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The View From Here: Reimagining Local News in Detroit

Join ProPublica for a conversation about why nonprofit news is flourishing in Detroit

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One of the last cities in America with two daily newspapers, Detroit is also home to several nonprofit news organizations that use creative news models to better engage their communities. As the city’s news landscape continues to evolve, these newsrooms have prioritized residents’ needs every step of the way, from centering local experiences when covering national issues to highlighting often-overlooked neighborhoods. In Detroit, these innovative approaches have helped to empower local residents and strengthen civic bonds.

How are these organizations changing the way Detroit residents get their information? What can other communities and news organizations learn from them? To discuss these questions and more, ProPublica has convened a group of passionate and innovative Detroit-based journalists and editors for a live virtual conversation.

Our speakers include:

  • Catherine Kelly, Bridge Detroit managing editor and director
  • Candice Fortman, Outlier Media executive director
  • Nina Ignaczak, Detour Detroit contributing editor and Planet Detroit founder and publisher
  • Nicole Avery Nichols, Chalkbeat Detroit editor-in-chief
  • Peter Bhatia, Detroit Free Press editor and vice president
  • Anna Clark, ProPublica reporter and Detroit resident (moderator)

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This event is the third in a series of conversations about local journalism and its role in civic affairs. If you’d like to see one of these events in your community, please contact us at [email protected].

Supported by McKinsey & Company. Learn more about sponsorships.

This event has ended.