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State of Democracy Summit

Join us for a series of conversations about the state of democracy and what’s at stake with leading journalists, scholars, artists, activists and public servants — and find out what we can all do to stop the spread of misinformation, encourage voter participation and hold our elected officials accountable.

In partnership with 92Y.

The 2020 election season and its aftermath have been one of the most tumultuous times in recent history, testing core pillars of the democratic process and bringing long-standing tensions in America into violent relief. Where does America go from here? How can we strengthen the future of democracy — not just in America, but around the world?

Building on ProPublica’s work to protect our democracy through probing investigative journalism and 92Y’s long-standing commitment to fostering civic dialogue, we ask what this difficult period can teach us about the nature of democratic society.

Across eight conversations, panelists will include ProPublica Editor-in-Chief Stephen Engelberg; ProPublica computational journalist Jeff Kao; Harvard University political scientist Danielle Allen; David Becker, executive director and founder of the Center for Election Innovation & Research; Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson; poet Richard Blanco; comedian Sarah Cooper; Josie Duffy Rice, journalist and president of The Appeal; historian Jill Lepore; political analyst Yuval Levin; film producer Amanda McBaine; actor Jesse Moss; cybersecurity leader Debora Plunkett; Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger; television host, writer and comedian Amber Ruffin; broadcast journalist Hari Sreenivasan; “Your Presidential Playlist” podcast host Emily Tisch Sussman; and more.

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This event has ended.