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Anjeanette Damon is a reporter at ProPublica who focuses on government accountability. Prior to joining ProPublica she worked at the Reno Gazette Journal and USA Today Network as a government watchdog reporter and regional investigative editor. Damon’s investigation of in-custody deaths at the Washoe County jail resulted in legislative action and was recognized as a finalist for an ONA public service award. Her series on deplorable living conditions faced by people with severe mental illness under state care prompted immediate action by Nevada’s governor and legislation to improve oversight of the housing program. In 2019, Damon was lead reporter and writer on Season 2 of “The City,” a USA Today investigative podcast. She is based in Reno, Nevada.

Reno Seeks to Purchase Motels as Affordable Housing Instead of Letting Developers Demolish Them

The mayor of Reno did little to stop the razing of motels that housed low-income residents or to replace lost units. Following a ProPublica investigation, that may change.

Reps for Casino Developer Defend the Destruction of Nearly 600 Housing Units in Reno

At a town hall, Reno residents expressed doubt about developer Jeff Jacobs’ “vision” to contribute land for public housing after he had already razed affordable units. “A vision is something you have before you tear things down,” said an attendee.

Reno May Use Federal Funds to Address Housing Crisis

At a recent ProPublica event, Reno council member Devon Reese said the city will announce its plans to alleviate the city’s housing crisis next month. The event followed a ProPublica investigation on redevelopment’s impact on lower-income residents.

Derribó moteles donde vivían residentes pobres en la crisis de la vivienda. Los líderes de la ciudad no hicieron nada.

Las autoridades de Reno, Nevada con una de las peores carencias de viviendas asequibles de EE. UU., permitieron que el dueño de un casino de otro estado desplazara a residentes de bajos ingresos, para un día construir un complejo de entretenimiento.

Chaos and Uncertainty as Developer Plans to Demolish Motel That Serves as Housing Lifeline

Jeffrey Jacobs has been buying and demolishing Reno motels for years. He promises the low-income tenants who live there he’ll find them a better place. Displaced residents of the Castaway Inn paint a fuller picture of what really happens.

He Tore Down Motels Where Poor Residents Lived During a Housing Crisis. City Leaders Did Nothing.

Reno, Nevada, has one of the worst affordable housing shortages in the U.S. Yet city officials let an out-of-state casino owner displace hundreds of low-income residents so he could one day build an entertainment complex.

Heeding Steve Bannon’s Call, Election Deniers Organize to Seize Control of the GOP — and Reshape America’s Elections

The stolen election myth inspired thousands of Trump supporters to take over the Republican Party at the local level, exerting more partisan influence on how elections are run.

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