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Credit: Laila Milevski/ProPublica

Sacrifice Zones: Communities in the Path of Industrial Pollution

Inside ProPublica’s award-winning investigation into the nation’s hidden toxic hot spots

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In partnership with Spotify and Gimlet Media.

In an exciting partnership with Spotify and Gimlet Media’s “How to Save a Planet” podcast, climate reporter Kendra Pierre-Louis walks us through the groundbreaking investigation by ProPublica that revealed more than 1,000 hot spots of cancer-causing industrial air pollution across the U.S.

In this live virtual podcast taping, we’ll detail the impact of the reporting and explore cracks in government regulatory systems. Viewers will also learn more about the comprehensive data collection and community engagement tactics that went into the investigation. In addition, they'll hear the perspective of a Texas industrial worker who, after 38 years of refinery work, turned to activism when he realized the devastating effects of emissions in his community.

We have the data. What happens next? Tune in to find out.

Speakers include:

  • Maya Miller, engagement reporter, ProPublica
  • Al Shaw, deputy editor, news applications, ProPublica
  • John Beard Jr., founder and CEO, Port Arthur Community Action Network

Supported by McKinsey & Company. Learn more about sponsorships.

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