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Audrey Dutton is a longtime investigative journalist in Idaho. She was most recently senior reporter for the nonprofit Idaho Capital Sun, part of the States Newsroom network. At the Sun, she covered all angles of COVID-19 and held leaders accountable for allowing health misinformation to flourish. This included stories about a doctor who was appointed to Idaho’s largest regional health board while spreading anti-vaccine misinformation. Washington’s state medical board began disciplinary proceedings against the doctor.

Dutton previously spent a decade at the Idaho Statesman, where she investigated the health care industry, worker deaths, the criminalization of mental illness and violations of public records law.

Her reporting has contributed to state legislation, successful federal and state lawsuits over public records, greater COVID-19 data transparency, the filing of criminal charges and more.

Dutton has a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and a bachelor’s in English and political science from Hamline University. She lives in Boise with her family.

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