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The View From Here: Local News in Atlanta

Join ProPublica and four Atlanta-area newsrooms for a conversation about the changing local news ecosystem across Georgia and the South.

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A robust local news infrastructure is vital for any healthy democracy. But as more newspapers across the country contract and even collapse, some communities have found themselves without a local news source they can rely on to shine a light on abuses of power and betrayals of public trust. From widespread civic mistrust to plummeting ad revenue to hedge funds gutting legacy news organizations, the rapidly changing media landscape has presented myriad challenges for local newsrooms. And yet, despite these challenges, some of the most exciting, innovative work in journalism is happening at the local level.

To discuss the shifting news ecosystem in Atlanta, ProPublica has convened a panel of local newsroom leaders to examine what is driving these changes, the challenges local newsrooms face today and why local journalism is well-positioned to remedy some of our nation’s most entrenched problems. Register and submit your questions below.

Our speakers include:

  • Stephen Fowler, Georgia Public Broadcasting political reporter
  • Shawn McIntosh, Atlanta Journal-Constitution editorial director
  • Robin Kemp, The Clayton Crescent founder and executive editor
  • Kamille Whittaker, Canopy co-founder and Atlanta managing editor
  • Nicole Carr, ProPublica reporter
  • Mara Shalhoup, ProPublica’s South editor (moderator)

Please note this event is the first in a series of conversations about local journalism and its role in civic affairs. The next event is tied to Phoenix, where ProPublica has opened our Southwest hub, and will focus on community journalism and how news organizations can better serve underrepresented groups.

Supported by McKinsey & Company. Learn more about sponsorships.

This event has ended.