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Laila Milevski/ProPublica

We Answer Your Questions About “Poison in the Air”

Got questions? Our reporters will help you understand what they learned about toxic air pollution and what it means for you.

This month, ProPublica released “Poison in the Air,” a groundbreaking report on how air pollution from industrial plants is elevating Americans’ estimated cancer risk to levels deemed unacceptable by the federal government. The investigation included a first-of-its-kind data analysis and map, revealing more than 1,000 hot spots of toxic air across the country.

Of the 20 hot spots with the highest levels of cancer risk, a quarter are in Texas, and almost all are in Southern states. In predominantly Black communities, people experience more than twice as much cancer-causing industrial air pollution as people in communities where residents are mostly white.

Since launching “Poison in the Air,” we’ve received questions from people wanting to know more. Should I consider moving to reduce my cancer risk? Should regulations be changed to make companies report more accurate data? How do we find out what’s in our air? If you have a question on this investigation, please submit it in the form below.

In this live virtual event, members of the reporting team will help you understand their findings and explain how toxic air pollution affects you.

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