012, this database allows users to search over 90,000 nursing home inspection reports to look for trends or patterns; evaluate nursing homes near you; and find nursing homes that have been cited for deficiencies in infection control.

Nursing homes are inspected periodically as a matter of routine, as well as when the government receives a complaint about the home. Our search engine looks through the narrative portion of the inspection reports — the part where inspectors describe conditions in the home and any deficiencies they discovered.

Reporters at both the national and local level have used the database to investigate deficiencies, create consumer guides and rankings and support other reporting on working conditions, affordable housing and more.

In this webinar, ProPublica reporters will walk journalists through new database features including:

  • Advanced search capabilities and filters that allow users to narrow a search by keyword(s), date ranges, states, deficiency seriousness, report types and deficiency categories.
  • Updated state pages that surface recent serious deficiencies found by state inspectors.
  • Quality of care indicators that make it easier for users to evaluate the quality of a facility.
  • Expanded view where users can see detailed information about each deficiency in an inspection report, including its scope/severity, deficiency category and deficiency description.

Speakers include:

  • Charles Ornstein, ProPublica managing editor
  • Ruth Talbot, ProPublica news applications developer
  • Emily Hopkins, ProPublica Abrams Reporting Fellow

This event has ended.