Dan Nguyen

News Applications Developer

Dan Nguyen was a news application developer at ProPublica. He was lead developer on several of ProPublica’s most complex news applications, including the Bailout Tracker and (Stimulus) Recovery Tracker.

For the “Dollars for Docs” project, Nguyen developed software to collect the drug company payment records and cross-referenced them against physician names in federal and state databases. He also developed the publicly searchable database for the payment records and wrote a series of guides to teach his data-gathering techniques to other journalists and researchers.

Previously, Dan worked as a reporter, web developer and multimedia producer for the Sacramento Bee and sacbee.com. His work on multimedia projects won awards from Editor and Publisher and the National Council on Crime and Delinquency.

Stimulus Contracts Tracker

What companies in your area have received highway stimulus funds?

Graphic: The Path of a Bundled Mortgage

Adopt-a-Stimulus-Project: The Database

Search Our Nurses Database by County

Sanctioned California Nurses Database

Search the California Board of Registered Nursing database for disciplinary procedures between 2002 and September 2009.

Report Back: Adopt-a-Stimulus Project

Bailout Recipients

What companies have gotten money in the federal bailout?

The Stimulus Deal

School Construction Funding Cuts in the Stimulus Bill

What school construction spending was excluded from the Senate stimulus bill?

Promises Clock

The Missing Memos

Which Bush administration memos on detentions, interrogations and warrantless wiretapping are secret, and which are public?

The Missing Memos

The Missing Memos

Show Me the TARP Money

Inaugural Address Quiz

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