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The Ugly Truth Behind HomeVestors

The company behind “We Buy Ugly Houses” trains its franchisees to zero in on homeowners’ desperation. Join us to learn more about the underregulated house flipping industry.

HomeVestors of America prides itself on assisting distressed homeowners out of “Ugly Situations.” But a recent ProPublica investigation revealed that the company teaches franchisees to pounce on signs of distress. Our reporting also found that some of its franchisees targeted the elderly, infirm and impoverished, and that they used deceptive tactics in pursuit of deals.

The story made an impact before it was even published. Within days of receiving questions from ProPublica, HomeVestors prohibited its franchises from using aggressive legal tactics to prevent homeowners from canceling sales and, on a company call, leadership discussed changes to ensure “our franchises are doing the right things.” HomeVestors CEO David Hicks concluded: “This is going to make us a better company.”

At this event, our reporters will offer a behind-the-scenes look at how the investigation came together and outside experts will respond to our findings, review consumer protections and discuss potential regulations for the Wild West of house flipping.

This event has ended.