Today we debut a ProPublica Nerd Blog redesign, which includes a new look for our main landing page as well as our article pages. We wanted to create both a better reading experience, as well as to help you find what you’re looking for more easily. Here are three new features we want to highlight:

First, we created a new sidebar to help you quickly locate our tools and guides, including ProPublica's latest News Apps and Data Guides. It’s powered by the Github API, so anything we open source will instantly be added there. We've also added a section called "Explore Our Work" that gives you another way to navigate through our stuff.

Second, we're cross-posting announcements all of our news apps and graphics here. This makes the Nerd Blog a one-stop shop for all of our projects and the technical posts we write about them. Look for the gold boxes for new apps.

Third, we added simple keyboard shortcuts to the landing page to help you navigate more quickly. You can press "j" to skip to the next blog post, and "k" to go back. Vim fans should be delighted.

We hope you like the new look, as well as our new "data bass" icon, drawn by Jason Das, and we welcome suggestions on how to make the nerd blog even better in the comment section -- now powered by Disqus -- below.